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Do you incorporate a part of you into your doll?l

Oct 6, 2010

    1. Sorry if that didn't make sense. I'm curious to see if people give their doll(s) one of their features. Maybe your doll has the same tattoo as you? The same color eyes? Maybe a face shaped like yours? Or do you prefer your doll to be completly "unique"?
      Just a random question that popped into my head.
    2. Yes! Before I even gave my first doll a faceup I gave her the same tattoo (in the same place) as I have. I think it was definitely part of the bonding experience, though I probably didn't realize it at the time.

    3. I don't have any dolls with the same features as myself. I usually steer away from it I'm not even sure why I guess just for variety? I even try to stay away from giving them the same personality attributes as myself when I give them characters. Although, I do think it would be an awesome thing to have a doll with the same tattoo or something similar I haven't ever thought of that before. I had been wanting to give one of my boys an eyebrow ring like mine, but I don't think it's something that would be seen as giving my doll something like myself since lots of people have eyebrow rings. I do like the idea of the tattoos though!
    4. i do i have dolls with the same moles as me, i guess its because, i do incoporate something of my self in my dolls. i think its really cool because, i feel connected to them, or something like that :)
    5. That's really cool that you do that. :) *wants to give my doll a stawberry hematoma(sp?) in the same location as mine now*
    6. Yes, my dolls all end up with a few features of me. Or at least one thing that relates to me in some way. For example, all the dolls I've had so far were twins since I am a twin. I have curly hair and I like my dolls to have curly hair (or at least wavy ringlets). I have yet to have a straight-haired doll lol. I suppose I'll have to do that some day.
    7. Hehe. I have curly hair. But I hate it...so I straighten it every day. D:

      This if off-topic but...Kate, your bookbinding tutorial is amazing!
    8. Absolutely, Ginger has my sassy personality and style!
    9. I only have boy dolls so I can't say that any of them have my features per say, but I do try and dress them with my same style and of course they have personalities that resemble mine!!!
    10. Feature wise, none of my dolls are 'designed' to look like me. If I have a brown haired, blue-eyed doll it's because I like it for the character, not because I have those myself. If I ever get a tattoo and think it really suits a character or something - like they would choose that, I would perhaps consider it for my doll too.
      I don't think there's anything wrong with incorporating abit of your looks into your doll if you want. Most of my dolls characters have my kind of values or taste preferences so it's not that different really.
    11. Yes. I've been told one of my dolls bears a strong resemblance to me, so she now has eyes that are my shade of blue, as well as a faceup done by my friend with my face in mind. The doll cosplays as me sometimes and for that there's a wig that's pretty much what my hair looks like, lol. Otherwise she wears purple hair, haha.
    12. I would think that most people would give their dolls alter-egos of theirs. (maybe I just say that because that's what I do)
    13. Wow, I've never thought of dressing a doll to cosplay you. That's neat. ^.~
    14. Like Juma suggested, my doll is based on personal preferences and how I wish that I could look. My girl wears what I would wear and the hair I wish I could have. But I see nothing wrong in making your doll look like you or just being like an alter-ego.
    15. I've incorporated personality aspects of myself into the character that my doll is a shell for. He has my short temper and my open-minded view on the world along with some of his likes/dislikes but that is about as far as the comparison goes.
    16. I just got my first 2 girls about a week ago. So far they don't look or act like me. I am finding that they do seam to have things I would love in my self. They both seam more out going then I am and way more cheeky. I will say that I do plan on dressing them in styles that I want to wear but just can not.
    17. I want my doll to have red hair, like I do. Of course I plan on giving her all kinds of fun colors I can't have because of my job (like pink, or teal or purple or something) and live a bit vicariously through her. She's going to have blue eyes like me as well. I don't want to dress her like a little mini-me so she's not going to be a goth.
    18. My doll will end up with gold (not yellow) eyes and red hair. They're what I always wanted for myself.

      I also noticed parts of her personality (just parts, not all) are shared with me. I suppose it's unavoidable if you like yourself even a little.
    19. hmmm...they don't have any features per se that look like me...although my skyblue RS girl is going to eventually have some spots down her spine similar to my cheetah spot tattoo. They do have all my different personalities though:) . I like the uniqueness that all my dolls have, it makes them an individual with just a tad bit of me.
    20. Any resemblances between me and my dolls are purely coincidental. They're embodiments of my characters and therefore look like them rather than me. I've never designed any of my characters with the intention of them having similar physical traits.