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Do you leave your dolls clothed for display? Staining?

Jul 28, 2018

    1. Do most people leave their dolls clothed? I see lots of warnings not to leave certain things on for a long time, but to me displaying dolls is the main point. What types of fabric are ok to leave on? Good/bad experiences?
    2. Mine are dressed all the time, mostly in black clothes.
      Resin dolls do gladly not stain as badly as vinyl ones, and even then it's usually surface dirt you can easily wash off with a magic eraser. Nothing bad or long lasting.

      Fabrics that stained heavily for me where usually untreated jeans ones, the darker the worse. The type that even stains your own legs.
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    3. Honestly, I'd rather they stay clothed. I've made all of their clothes and if it stains - that was on me as a seamstress for not checking. The only thing I refuse to leave them in is red.
    4. I used to keep my dolls put away in their boxes naked all the time, but I've come to realize I'd rather keep them out on display. Why have them and not look at them? I was then very cautious about what they wore, thinking anything dark for even a day would stain. I've since lightened up on this as well.

      Like Ara, really the only thing I've found to stain were jeans. Even some "treated" jeans I've had leave marks before, but nothing that couldn't be cleaned off. If a pair of jeans were left on for say a year or more, they'd probably leave some more permanent staining. I usually change my dolls outfits at least once a month though.
    5. Typically I avoid black. I do have one dress in dark green that has stained my hands so even after washing that one I don't display them in it long term.

      Mostly though, I worry way less about my resin girls than the vinyl ones. My vinyl girls wear leggings under their jeans and don't wear a lot of dark colors long term.

      It's not something I fret about too much though, it's possible to clean stains out of vinyl, it's just a pain, lol. Resin is even easier to clean. I've loosened up over the years, especially after successfully cleaning a really nasty stain so that you can't even see it was there.
    6. Yes, but they have those weird cotton bodysuits on. Dressing dolls can be such a hassle if the costume is complex - Loki is dressed in black but there’s no way I’d be trying to get that costume on and off all the time.
    7. I was warned for dark clothes so I fixed some stretchy underclothes for Lysander. I don't let him wear it if he's wearing white clothes though. But he's in my display closet so I always keep him fully clothed.
    8. Mine are always dressed in their display. The only clothes that have ever left staining on my resin are pre-made BJD company clothes that I have bought. However no fabric I've bought from a fabric store to make clothes has ever stained them.
    9. I leave my dolls clothed all the time, some even wearing dark clothes. It mostly seems like dark pants stain the worst -- usually around the butt, backs of the thighs and legs, and knees -- but these stains usually wipe right off with application of a wet magic eraser so I don't worry about it.

      However, I have a few vinyl dolls as well and if I leave them clothed I make sure they're wearing things that won't stain. Like light or white clothing. Unlike resin, vinyl stains horribly and easily and they WON'T come out without the application of special cleaners. I learned this the hard way with my first 60cm Obitsu and left her in black lace stockings. She had lovely floral prints on her legs from the black lace.

      I believe if you're worried about dark clothes staining, you can soak them in a vinegar bath that helps to, I dunno, either lock in the dye or removes the excess. I've never tried this myself, but you might be able to find tutorials on the site explaining how to do it.
    10. I keep my dolls displayed on shelves, so they are all fully clothed all the time. I've only had staining issues with certain dark colored fabrics, and those came off with a magic eraser. I sew most of my dolls clothes, and will now usually wash darker colored fabric with my laundry before I use it.
    11. I was terrified of dark colours at the start because of all the warnings. But I found there isn't a problem.
      I leave my dolls clothed all the time, usually with the same clothes for a couple of weeks at a time and I've never had anything stain, even black or dark fabrics. Literally the only thing that's ever left a mark was a black pair of underwear I had but it cleaned right off with a magic eraser.
    12. Mine stay clothed... their outfits are light colored, and it's best to wash any material a few times before using on dollies just to be safe... since I make my own clothes
    13. My dolls are usually displayed and fully dressed. Staining hasn’t been an issue. The few times darker clothes did leave the smallest stain it was easy to remove with one of those magic erasers. So no worries, dress them as you like. :)

      If you’re making your own doll clothes always remember to wash the fabric beforehand, that will help prevent darker fabrics from staining as well.
    14. I leave my dolls clothed for display because I like to enjoy the outfits. ^__^
      I hand wash my doll clothing before my dolls wear it, if at all possible (or wash the fabric before I sew). And I check them regularly for a while if it's a new article of clothing. If I see no stains forming, then I don't mind leaving them in the item. I keep track of items that do cause staining and only use them for short periods like for photos and then dress them in something else for display.
    15. I just checked my doll over. He's been in his black clothes, head to toe for 4 months. Now that I moved home, he's on display, but he was in a box 90% until this last week because my friends I lived with were judgy... but my mom doesn't mind.

      Not a stain to be seen! He had a few cloth-dusties I had to blow out of cracks, but he's absolutely fine.
    16. My dolls have their stuff on all of the time. I did have one boy that got blue on his legs and butt because of his pants, but I was able to get most of it off with a magic eraser. But other than the pants, no stains.
    17. I honestly never really even thought about it and while I have been on a hiatus some of my dolls were in the clothing in boxes for atleast 4 years or so? Even with dark outfits but I did not see a stain so far. I geuss I was a just lucky with the clothes I got them. However reading something about it I do this I'll be washing the clothes from now on before I put them on my doll.
    18. I tend to avoid leaving my dolls in dark clothes, but after reading the messages here I feel a lot more confident about leaving them on. I love dark colored clothing too, do it's freeing to know that there isn't much to worry about. I nearly panicked when I realized that I forgot to take some black socks off of Faye since the last time I took her out, but her legs are perfectly fine.
    19. My girls are vinyl, so I am very hesitant to put them in darker clothes for very long. Once, I made a Halloween costume for my girl, and she literally stained within an hour. It was so upsetting - she was my first doll and I felt like I ruined her. (Luckily the stains came out fine, and now you can't even tell she was ever stained at all).

      So for now, they usually hang out in light colored pajamas until I want to do a photoshoot or take them somewhere. I also have them in body stockings just for that added layer of protection. It helps my heart rest easy!
    20. I leave mine clothed. Stains are generally not an issue, even with body blushing.