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Do you keep clothes or eventually sell them?

May 19, 2019

    1. Do you keep a huge variety of clothes for your dolls or do you often sell the clothes after taking some pictures and/or displaying them for awhile?
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    2. I have a good selection of clothes for my dolls. I keep all clothes I buy unless they don't fit my dolls or I don't like them in person (in which case I sell them before they are used).
    3. I have not sold any yet, but I should. My girls get bored with the same clothes. Basics, though, will always stay, like a good white tee or simple dress, just like real life, I guess :0
    4. I don't have a huge collection. I got several pieces during an event here from a more experienced person. If I had too many/ones I never used, I'd like to pass on a few to a newbie like I had happen to me.
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    5. I don't really bother with selling clothes, but clothes and eyes are the two things I swap the most of at swap meets. For me, it's not worth selling the clothes just because I feel like you always have to answer a million questions for items rarely even worth $100, and I don't have time for that. When you're at a swap meet, though, the person can try the outfit on the doll they want it for right there (or if they don't have the doll with them, I can just try it on one of mine to give them an idea of the fit) and it's just a very quick and easy process. I only really have a handful of clothing pieces across all of my dolls (BJDs and otherwise) that I'm really attached to and everything else is fair game.
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    6. Our clothing collect just continues to grow even though we should probably try to sell some. Lol I don't think I have sold anything besides wigs outside our local group. XD
    7. Ah! My dolls have so many clothes! About once a year I go through it all and pick out the stuff I don’t like anymore and sell it as a ginormous lot. I’m too lazy to try and sell them separately, even though it’s probably make a lot more money that way
    8. I keep all the clothes that fits them well but try to sell the ones that don't really fit them, but it's actually not easy to sell them!
    9. I tend to sell them when i lack of funds but ooak items are hard to sell without losing the value so i just end up keeping them

      It's hard to sell doll clothes anyway
    10. I am lucky and have four meet ups a year. So if a doll sells and the clothes didn't go with, or I have no one who can wear it I can sell them. Otherwise they get passed on to another doll. Some items I love to much to sell so I hold on it hopes someone can wear it.
    11. I keep the majority of it.

      Sold off some of the older and cheaper quality clothes since I have gotten more persnickety about my dolls' clothes over time.
    12. I keep all because it is not easy to sell only the clothes. I am in Asian so if US/UK buyers want to buy the clothes, they will need to pay a relatively high postage...it usually not worth the cost for them just to buy one or two sets of outfits.

      I like to send some of the clothes as extra gifts with a doll that I sold, so the buyer happy and I can downsize the doll wardrobe.
    13. If I do plan to sell them, I wait until I accumulated an amount I want to sell because selling in lots is easier for me. I don't like having to post things one by one. I do this for eyes, wigs, shoes, and clothes.

      If a doll has been sold and I have a specific style for them, then that outfit goes as well. Sometimes the outfits can't fit with my other dolls or I only see that doll in that outfit only.
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    14. I honestly have little to no clothes considering I have been in the hobby almost for 5 years. I keep trading them or giving them away to my couple friends who collect BJD's in my area
    15. If selling the doll I usually just send them with the doll they were made for. In other cases I've given them on to other (usually newer) collectors, or just trashed them if they were of low quality/not worth the time. Especially so if I feel I have too many in a style/size I no longer want.

      I have a lot of doll clothes, and my dolls swap things around sometimes, if fit allows. It's always neat to look through all the clothes when there's a new addition and get to try things out a bit so that they don't have to be nude.
    16. I have not sold any of the clothes yet, but have though about selling some of the full sets that don't fit my doll's current style.
    17. Each of my dolls has their own individual wardrobe, and they’re all roleplay characters who grow and change over time, so sometimes I’ll sell a doll or they’ll ‘outgrow’ certain pieces of clothing and I do list them for sale or trade. I very rarely get back what I paid, I just think of it like a renter’s fee on something I really liked at one time.

      I do save a few pieces though. Well made jeans and plain t-shirts can always be reused around here!
    18. I do my dolls clothing like I do my own, if it dosent fit (like ive sold the doll or reshelled it or whatever) it gets sold. Sometimes I sell stuff if im just bored of looking at it. I get bored of some stuff in my oen wardrobe after a while, some things I keep forever. As it is im a collector of stuff. So I have way to much of eveything. :)
    19. Unless I'm sewing them specifically to sell or swap, I keep all my clothes. Because you never know what you're going to need in the future for a shoot.
    20. I have a problem with hoarding clothes even if my dolls won’t wear them, it’s a little embarrassing :XD: