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Do you keep the same wig for the same doll?

Apr 15, 2007

    1. I tried looking for this already, sorry if it has been asked. xD

      Well, I was just thinking that my girl needs a new wig, and then I thought it'd be weird seeing her without her wig she's had since I got her...

      Do you keep the same wig for your dolls, always? Or do you switch them out often?
    2. I find Rose and I tend to be in the minority when it comes to our boys. Santino has always had the same wig, and likely won't ever change. Aiden (once we find the right wig) will likely only have one. Keaton is the exception with two wigs as his character at one point hacks off all his hair. I don't much cause for my dolls having more than one wig, just cause it doesn't suit them.

      I do like seeing other people's dolls with different wigs though. Go figure.
    3. It depends on the doll. The ones that are based off characters keep the same wigs--that's their hair and doesn't change. I change the wigs on my other guys periodically, though each one has a wig that's sort of become their defult.
    4. My guys, especially His Majesty, are fussy about their hair and they don't like changing wigs at all. (Morgan has a second wig, but it's the same length and colour as his braid one, so ... they're the same hair, just in different styles). His Majesty wore Zach's wig once, just to humour me; I thought he was an adorable red head, but he didn't like it. :lol:
    5. For my first doll Isao, I've got 3 wigs, one he wears almost all the time but it is super long so when he want's something more easy he gets a shorter version of it. But the same sort of hear, and the same colour. So it's still him.

      But for my new doll (I'm waiting for him to get home. ;-)) I did order more wigs. Also to see what is really him, but also because it would be more his style to change hairstyles than it would be of my Isao. :)

      And you???
    6. Well, I've only had my girl for a month but her hairstyle right now suits her so well... I even cut it myself.

      It's just that the upkeep of long hair is hard for me, and I don't want her hair to look like a mess.

      (Personally, I have really short hair myself, too- so I'm not used to having to brush my girl's hair constantly.)
    7. All my dolls have one wig that is on their heads 90% of the time. The other 10% is when i'm just trying on wigs for fun to see if there're other looks i like them in. hehe~
    8. I understand! That's why my boy has a shorter version of his long wig. I also don't want it to get to messy!! *_*
      I also cut the shorter one so it looked a bit like his hair!

      You could try something like that?
    9. I very much like to keep one wig per character since.. well, none of the characters are really into switching up their hair. I only switch wigs if I find something more suited to them / the character 'gets a haircut' or, as is the case in my tiny - I want to be able to have a spare wig to dress it up as a different gender.
    10. My guys keep the same colour and style, though if a wig gets old and ratty I'll try and replace it with one that's as close to the original as possible. Alternately, if I find a wig that fits better with the image of them in my head - the colour slightly more accurate, for example, or the style a bit closer - then I might replace it. But they always have variations on one specific theme, rather than changing colours and styles willy-nilly :)
    11. Same here... With the exception of Harumatsu (Who occasionally goes blond-), my crew are very consistant with wig color and style. Once I've found what works on them and I'm used to seeing them in it, it just seems strange to change things too much.
    12. I do, I try to keep them as human as possible. My doll has a long haired wig for the winter which is brown (Her 'natural' color.) and a short haired wig for the summer. (though that one is black they don't make it in brown, so I just say she dyes it.) ;)
      I have tried the wig of my next doll on her and she looks great in it but I just can't see her like that, in my mind she has a very dark complection so I could never keep her blonde.
    13. Most of my guys remain in the exact same wig all the time.

      Kane switches around because he is new and I haven't decided what his default style/colour is yet.

      Trans does it because he has the ability to change his hair colour and eye colour at will. (It's a way to cycle through the vast box of wigs and eyes I have!)

      Shuichi stays pretty standard except when he is doing a stage gig - then his style and/or colour usually changes.

      Chikara sticks with his default unless he wants to add some hot pink to his grey/white wig. Then he switches to that one to be festive.

      Everyone else sticks to their defaults, usually the wig they initially arrived with from the company.
    14. My dolls all have specific characters, so I do try to keep the same wig for each doll, always. However, they sometimes change these "default" wigs when I find a new one which I think would suit their concept better. Also, while my girl doll has one "default" wig like the others, she also has a bunch of other black wigs in various styles which she sometimes wears: I justify them by saying that, since she's a girl, she likes to change her hairstyle to suit her outfits, moreso than the boys, anyway. ^^;

      I also have a bunch of other wigs which I just keep because I like the style, or because they might come in handy for a special photoshoot or a future doll.
    15. I think this really depends on the doll. I mean My boys almost NEVER change their wigs. However, Arachne, she's a bit of a drag queen in a woman's body LOL She's all about different wigs, and glammed up over the top make-up LOL

      People have often said she looks like Cher. LOL
    16. As for me, collecting SD's wig is also my pleasure so I change doll's wig all the time. Volks just doesn't stop selling fabulous wigs :doh ..
      however I already decided specific color to every dolls. My favorite wig color is Volks's ivory and cream~
    17. Pretty much all of mine have a standard wig, even if I try to change things around every now and then. The only one who likes to mix it up is Arai, who will try anything and everything out just for the hell of it.
    18. Mo switches between two different wigs. I'm pretty sure that when my Too & Bee-a get here, they'll be one wig people!
    19. Well, my doll currently has two wigs, but mostly he wears the long white wig that was perfect for his character. Soon I'll be ordering another long white wig, this time without bangs, to see how it is.
      I'm also ordering 2 other wigs soon, both shoulderlenght, one blonde and one white. I'm doing this because he had this blonde wig on during a meeting, and it looked perfect. Now I want to see if I get the same effect with a white wig. ^^
    20. My dolls have one wig, and only one wig.... If i wanted, I could switch Huntyres and Josiphes, but I don't think Huntyre would look good as a blonde lol..... :?