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Do you like seeing dyed dolls?

Feb 25, 2010

    1. Mods: The usual post topper where if I missed this in my search to delete or merge with another thread as you see fit. ^__^

      Looking around the gallery and MP a bit, I've found alot of examples of dolls who have been dyed another color. In some cases I've loved it because the color change is very subtle and makes the mold pop and in other cases I have mixed feelings.

      My question is what do others think of dye jobs on dolls? Love 'em? Leave 'em? Or does it just depend on the color?

      Please note that I don't want this to turn into a big argument, nor am I in any way hinting that dyed dolls are somehow inferior to regular dolls. I just want to know others opinions on the subject.
    2. I personally find it intriguing to see what other doll-lovers do with their dolls. Via doing anything that they want with said dolls, the artist shows his/her creativity. Imagination knows no bounds- dolls shouldn't be any different! :D
    3. Well my favorite doll I currently own was dyed and then airbrushed gray over almost 2 years ago. And I'm currently staring at my newest boy who finally recieved his body, who shall be dyed brown just as soon as I find the time/gather my nerves.

      In a nutshell, I love dyed dolls :)
    4. I haven't actually seen many. I remember at least one that I REALLY liked, (edit: this one! http://themushroompeddler.deviantart.com/art/Elf-of-the-Night-doll-106383980 ) but I remember a couple that were sort of garish. D: The colors were just really bright and distracting. I think you have to be careful with skin color. People IRL aren't bright-colored, they're very neutral colored, so it looks really weird when a skin color is too saturated.
    5. Hm...Depends. It depends on the face up too to be honest. :'D I'm not a fan of dolls that have been dyed black and then have white eyebrows and I don't know why! I've got nothing against the owner or anything it's just not my preference. : )
    6. Right now I'm not much of a fan of odd colours, as in owning one, but I do like to see how others present their dyed dolls. And I'm not talking about tanning, but about things like grit black. Can look really great, but I wouldn't want one myself.

      However, seeing how I keep buying the things I thought I would never want, I'm not sure how long this opinion lasts. :lol:
    7. I've personally never seen more than one dyed doll, which belonged to a friend of mine. I don't really like them, therefore don't search for or see them. So I have no problem with them. :lol: I'm not interested in them, but it's great if someone else is! It's really nice to know there is truly something for everyone in this hobby - It makes it a lot more enjoyable of a hobby when it's got so many different types of people.
    8. My roommate has one dyed doll and one half dyed doll, and I've watched the process of both and another friends' doll get dyed from start to finish. I like a well done dye job and for one character of mine, I will probably need to dye the doll to get the right skin color. They don't offer the skin tone I need for a girl from India. I'm not looking forward to the sanding part of the process, but I do like seeing these dolls. It's interesting, and a dye job can also help cover resin discoloration (greening and yellowing), though I think you can only go darker...not sure.

      So yes, I like them, but they have to be well done and properly blushed.
    9. Like most more extreme mods it's not something I want to do myself, I'm just not into unusual coloured dolls, but I love to what other doll owners can do with dye. Actually, even if it's not a 'success' it's still interesting, especially if they can do something ingenious to salvage it.
    10. I've seen some really well-done dyed dolls, and loved the unique looks they get, but I wouldn't do it myself because I don't think I could ever get a dye-job to come out well (and for my dollie 'needs', normal skin is right for most of what I want, really). I suppose I might be put off if I saw a really poorly done job, but on the whole, I've seen some great dyed dolls. More power to anyone with the guts to try it!

      Scaredy-cat Anneko
    11. Yes I like to see them. There are few color options in the BJD world, so I think it adds a degree of customizing. It is of course their option to do with their dolls as they will, and it is no different to me than doing eye opening or scars mods. Just like any customization they can be done badly or well, though most I have seen are done pretty well.

      I don't mind streaks or splotches, they can add to the doll is the artist gives them a good style. After all, nobody has a perfect skin tone and many creatures in nature have streaks and blotches that help them blend in. A blotchy nymph or mermaid would be much harder to see in their natural environment.

      I like to have a character reason for the oddly colored dolls, like a green doll that is a wood nymph or a blue doll that is a mermaid or whatnot.

      Faceups can be harder for sure. I have never seen a black or really dark doll with a good faceup - they usually make them with white eyebrows that I think are either not well done or do not look good - I cannot tell since I have not seen white eyebrows I like. ^.^ So if the faceup is not great I am not going to think that the doll is so beautiful. Of course I see nothing wrong with a not beautiful doll, as they are interesting too. You have to pick the right colors on the right skin and that goes for undyed dolls just the same.
    12. Completely depends on how well the dyeing was done. The choice of color doesn't matter at all, to me-- but streakiness, splotchiness, inconsistency, etc. does. Some of them look like they were born that color, but others look like they've been rubbed with shoe-polish and finger-paint.

      It's just like with pictures of spraytanned or hairdyed people: looking at a good dye job won't make you squint your eyes involuntarily & scrabble for the Back button.

      But much of the time, the owners aren't TRYING to make their doll look like a real person. Green, grey, blue, lavender, ink-black.... you can't nitpick THEM on grounds of "realism". :lol: If you're creating an anime creature or Drow-elf or demon or what-have-you, vivid pastels & jewel tones are de rigueur.
    13. Unfortunately, I just haven't seen that many great dye jobs. The good ones I've seen have been *amazing*, but the majority have been unevenly colored, streaked, etc. I agree that it's very difficult to get a life-like tan (assuming the owner is going for realism); the best dyed dolls I've seen have been fantasy colors.

      The main problem is that there's just not much room for experimentation. Unless you have random doll limbs lying around the house, you can't really do a test batch. And cleaning up a poorly-dyed doll is going to cost you many, many hours sanding, rather than just a swipe of a magic eraser.

      So as much as I dream of a tan Yo-SD, I don't think dyeing is a chance I'd ever take with my dolls.
    14. I like seeing all sorts of modification projects, including dyeing. Some are successful, some are not. It seems to depend on whether or not it suits the doll itself, and the skill of the person doing the modifications.
    15. I agree with JennyNemesis - for me, it's all about the quality of the dye job. As long as it's not terribly streaky, scratched up, or chipping in places, and as long as any imperfections that are present have been incorporated into the overall design of the doll/character, I'm all for them. I like seeing what people come up with, and the end color doesn't much matter to me.
    16. I like to see them I haven't seen many badly dyed doll but even that would be informative.
    17. I do like to see them, as it adds an extra degree of individuality to a doll, but I don't know if I'll ever want to own one...suppose it depends on whether I can come up with a character who fits dyed skin. Saying that though, I'd LOVE to get the Si I don't own yet blushed a slightly darker shade and give him kitty stripes :p

      I do wish there were more dyed dolls out there!
    18. i don't really like the dyed doll...or perhaps, it's because until now, i haven't seen one 'dressed-up' in an attractive way that can really show up the character of the dyed doll (like what 'creature' species she/he is (human? elf? demon?).

      Any color of the doll, i just love it when they are presented in a 'decent' way...not like just put whatever clothes to cover the body, use whatever wig or just apply whatever a.s.a.p face-up so it can be shown to the world...It's so inspiring to see people who can present their doll very well...for newbie like me, i really learn a lot from them...

      mmm...it's just my opinion...i hope the answer to the title doesn't have to be,"yes, i like it..." without any further reason...(^.^)''''
    19. I have never seen one in real life but I think it is really facinating and actually considdered trying to colour a doll (got dye, pod, doll and everything) before soom released their chalco and the most turned out to fit even better than the one i already found, but I am certain I'll do it at some point. I think it can go really wrong but when done well enough, it kicks bottom :D
    20. I think it depends.
      I personally am not a big fan of any big mods being done to limiteds or special dolls. Like, if I saw an MD dyed entirely.. say.. idk, soot black or something, I'd probably be sad :P
      But to average basic dolls, yes!! I love it a lot of the times :D The dye jobs are usually pretty good -that I've seen- ^^