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Do you let your off-topic dolls in the same world as your BJD's?

Dec 14, 2016

    1. I have a lot of off-topic dolls, and some of them would fit with my bjd plan/story, and since I do yo-sd mostly, they would fit in scale generally well.

      Do a lot of ppl mix their off-topic dolls with their bjd worlds, or do you guys keep them separate?
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    2. I do. it's one big happy family :)
    3. I tend to mix depending on the style of the doll in particular
    4. Well, to be fair, my off topic dolls are only off topic because they're pet dolls and thus missing some of the joints required to be considered on topic. Although I did realize I have three 3D printed dolls. Two of them are tiny kits though. Oh, and I do have one hujoo! But since none of those dolls are completed yet, I can't really say if I keep will keep them separate or not. Currently they're with my blank practice heads and blank floating head, purely because it's my group of unfinished dolls. My pet dolls though totally get just as much love as my bjds though! Sometimes I worry my bjds might feel less loved, purely because the pet dolls fit in my pocket and can go with me places. Then again, my pet dolls don't get tons of gifts! ;P
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    5. No, because all my bjd boys for the most part are either around 17", or my big boys are around 70cm so they don't play with each other.
    6. Ehhhh...sort of sometimes.

      I have 12" celebrity fashion dolls, a Barbie, 18" Babysitters Club dolls, and an American Girl doll, and they do not cross into my BJD world at all.

      I have a 27cm Obitsu whose character belongs in my SD world, but the dolls are never mixed due to scale. She's a very very minor side character, so I've never felt the need to shell her in 60cm.

      I have an off topic Aimerai Enfield Horror, and I would have no problem having him share a world with on topic fantasy creatures, if I owned any.

      My off topic AiDoll Sanbitalia is the little sister of my on topic IslandDoll Emily, so they are one of the rare cases where they do mix. The other case is that my Elleodolls Russian toy terrier is my Minifee's pet.

      Yet Ido have on topic resin BJDs who do not share a world, or only do by association--my MSD girls do not mix with my SD crew.
    7. My dolls don't all share the same world, but the "beasties" do all belong to various other members of the crew. My EveStudios tarantula, Madison, is Shonokin the Volks Kiriko's pet, for instance. The two little DZ monkey-things belong to the Monkey King (my Volks F-30). The various other DZ and DC "creatures" belong to Foxfire (my DC Pierre). Marco & Polo, the Little Beans, are my MiniFee twins' playmates. Sky the hippogriff belongs to another of the MiniFees.

      'No clue which of those creatures are actually on-topic these days and which are off-, though... Somewhere along the line the rules about that got pretty Byzantine, so I just sort-of lump all of my "non-tradional creature" dolls into the Questionably Topical category. When I take pictures of them, it's always with the human-ish doll they're associated with.
    8. I actually decided on Pukifees based on the fact that they fit in perfectly with the world I'd already created around an OT doll. All of my props, furniture, etc., worked perfectly. The only thing that didn't work was the idea that they'd share clothes.
    9. The only off-topic dolls that I pair with my on-topic crew are my Hujoo and my two Ai dolls. To me they're closer to being honest-to-God ball-jointed dolls than my Barbies and my Liccas and my other dolls are.
    10. I do! The only way I really separate doll stories are by sizes. My off topic doll is a Hujoo Ted and he's in the same story as my Bobobie Lucky. This particular story has a lot of characters in them so I thought tinies would be the way to go to save on costs and space.
    11. Sometimes - all my dolls of all varieties are displayed together (well - wherever they will fit, space is short) so they are together a lot and not all my dolls have backstories. The main SD gang, however, have their own backstory but it's pretty flaxible so any of my other dolls could potentially make a cameo appearance.

    12. A bit. I have a few off-topis resin pets who get to be pets, and I'm thinking that one of my older playline dolls might look fun as a robot girl with my SDs. Some of my old Dollfies get to hang out with the SDs as *their* dolls, and I really ought to unpack them. ^^;

      I do have a Madame Alexander "Alex" who gets to be a weird "vintage" android with the minis, because she has such a great Replicant sort of vibe. (They have an on-topic robot already in their midst.)
    13. Yeah sure!
      I have this obitsu fairy I include in the same general gang of fairies and tinies as my Fairyland Pukis and realpukis, and my DreamHigh Studio tinies. Any doll of high enough quality and the right fairy look fits in with that esoteric group nicely.
    14. I used to say I wouldn't keep them together, but I would now. I see them all as dolls, so I guess they can play together like the toys in toy story!xD I used to be really irritated by dolls being together if they where not to scale, even just a few months ago, no idea why now!xD
    15. I don't create specific stories or universes for my dolls. They are all part of my world, and that world includes OT dolls, action figures, and toys. They are all displayed together, in one big happy place, my bedroom. I wish they were like Toy Story, as I wonder what adventures they would have!
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    16. Yeup. I have a hujoo msd who's the protagonist of the story my bjds are in heh. He matches them stylistically and scale wise so I just smoosh em together. Scale is about all that matters to me.
      I have some 1/6 scale dolls who have some plastic toy raptors as part of their group because I wanted raptors damnit lol.
      My one 1/6 hujoo berry hangs with my Makies because they're very similar proportionately (big head, teeny body) though my Lorifina doesn't hang with the MSD dolls because she's stylistically just not quite right.
      She's too big (being 50cm) and aesthetically just doesn't quite look right alongside them. Maybe if I wanted a gormless looking giant ahahaha. Poor girl.

      My dolls do all tend to kinda hang out anyway, playline, collectors dolls, expensive collectables, bjds, they're all my toys heh. So they all hang out together on my desk (which currently has a makie, a pullip, a hujoo and a bjd on it along with a la dee da who I haven't taken upstairs yet and two sindy dolls awaiting reroots.The shelf next to me has a giant troll, two makies, two bratz and a barbie doll on it. Oh and an alpaca plushie. So that gives an idea of how random my shelves are. ) . But in terms of the ones who are "canonically supposed to hang out" I tend to try to make sure scales at least are consistent. Unless the off scaleness is intentional.

      Heck, even in my bjd plans I have two distinct groups who shall not have anything to do with one another. One lot are "the D&D crew" who are all a wee bit more cartoonish in sculpts and then I have my intended "shelling old ocs" group who will be using more proportionate and slightly larger scale dolls (52cm so between msd and sd because sd scares me a bit heh)
      Those two groups will live in their own worlds, doesn't mean I won't do silly crossover images every so often though ahahah.

      and now I have looked I notice I need to move my Resinsoul doll because my hujoo is caressing her ear and she might stab him if he keeps touching her. Damnit Arthur, keep your hands to yourself!
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    17. I don't even have all of my BJDs in the same world. But as to the question, I haven't put any of my off topic dolls in with my BJDs nor do I plan to. I just can't find myself connecting them like that.
    18. I love all my dolls off-topic and on-topic. But I don't have imaginary universes for any of them. They inspire new ideas. But they aren't contained in any way.
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    19. Mine all sit together - Giselle is 110 year old French SFBJ and she shares her clothes and wigs with Erica in my avatar, and has adopted my dollzone Carol as her 'pet' - I'm sure Giselle's life has never been as exotic before now, especially since she spent who knows how many decades languishing unloved in a vast collection of dusty dolls in Belgium - she looks very happy to be part of my BJD family now :whee: Belinda on the right of photo is a fully jointed bisque vintage doll, technically my hujoo Rose's doll, but I treat her the same as the others. Hujoo Rose is also off-topic and Danielle's daughter (Danielle being my big blonde girl)

      [​IMG]Little Family Nov 16 by elve, on Flickr
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    20. I only have 2 OT dolls, a 30cm Obitsu and a DZ Little Bean. Misu is the Obitsu and he's the partner to Gunari (Lume Light Koit). Cynara (DZ Little Bean) is the quasi-daughter of Iwa-Xine (Soom Boehm Smoke Sprite). So yes, my OT dolls do mix with my regular dolls. I have an in-coming doll that may or may not be OT. Sondo is an Akhmel Nathan and I'm not sure yet if he's been deemed on-topic. Regardless, he's the partner to Iwa-Xine and will mix with the others.