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Do you keep your doll in his/her box at night?

Nov 27, 2011

    1. First before I start, I searched the forum for a topic like this already and haven't found one but if it is a repeat and I missed something then feel free to delete it mods. :)

      I am completely terrified of dolls at night, due to the nightmares I've had as a child. Everytime I leave my doll out of the box, I can't sleep, I find myself staring at her all night. I know dolls will never do that and I keep trying to let my doll stay out of her box at night but then the memories start going through my head of the nightmares I used to have.

      I have talked about this with a lot of people. The majority of them saying that they leave their dolls out overnight. Do you put your doll in his or her box at night? or do you let him or her watch you overnight?



      Do you have anything against people who put their dolls in their boxes at night?
    2. Oh, what a good topic!:)

      The thing is that my doll sleeps every night in her own box, because I know that she loves that. ^^
      And I also feel bad and tense, if she is out from her box, and because of it, if I will sleep, she'll be also sleep- in her box.:3

      Of course, I've got no problems with people who put their dolls in their boxes at night- I am this type of person:,,D But I also have nothing against people, who don't put their dolls into the boxes at night, but I won't do that!:D
    3. I put my dolls up but for totally different reasons. I have dogs that think that everything is indestructible. I'm afraid they might crash into my dresser and knock them down. I also keep my really special ones in their boxes more than just overnight to prevent any other damages that could occur.

      I don't have anything against people that store their dolls overnight. If that's what you're comfortable with then do it. It's really choice and if anything you're putting them to bed overnight. That's how I think of it. :)
    4. I find it very interesting that someone with such fears is in to such a hobby! Don't get me wrong, though, I think it's awesome that despite such fears, you don't let it interfere with doing something you enjoy. I myself do not have pediophobia and leave my dolls out at night. In fact, I have a Tiny that sits on my bed post. I have nothing against people who are creeped out by such things, although I do find it intriguing! ;)
    5. I also find it amazing that someone who has nightmares about dolls actually collects them - well done!! I remember when I got my very first doll I kept her by the side of my bed as she was expensive and I didn't want either of my cats knocking her off a shelf (I didn't think of keeping her in her box as I like my dolls out on display). I did spend about 5 minutes that night wondering if having her at the side of bed would freak me out when the lights went out, but I talked myself around and was fine. None of my dolls ever go back in their boxes once they're out as I don't see the point in keeping them hidden away and I like to be able to see them when I walk in the room they live in (they no longer live by the bedside!).
    6. My dolls all "sleep" in carriers (Heads in one, full dolls in another); they're actually in there whenever I'm not playing with them, so they're protected.

      When I got my first doll though, I let her sleep on my night stand for awhile, but once she had company, I started putting them in the carrier at night. Since I've gotten my others, they all do the same as well. c:
    7. My dolls are in the living room, so I don't see them at night (at least, not with lights off). The fact that I have over 10 dolls, and all their boxes are stuck up in the closet, makes the fact of placing each doll inside their boxes a worse nightmare than anything my brain can come up with while asleep.

      Why would I have anything against people who do such a thing though? I see no problem with that. Kudos to you for being so diligent.
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    8. I used to keep them in their boxes at night but I no longer do that! I added a mannequin to my room and after that it wasn't the dolls that were the problem haha!

      I absolutely have no problems with any of those who do! =) Everyone should do what they feel the most comfortable with!
    9. I understand that. you weren't the first who has told me that. I love dolls, I really love them, I love ball jointed dolls a lot. I don't feel so lonely with mine around, it's just at night. I'm still trying to get used to her being out of her box at night so I can get over my fears of dolls in the dark. i'm also terrified of the dark so when there is no human around, I absolutely have to sleep with a light on. >__>
    10. Thanks. n__n it's tough, but i've always wanted a ball jointed doll. and i'm slowly starting to trust them at night. talking with people here on the forum now on this topic also helps a lot, considering everyone has their dolls out. So I should try again with her sitting on my desk. If everyone else can do it so can I.
    11. Mackenzie spends her nights, and any other time I'm not playing with her, in one of two glass doored Billy the Bookcases I use as a display cabinet in the living room with a bunch of other non-doll stuff that I like to have out for people to see, but don't want my cats destroying. Her stuff is in the bottom of the Billy, behind the non-glass doors on it's own shelf. (The other 6 shelves across the bottom of the two bookcases in there are all craft supplies.)

      Right now she's sitting between a jar of marbles and a Swarovzki Crystal Butterfly, in front of an empty candle holder, above the Harry Potter books and below my Stuffed Figment the Dragon, Lego Pit Droid, and Sonic Scredriver.... I'm strange.

      If someone wants to put their doll back in it's box when they're not using it... it's none of my bussiness... but I do have to wonder about the effects on their wig... do they take it off every time the doll goes back in the box?

    12. I keep all of mine out. It'd be a nightmare putting them in boxes nightly. It was bad enough boxing them all up when I had new carpet put down in my room. If you perfer keeping them in their box, then go ahead. Nothing at all wrong with it!

    13. Oh wow O_O

      Yeah I always take my doll's clothing and wig off at night. I usually want to keep it on because she has a silicone wig cap but I don't know what would happen so I don't take the risks of leaving it on.

      you have a lot of dolls I guess, I could just imagine having to put them all back in their boxes. I can understand that for sure.
    14. No, mine don't go into boxes at night. Two are in the living room and...six in my bedroom. Three are right next to the head of my bed, and two of those are currently naked, bald, eyeless, and blank! XD It really doesn't bother me at all. I don't think any more or less of people that box them; it's none of my business.
    15. Nope. No box. My four Resinoyds sleep on the bed with me and my S.O. Its a queen-sized one so they get 1/3rd, and we get the other 2/3rds. They're sitting at the end of it well away from the edge and with a small pillow between them and the wall. I usually just tuck one of their blankets around them to keep them warm. ;)

      I DO have a bunkbed for the two 1/4ths to sleep in, but usually when I go to bed I'm too tired to put them to bed. Plus we're not that wild a sleeper so they're fine.

      Besides, since we've moved to a larger place, their boxes are in the front closet with the holiday decorations and the coats and boots. :)

      Alucard used to sleep in his box because he's a vampire and it doubled at his coffin, but once he gets his new body, we're going to eventually have a actual wooden coffin made for him that'll double as a carrying case.

      Edit: good for you for getting over your fears about dolls! I hope you do it!

      Besides, I always think of that my Resinoyds are more guardians than out to get me. :3nodding:

    16. I only have one BJD at the moment but I really have no reason to put her in a box at night. I do put her in a closet just in case I sleep in and she gets sun on my shelf. But I have no problem for anyone who wants to do so, why would I?
    17. All our dolls have a place on a shelf in our bedroom, so they're not ever in their boxes once they arrive. I don’t even have half their boxes anymore. XD
    18. Nope.
      I couldn't stand it! I love having them sitting around and looking cute.

      My girl didn't come in a box really since I just bought her body so it would be weird shoving her in there.
    19. My dolls have never been in their boxes since I got them.
      My room are always complete dark in lack of windows.

      I dont mind how other have their dolls in boxes overnight, they got their own reasons if they do that : )
    20. Before I had more than two dolls I let them both "sleep" in their boxes. After that, and because I sometimes let my pets run free, I made some space in my cupboard and that's where they all stay now. Keeps them dust-free, out of direct sunlight and because the doors are made of glass I can always see them. :3