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Do you keep original packaging for doll accessories?

Sep 6, 2017

    1. Nowadays it's a given to keep CoA's or boxes for the dolls themselves, but what about clothes, wigs and other accessories?

      I try to keep all packaging in case I decide to sell in the future but now they start to accumulate real quick :sweat Does anyone do the same, or do you just get rid of them? As a seller or a buyer, how important do you think the original packaging is for accessories?
    2. I try to keep the hair net and bag for wigs (because I find them useful), but other than that I don't keep original packaging. It's very bulky and I think it's worth it for me just to throw it out. When I'm shopping second hand I couldn't care less if the item has original packaging, but that's just me. People feel both ways I'm sure.
    3. I keep everything
      All the little bags and nets and stuff. I also try to carefully open everything as well (slowly peeling the original tape off, using an exacto knife to slit the plastic open, etc). I don't plan on selling any of my dolls but not having all that OG packaging stresses me out for some reason.. :/
    4. Man, i just get rid of it. I don't have much space at my place anyway, so I'm not really able to keep them. I just keep CoAs and doll boxes.
    5. I keep faceup protectors, wig nets and baggies but boxes go. Half the time I want to get rid of the box the doll came in because it just takes up space that I don't have.
    6. I only keep the boxes that my dolls come in.
      Besides that, anything that comes with their accessories (boxes, wrapping, bags, etc) gets tossed. I don't have the brain to keep up with all that lol. I only have a few dolls and I can barely stand their boxes!
    7. I keep the doll boxes, CoA, etc... and an irritating pile of smaller boxes, plastic bags and bubble wrap in case I need to ship something. Generic small boxes get tossed if I have too many, but if a prop came in unusual packaging then of course I have to keep that, because how else am I to send it off if ever I decide to sell it?
    8. I keep cute little bags, the boxes for some wigs (like my Princess Leia ones w/the side buns) & the hair nets etc, and plastic bags cause I use them. Some bubble wrap, same reason. I do NOT keep anything for accessories for authentication reasons, tho.
    9. I keep things I use for storage, mailing, and proof of authenticity such as boxes, sealable plastic bags, hair nets, face protectors, CoA's... But I sometimes also save the paper display backings used for company outfits if they are really pretty, particularly rRabit ones. I've even used them in projects for DoA anniversary contests.
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    10. I only keep the bags which clothes and accessories arrive in, but it's only to keep them tidy and clean while I organise a proper wardrobe. The delivery boxes do tend to take up a lot of space so I don't keep any boxes except the original box she came in together with all the packaging contained in that box.
    11. I keep the boxes and bags for almost all of the doll stuff I buy. The majority of my clothes and accessories are selfmade or salvaged from secondhand stores, so any branded packaging or the like that comes with online orders I will keep.
    12. I will keep the box for certain things, especially if it's something special or expensive. Few examples: Luc's compound bow cost $200, box is kind of important. Lakin's guitar is an official Fender 1:3 scale guitar, box matters. Hailey's Leekeworld boots came in a cute box, so I kept it. Other stuff, especially if it just came in clear wrap, bubble wrap, maybe a piece of cardboard...nope. I don't have room to store all of it, and often it doesn't even have a logo or anything, so it's not that important. I do sometimes keep wig boxes, mostly so I can keep track of what color and style they are.

      If I'm buying secondhand clothes or accessories, the condition of the item itself is the only thing that matters. I won't pay extra for tags or packaging. I mostly only buy casual clothes, though, not fancy fullsets. If I bought limited outfits that cost as much as some dolls, packaging might be more important to me.
    13. I keep boxes and CoA's, and nothing else. Unless it's super nice to look at and compact packaging, I never keeping packaging for things like clothes. The exception being when I've bought from etsy sellers I have been known to keep the business cards.
    14. I tend to keep all of the packaging my doll came with, and I suppose it's just in case I ever do decide to sell anything I would try to put it back nicely. I never really thought much about it but now I realize I basically keep everything original to the doll.
    15. If the item comes in pretty packaging I'm inclined to keep it. Otherwise, for any type of accessory, I'll find my own storage method for it :D
    16. I collect different types of dolls and most I get rid of the box. For my BJDs I try to keep the box as they are packaged very well and I don't want to take the risk of damaging the dolls moving them around. Each type of doll is assigned a plastic tub where clothes, accessories, eyes and wigs are kept. I try keeping up with this system, but I find that sometimes I just have clothes laying around. My dolls are lucky in that they have a closet and a room to spread out it.
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    17. I try to keep the ones for the clothes, especially for the white ones because some turn yellow. For accessories, I open them up and keep them in small little plastic boxes.
    18. Only if I think I can reuse it. Little plastic ziplock baggies I stockpile, they're crazy useful to have around and nice sturdy small boxes come in handy but generally? most of the stuff I buy hasn't come in anything special, just a random envelope maybe with a little business card.
      I keep my doll's certificates and cases/boxes but not the outer shippers, they're too huge and nah, I don't think i've kept any of the accessory bits unless they've been reused for something else (I reuse envelopes to send post out for instance)
    19. I always keep wig nets, baggies and tissue balls... I usually keep the plastic bags that outfits come in, so I'll have something to put them back into when I change the doll wearing it into another outfit. Larger, multi-piece outfits or something like the whole collection of things that come with a full set go into a labeled box just to keep all of the parts together. Eyes also tend to stay in their little containers or baggies.

      Loose accessories may or may not be "package kept" items, depending on their fragility and how they came to me originally.
    20. I toss most everything except the net for their hair/wigs and the face cover. I've tossed some doll boxes for the ones I know won't be going anywhere except to my coffin when I drop dead in about 50yrs lol. If I had more room in our 2 bedroom condo I'd keep more but I'm not going to rent a storage unit just to hoard stuff I really don't need.