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Do you like/care for your cheaper dolls less than your expensive ones?

Dec 28, 2015

    1. Sort of a spin-off from another thread I was just reading here in the General Discussion-a question for those of you with more than one doll with a difference in prices between them, do you care for or like your cheaper dolls less than your more expensive ones? Or perhaps do you like them more? Why do you think that's so?

      This is NOT a thread that in any way intends to bash or insult any dolls, especially based around their price.
    2. I find that I play more with my older, second-hand dolls than my new expensive ones. I'm less afraid of dropping them, or posing them, or putting my grubby little hands on them. ;) They have already been played with, and have imperfections, stains, some yellowing, etc, so no holding back.
    3. I play with my cheaper doll less, but that has more to do with size than price. I find my cheaper doll harder to sew for so my other ones get played with more since I am making things for them.
    4. I take the same amount of care of all my dolls. I go through phases where a doll might be my favorite for abit but I love all my dolls the same.
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    5. I love all of my dolls about the same. I do have favorites in my collection but the reason isn't because of the price; it's usually because of the doll itself such as how much I've bonded with it.
    6. My favorites have nothing to do with cost. I have a full set Soom that cost 4 times more than another Soom of the same size that I got on the MP and I love them both the same. They are worth the same to me, and I take care of them the same. :)
    7. I dislike dolls based on sculpting and/or engineering flaws. My least favorite doll is my SD10 girl because of her (super old) body, her legs are very badly engineered and she can't really sit up on her own and also because her face was very modded when I got her and not in a way I like. I'll most likely use her for a project. My second least favorite is my Resinsoul Song for his rudimentary body sculpt and poorly engineered legs that would always splay out at a crazy angle when sitting. I've since found a way to help with that by curving his thigh channels and now he sits normally so maybe I will end up liking him more.
    8. Both of my girls are Resinsoul, so they're "cheap" as far as BJD go but if anything, I pay way more attention to Berwyn, who was less than half Rosemary's price!
    9. None of my dolls were purchased because of their price; they were all bought because I had a character in mind, and that sculpt, whatever its cost was, fit the character perfectly. I handle them in phases, where I'll spend time focusing on a particular group, but that goes by the whim of how I feel at the time, not anything about the cost of the sculpts, which are often mixed even within the groups. (The largest group ranges from "RS tiny" to "FL seahorse" in price.)
    10. This is a very interesting question. I expected that I would answer that I do more mods on lower price dolls. After I pondered it, though, I really don't. I saw on faces regardless of cost.
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    11. The price of a doll is not a factor for me. Some of my dolls are less fun to play with because of their weight or their limited poseability. It also depends on what they are wearing. I will admire those wearing elaborate outfits and hairstyles, but for playing I'll turn to those in slacker clothes.
    12. I like the cut of your jib citizen!
    13. I have dolls all over the board. I also have different levels of play. I respect the amount of money and time I put into each doll, but a few of them get played with harder than others. My Dollfie Dream gets her face protected, but her body is free game. It's not limited and easily replaceable, so she gets to come with me outside and inside and when I'm cooking and when I'm drawing and tossed on the bed and set down on the floor sometimes. I watch out for clothes or anything obviously dirty, but she's the only one I play with that hard. The harder the playing, the harder the bath afterwards so I'm not worried.

      I am getting another girl doll who is resin and cost about the same. I expect to play with her a lot, but a little more gently.My Loongsoul and Fifth Motif are so expensive and limited I'll be gentle with them both, but I do play with my Fifth Motif A LOT. However I am seriously paranoid when it comes to those two only.

      So those four dolls are on both ends of the spectrum. The rest of my crew falls in the middle. I collect by the, "I didn't pay this much for something I'm not going to play with" and I'm not afraid to do much with my dolls, but I always try to respect the time and effort and money put into them. I don't buy cheap faceups and their clothes/wigs vary so that's what scares me.
    14. I love all my dolls the same and care the same for them. Some get more played with at times, and then others get more attention, but they are all here because I felt something for them (and could afford them, high price or low price).
    15. My collection consists of a pretty good variety in prices. Only going on 1/3 scale here, since it's not really fair to compare rices in different sizes. My cheapest 1/3 doll, Parker, a 5Star Edmund/Impldoll Model hybrid, was $270. My most expensive was Blaine, my Iplehouse Justin, at $725. Between those two, the Parker gets a lot more attention, partly because he's my favorite character, partly because he poses so well, and partly because Blaine has factory blushing that I'm terrified of messing up.

      It's less about the price for me, and more about the likelihood of damage. A doll with lots of detailed blushing or tattoos will get handled less. A doll with a carefully styled wig that can be easily messed up won't go out as much. A doll with a faceup not by me won't get touched as much because I can't simply fix it if it gets scratched. A doll who is likely to throw their headcap or lose parts stays home mostly. The ones with simple wigs, faceups by me, and little to no body work go out the most because it's just safer.

      However, in the event of a bad storm or other reason I could maybe just save a couple, I'll go for the most expensive, limited or discontinued dolls, since the cheap standards are easy to replace.
    16. I don't really discriminate with price either... Actually one of the doll I'm most bonded to is my cheapest doll. I tend to play more with the ones that have nice face-ups, pose well, or just whoever looks best on camera :3nodding: The individual sculpt is what determines my favorite (though none of my dolls know just who my favorite is :thumbup)
    17. I feel like I've bonded with my cheapest bjd the most! I only have 3 dolls, so no one's neglected, but I definitely have a big emotional connection to Delwyn. He's a little gray off-topic ABS-plastic kitty, so he doesn't yellow or really stain, and he cost six times less than any of my other bjds - This makes him a lot less scary to customize or take places! He was the first doll I did a faceup on or any (slight) mods, and the first one I've taken anywhere public...It's made me more brave to play with and do little mods to my other dolls, though, so now I've bonded with them enough that it's nearly even. (I treat them all the same, though - I've been kind of obsessed with treating stuffed animals and toys fairly since I was little. I blame Toy Story.)

      On the other end, I'm kinda worried I'm going to play favorites once I get my most expensive and first SD doll, a 65cm AprilStory New Adrian...he's already becoming a "fan favorite" among a lot of the friends I showed his official pictures to (one friend even bought him nice pants as a Christmas present!). I also like dolls that are big enough to hug easily, so that might tilt the playing field in his favor even more :'D
    18. Whether I play a lot or a little with a doll has nothing to do with price nowadays. It used to, I will admit; the more a doll cost, the more I was hesitant about doing anything beyond just very gentle treatment. Now it's based on body engineering and portability. I find I play with my mini dolls far more than I do with my SDs and I ESPECIALLY like dealing with Minifees since you can take off so much of them to get them dressed with ease.

      Now, when it comes to how much I care/love my dolls, that also has nothing to do with price and doesn't have anything to do with how I play with them either. That has to do with their character and how invested I am in them. I don't hate any of my dolls (especially since I've sold a couple) but I don't love them equally either. I know I love the grouping of dolls I call "The Girls" more than I love most of my dolls, because I find their backstory intriguing, and I will always love Rai the most because he was my first ever fleshed-out character. So, I do have bias, just not on price. :D
    19. After thinking about it, I can't really say there's any difference in how much I handle or play with my dolls based on price. I have 6 dolls. Most of them are hybrids; several of them are discontinued or limited; most of them are modded in some way, shape or form. I only have one that was at all expensive, my Souldoll Zenith dude. Every one else was either scored on sale (April Story Adrienne in a 40% off event sale!!), a hybrid of a more expensive company head/less expensive company body (Elfdoll Rita/Mirodoll body; Iplehouse Lisa/5Stardoll body), or just flat out from less expensive companies (Impldoll Azalea, my Islanddoll Noah/5Stardoll girl hybrid). I don't even think I could choose a favorite among them. They're all equally awesome.
    20. Price doesn't play a factor in who gets the most attention from me. I have dolls from as inexpensive as $100 all the way up to dolls $1,000. They all get treated with the same care and caution/common sense, but the higher price of some of my dolls doesn't stop me from taking them all over creation for photos or whatnot. I buy my dolls to enjoy them.

      Moswen (AoD Chi) is, hands-down, my favourite. Not because he was my first doll or because he cost less than many of my others but because I just love his character so much and that sculpt simply IS Moswen to me. He's got way too much clothes and has been all over the place with me including a trip out of the country that involved a plane ride and that wasn't to a convention of some sort. I'm so attached to him that despite his extensive body painting needing to be re-done (I'm careful but his body paint is 7 years old and he's been played with A LOT), I'm hesitant to send him out for the work because I'll miss him and fret terribly while he's in transit.
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