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Do you kiss/cuddle your dolls?

May 19, 2011

    1. I love to cuddle with my dolls. :) I like them tucked them under my blanket while we watch tv. I also do kiss my dolls when I'm cuddling them. I try to kiss them on their heads, basically on their wigs so I don't get them all dirty. :-P There really are differences in cuddliness though when it comes to dolls. I would love to cuddle my FeePle 65s, but Chloe's ears are so extremely pointy and they stick out so far from her head, she has already poked me in the head quite a few times. So cuddling her is hazardous to my health. :D But my MiniFee is so extremely cuddly. More so than the big dolls!
    2. No kissing. Well, maybe on the hair. But lots of cuddling and piggy back rides in my backpack, with lots of sitting beside me and just chilling. I tried kissing him once and wound up on my back with a little red handprint on my cheek. =/
    3. I don't, but I would love too. MOst of the time, I am afraid to damage his make up. so usually I hold his hand. :)
    4. I kiss my dolls and I love them.
    5. I kiss my dolls on their nose.
    6. I kiss them on the nose.
    7. Christine, it's unnecessary to reply to the same thread 3 times in a row with the same thing, just letting you know.
    8. i'll admit to giving Sven cuddles and kisses. :d it's often a kiss on his head, but sometimes it's a shoulder. Xd
    9. I kiss my boy's furry hair all the time and he gets lots of cuddles
      Since he sleeps in my bed o___O
    10. I like to cuddle my dolls mostly when I'm feeling down or lonely, especially my Yos. And I give them little kisses on their heads all the time! They also sometimes watch movies with me, especially if we're off visiting (and more especially if I'm protecting them from evil kitties at friends' houses...) :)
    11. Oh yeah I kiss my doll nearly everyday !
      And I cuddle them when I am sad. After that, I feel better :)
      But when I kiss their chubby cheeks, I pay attention since I am worried about their make-up.
    12. Somethimes a good night kiss, but always on her wig. Never on her face, because I am too afraid to ruin her face-up. :s
    13. Not as much as I should!
    14. Yes, I do hug them. However, I don't hug a few of my dolls as they seem to not like hugging and stuff.XD
      #14 skyf, Jun 22, 2011
      Last edited: Oct 7, 2016
    15. I'll usually kiss the top of their heads. ^_^ Sometimes (Such as right now) when I'm on the computer or watching TV my MSD Stormy will sit in my lap. She's the perfect size for cuddles if you ask me. :)
    16. I do cuddle with my boy. Or the boys from a friend of mine. I just love to hug them. And things like that do seem to calm me down. Kissing them? No, not really. Yue does get a kiss sometimes. But somehow it doesn't feels right to do that, don't really know why. Perhaps it is because he has a boyfriend? xD
    17. I constantly cuddle with my boy and of course I always kiss him goodnight! <3
    18. Well, I do like to stroke my boy. Mostly on the hand because that's the easiest place.
      I just love the feel of the smooth resin >w<
      I wouldn't really cuddle him because...he's not exactly cuddly. I mean resin is hard and he has poky areas (like his hands)
    19. To be honest, no, I don't, and I have never really cuddled with dolls, even the soft squishy ones when I was a kid. My BJDs I treat like custom figures, not like dolls.
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    20. I love my tiny girl so much that yes, I do kiss her. I try to keep it just to the top of her head or on her wig since I don't want any oils from my lips on her resin.