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Do you like bust joints?

Sep 20, 2010

  1. Yes

  2. No

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    1. This is something that has occurred to me recently. There has been a number of dolls lately that is sculpted with a bust joint. It is a joint that is directly under the bust to give the torso a more streamlined look like a single torso, and yet can still bend like a regular jointed torso. For female dolls, this can be quite a plus since they can wear bikini tops or bras and bare their midriff without an unsightly joint breaking the flow of their body.

      I have noticed that a number of people have stated that they dislike the bust joint, and it makes me wonder why. I think it looks rather nice myself, but I like to hear your opinion. Do you like bust joints? And if you don't please explain why. :)
    2. I really like them--I like the doll to be able to arch their back and/or slouch, which are both possible with a bust joint. The one I could do without is the belly/lower waist joint--I find it more trouble than it's worth (in my experience, anyway; I'm sure there are belly joints that are well-engineered).
    3. I personally like the posability they give. I have 2 mnf bodies, one a b-line with the lower hip joint and an ailine body with the bust joint. The b-line body struggles to sit naturally but the a-line can do so much more. I've also dolls with a waist joint which does inprove the slouch ability I do find the bust joint more posable.
    4. I've never seen one in person, but from what I've seen in the company photos and the owner photos of these dolls, I quite like them and would definitely consider purchasing a doll that has one. I think the placement is great if you're trying to be inconspicuous because human females have a natural crease beneath the breast anyway, and when I first looked at a photo in a comparison thread of an EID woman, I had to take a short second to look for the joint because I'd never seen that before. I'll admit I've never seen one with this type of joint pose before, though, so I can't speak for that.
    5. I really like how it looks on female bodies, it's a very elegant way to hide a joint. I could take it or leave it on male dolls, IMO it looks fine on the EID body, but not so much on the Soom Idealian body; it has to do more with how the pecs were sculpted than the fact that it was a bust joint though.
    6. I dislike how unrealistic the poses tend to be with the joint. Your body doesn't easily bend directly under your breasts, your ribs end lower than that. I've played with an MNF and found that many of the poses looked awkward and really quite painful, as I know I can't bend like that. I much prefer waist joints for a more natural bend.
    7. I prefer waist joints for the same reason as kawaii_mon; I just don't feel the range of motion is realistic. A bust joint seems to only involve movement in the upper back--arching back or curving forward--but no bending from the waist. You can still bend the doll at the hips to get a similar effect, but I personally don't care for it as much.
    8. For bigger dolls yeah, especially my larger girls purely because they actually wear midrift exposing stuff. Now with my smaller girls I kinda prefer the torso joint cuz it's easier to pose them.
    9. I like the way the bust joints look, but I really do prefer a waist joint for the better posability. It just looks more natural under clothes.
    10. I agree with most of the above comments. The bust joint on girls does look better for midriff-bareing fashions, but it does alter the "outline" of poses.

      Am not too fond of it on male dolls, though. That break just under the pecs seems to only be good for slouching, and often seems to promote a chronic slouch whether you intend one or not!
    11. It's amazing for bending your doll backwards, but not necessarily forward, not without a mid-torso joint, at least. I personally dislike the look of it, as it makes female dolls look like they have fake boobs at certain angles and gives the male dolls moobs or boobs depending on the sculpting. xD; Despite this, I would rather have it than not, it's WAY too good for bending-backward poses.
    12. Yes. I much prefer the bust joint to the hip joint, as I often find that my doll's hip joint doesn't fit quite right (I think I might need to sand it) and wants to always pop out of place. I've never had this issue with a bust joint before.
    13. The observations about bending at the bust being unnatural is very interesting! It's strange because I enjoy drawing the human anatomy and it has never occured to me once. But it could be that I subconciously accept that there are limitations for BJDs.

      I really appreciate your opinions, thanks. :)
    14. I've seen fabulous poses from MNF A-line girls and I think I'd prefer a bust joint rather than a waist joint if the issue is a 2-part torso. With just a waist joint, you can't pose your doll on their stomach with their hands under their chin, but you can do this with a bust joint and it doesn't look unnatural.

      I have a Volks SDC body with a 3 part torso and I think it's fabulous and poses well, but it doesn't look very nice in midriff bearing clothing.
    15. I can see how it really boils down to what you want from your doll. If you really want to pose them, then the bust joint is limiting. If you'd rather just have your doll sit or stand but want to show off a bikini or swim suit or deep cleavage (male or female), then the bust joint is wonderful for not being as obvious and breaking the visual line. I lean heavily towards the latter.
    16. As another artist and studier of human anatomy, I do think the body bends a little bit at this joint. Not as much as at the waist, because of the ribcage, but it curls along the spine. (Try leaning forward or arching back to look at the ceiling and feeling the curve of your spine.) I think for maximum pose-ability, both joints should be included, and if one of them does not detract from the realistic shape of the doll, so much the better.

      Disclaimer: I don't own either of these types of dolls, so this is mostly hypothetical... XD
    17. I voted yes, but have to affirm what others have mentioned about posing. Bust joint is good for bending backward. Not so much for bending forward. I don't think the bust joint looks very natural twisting to the side either. A bust joint also eats lingerie and close fitting clothing, which is pretty annoying to me.

      Since I voted yes, I still think it's a net positive because the female body line just becomes that beautiful. But I wouldn't like it if every company tried to switch to this type.
    18. i like both.
      I only tend to like this on busty dolls.
      I have an OT that has a similar design, and i really like it on her, i feel it really makes it easier to use sexy shirts and bikinis on her.
      Where as with my DZ girl, i prefer the waist joint. her breasts are smaller and she seems less likely to need that level of sexyness.
      Not that i don't like her body as is, but i feel there is an age gap between the two girls, and at this point in time my DZ girl feels too young for it, where has my OT girl as a very modelesque body.
    19. I voted "no", but I do like the fact you can hide the line of the bust joint with a bra or bikini top. It's just the sideway movement that looks unnatural to me. A joint a little bit lower along the line of the lower ribs gives a more natural sideway movement range. Something can be said for both type of joints when talking about bending backwards.
    20. I only have male dolls, but yes, I like the high-up "bust joint" that's on bodies such as the Iplehouse EID & SID males.

      It allows his shoulders & upper chest to twist at very natural angles in relation to his hips, so he can look quite real. His collarbones can't move like a human's-- but this twisting joint allows the shoulders to raise/drop, to fake such a motion.

      This joint type allows a lot more mobility than an ordinary below-the-ribcage waist joint (compared to, say, SD13 or Super Gem). Since these body types don't have hip joints [thick bodies need the extra stability], I quite like the twisting joint that gives them the illusion of more mobility than they even have.