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Do you like the idea of "limited" dolls?

Jul 2, 2009

    1. Most companies offer limited dolls that only sell for a certain time period and most of the dolls they offer that are limited come with everything: the wig, clothes, shoes, accessories, and face-up, etc. that won't sell on the site or anywhere else. Most limited dolls that I've seen are really pretty and are perfect and I would of definetly bought it if it wasn't sold out >:0
      In my opinion, I think that there shouldn't even should be such a thing as a limited doll. I don't think its fair for people who don't have the money right away to buy their "perfect doll". I understand the fact that the limited dolls are one of a kind and if their limited there will be fewer people in the world that have the same doll as you but there should be an option for you to at least buy the doll without the face-up, or the limited options that it comes with.
    2. I like the idea of limited dolls. While I feel sad that I missed out on some, such as Beryl (or Suigintou. *sob*), I'm rather happy I'll be one of the few people on the forums to have a Hati. Such as with other limiteds, it isn't so much about fairness as it is presenting the customer with a more unique doll and encouraging that 'impulse buy' attitude.
    3. I love the idea of limited dolls, whether it be a face, a whole doll, an outfit, or just a special faceup. It encourages the "uniqueness" element of the hobby when someone can get something particularly unusual in that way.

      As far as the fairness... life ain't fair. It's harsh, but it's the truth. There will be many things in life that you can't have for one reason or another. If you really want a limited doll, you may find it somewhere. Or you may find one you love more. Or you may never get it. If you work for it, you might, if you complain, you won't. Oh, and at least with the Soom limiteds, you do in fact have the opportunity to buy them without the outfit or faceup, during their limited order period. Both of mine coming in will be that way. And I did work to be able to afford both of them, even if the second was an impulse.
    4. I sort of like it? I think it can be unfair, in some cases, but in those cases, it's best to think positive! Maybe you'll find another one that's more perfect? Or that's what I tell myself, anyway :x
    5. I like the idea of limited dolls, but I can definitely see the pluses and minuses. As I grow closer to getting my dream doll--a DOT Shall--I've started debating more and more about which dolls I plan on buy after... And I'm not really sure!
      I've thought a lot about limited dolls though and one of my big problems with them is that you only have a certain period of time to decide you want them. @.@ I think this really ups the chances of you getting to doll and realizing you never really wanted it in the first place!
      One of the things about limited dolls however is that that DOES happen, so if you're REALLY patient, you can keep an eye out in the marketplace and probably buy your dream doll some day, even if it was limited~!
    6. My only annoyance is for those who really wanted the doll but couldn't afford it/missed the sale and those who just want to admire the dolls without owning them.

      For those who wanted the doll but weren't able to get it, they are pretty much obligated to pay super inflated prices on the MP if they even find one for sale. Also, there are people who buy limiteds with the sole purpose of selling them for a profit. I wouldn't say that practice is "wrong" but it's inconsiderate of those who really wanted the doll.

      Then with limited dolls, because there are simply less of them, there is less opportunity for them to be appreciated by others. Fewer dolls = fewer owners who are able to take time to photograph these dolls and post pictures. And what if there are like...3 dolls and all 3 are bought by people who don't post pictures or just take really bad pictures. Then the rest of us miss out on the doll AND the opportunity to oogle through the screen.
    7. Personally, I don't really like the idea of limited dolls. All too often, this scenario happens: I'll be saving up for non-limited on my wishlist (like DoT Shall, who has been on the wishlist for years now). Then, when I have almost all the money saved, there will be a limited release that bumps the non-limited back down a notch. It does encourage the "impulse buy" part of the hobby, I think. And with purchases that can easily exceed $1000, I really don't like the pressure of "you have to buy it now or you'll have to pay twice as much secondhand later".

      On the other hand, I do understand why doll companies release limiteds. First, it's good for drumming up business, obviously. But second, it allows them to pursue many different creative projects. I dare say we wouldn't have the Soom Monthlies if they weren't limited. I don't know if Soom would be able to carry a standard line that varied on a standard basis. By limiting purchases of a particular sculpt, they can then move on to the next big project.

      That said... I still don't really approve of the idea of "limiteds" in general. I feel like it does also contribute to elitism in some collectors, too. Yes, I know the "elitism" aspect of the hobby has been beaten to death in other threads... but I feel that certain limited "status dolls" do help to create a rift between collectors at times.
    8. I sort of do, and I sort of don't, but not because of the reasons that you mentionned.

      I do like them because when they are limited, it means that the company selling them has really outdone themselves for the limited doll - the faceup is usually stunning, and it comes with everything you'll ever need for the doll. Plus, as others mentionned, there's this nice feeling about owning something that's rare.

      On the other hand, having a doll on sale screaming LIMITED to me makes me impulse buy. I'm the type of buyer who needs to think long and hard about my purchases to be really satisfied with them, and having a limited doll being limited makes me go blank and think nothing other than the fact that I want to own it, I want to own it, I want to own it before its gone forever! And, most of the time, once I do hold the limited doll in my hands, I'll love for a week at most. Overtime, I'll known that the possibilities of customizing the doll and making it my own are very slim, since it came with everything it need afterall, and that because of the fact that it had default items with it, everyone else owning this same doll (be it 100 other, or 50 other) will have it look the exact same way. Making it really not as unique and 'rare' as any standard doll that you would've customized and perfected on your own, making it your own individual dream doll.
    9. Well...life isn't fair either, to be blunt :) And it isn't the companies' fault that you were not into the hobby or you didn't have enough money when the doll was released. They don't know who you are, they won't wait for you to be ready when they release a doll.

      I don't see limited editions of anything to be either fair or unfair. If you desperately want one, you'll spend whatever it takes to own it. If you want that Sard badly enough, you'll spend over the odds to find one of your own, even if you get into the hobby years after Soom first released Sard. It might not be retail price, but it is what the doll is worth to you that matters. If you are willing to spend $1000+ on getting a Sard, then he is worth that much in your eyes, if you're not willing to spend that much, stay patient, good deals do come along :D

      Life isn't fair if you take the point of view that all you should have to do to get a limited doll is sit back and wait for it to come to you, but I prefer to think that if I wanted something badly enough I'd find it here, on the Marketplace, or search for it on Yahoo! Japan and I'd get my grail doll eventually. If you're patient and willing to sit it out and wait for your chance, you'll find your dream limited eventually...if you're impatient and just complain about not having the limited you don't win many friends :lol:
    10. Life isn't fair, and that's the way things go; there are so many injustices in this world that are far more acute than not being able to get a certain doll, they are impossible to count.

      The 'limited' doll model allows comanies to experiment with new ideas and maintain a level of profitability that would be impossible if these 'exclusive' dolls were offered on an unlimited basis. Limited dolls are a useful marketing tool for them to promote their products through events or doll shops. For those companies that choose to change their lines frequently, limited dolls are a good model to keep their production cycles manageable.

      If a doll design uses materials that are not readily available, limiting the number of dolls made ensures there will be enough supply to cover the entire series. Also, when a company is balancing their finances, a limited series is much easier to account for, as they know ahead of time the number of units that will be produced and shipped.

      I like that there are limited dolls, though I do not tend to purchase them. I like seeing how the companies choose to make them unique and market them; I think it's interesting and does much to set standards and new ideas in the hobby. For my own collection, I tend to get unpainted 'basics' and make them my own OOAK version, but I am very glad the limited editions have a market, because I do enjoy seeing them and I think the hobby would be less dynamic and exciting if they ceased to be offered.

      It is human nature to yearn for things we cannot have, and 'limited' dolls play upon this tendency. It is very possible the doll which seems so desirable would not be so appealing if they were readily available. I know I hemmed and hawed over my own 'perfect(ish)' doll for a long time, because he was far more expensive than I could easily rationalize - what finally spurred me to take the plunge was the announcement his line would be discontinued (making his last order period -for all intents and purposes- 'limited'). If the company hadn't done that, I'd probably still be gazing longingly at his picture online and not enjoying my lovely boy.
    11. It's a fast and good idea of making money.
      Well, and even though some are limited to a certain period, there are others with a limited number.
      I think the second option is not as great, personally... :sweat

      I don't like it but I can live with it. I too have two limited dolls. One bought second hand. And with that option, somehow, you can sometimes get the doll you love and couldn't get in time. ^^

    12. Isn't there another thread like this somewhere? (I could be wrong...)

      IAWTC. I reeeeeally want a Shirou Tachibana. I came into the hobby way after he was released, but I'm willing to save up until I can get one. It's not 'unfair' that a doll isn't always available; it is what it is, and calling it 'unfair' that even a standard version of a given limited sculpt isn't always available is sort of odd to me. If the company chooses to release a given sculpt only in limited quantities, that's their business decision.

      I also sort of don't like the argument 'well it means there's fewer people showing them off for the rest of us' solely because...well...if a person buys a super-limited and doesn't take pictures to share that's their prerogative. They're not obligated to show the doll to the world if they don't want to/aren't comfortable doing so. From my own personal standpoint, I don't purchase a doll for the appreciation of others, I purchase it because I like it and want that specific sculpt for my own. The idea that owning a limited instantly obligates the owner to share that limited with the world whether they want to or not makes me frowny.
    13. To be my honest, my favorite types of limited dolls are the ones that are sold in the manner such as Dollmore or IpleHouse. They'll usually offer a LE doll that is a fullset with clothes and wigs you can't buy anywhere else on the sight, and perhaps in a limited skintone as well. However, the actual basic doll is still sold as a non-limited as well. Sure, it's easy to say if you "really" want something like a Soom MD you'll do whatever it takes to buy it, but you know, real life just doesn't always work that way. Not only that, but quite a few LE dolls don't allow any time to see home owner pics before deciding if the doll ia actually right for the individual or not, and so are usually bought blindly. With a basic doll still available after the LE is sold, it gives much more time to really think it over and make a better decision. No, it might not have all the bells and whistles as the LE version, but aside from resin tone (which some can be dyed/airbrushed with nice effects), most outfits and wigs can be replicated to some degree.
    14. Adding to the "life ain't fair" chorus, get used to it now. I really don't see any reason why the companies should HAVE to supply everything equally. Half the fun of collecting, is getting something that is different from everyone else, whether you buy it right then or later in the after market. The other half is hunting down something rare.

      You or anyone else isn't entitled to any doll. If it's a limited suck it up and move on.
    15. Not fair? ^^;; Why should it be fair? Very little in this world is fair, I think, and there's much worse to complain about on that front.

      But anyway. I don't mind limiteds... if I can't afford it right away when it's "new and pretty and perfect" (which usually doesn't interest me anyway) I'm sure it'll come up on the secondary market someday. Yeah maybe it'll cost more... but eventually it'll cost less. If I want it badly enough it'll come to me one way or the other.

    16. i hate limited dolls )< its true they are so perfect!! and im always broke when they are in sale!!
      so then, i have to buy them here at 800$ just for the head *thinking about CP woosoo*
      and sometime i cant even find it on the market!!! D: thats the worst honestly
    17. I don't mind limiteds, I really like them. But there is TWO types of limiteds.

      Auction style limiteds that are available only in a event:

      It's the ones that the company offers only 1 limited doll and you must physically go to hong kong dollism to buy and bid the highest price that I mind. That is too hard to get! I am already imagining the disappointment that someone would go through when they travel that far just to get a chance at that doll they really want, only to get outbid ($2,000 +) and come back without a doll. >_<;;; I really don't like THIS idea of a limited. And good luck if you EVER find it in the second market, due to the fact there was only 1 doll!!

      Regular style limiteds:
      But other than that I like the idea of limiteds. Buy the limited at the doll website available to all, but have a certain amount of quantity of dolls or time to get, at a set price without bidding. And without leaving the country.
    18. I think it's silly to hate/complain about limiteds, it's the company's perogative and if you don't like it, don't buy it. It's that simple.

      Nothing in life is fair, people always think the other side of the grass is greener. Perhaps it's my intention of BJDs, the 'perfect' doll isn't as perfect if someone else makes it for you. If the full set doll is so perfect for you then save up and buy it or find it second hand rather than sulk about it. The company is not going to hand you the doll on a silver plater. It is fustrating and annoying when you miss out on a doll you 'want' but I just think at the end of the day dolls are a luxury not an necessity. So it's rather pointless to complain that 'omg I can't have X doll! It's so unfair of the company because it's limited and I was/am broke.' If you really want it and willing to pay then you'll find a way, no one 'needs' to have a doll, everyone 'wants' to have a doll. There are much more important things to complain about the unfairness of.

      Personally I just see limiteds as 'more expensive' or 'harder to find' dolls. I missed out on a few of the ones I have, only one of mine was ordered from the company directly. I really wanted them so I looked high and low and set a budget range I have to stick to, it pays off in the end. If it's one of a kind then I just put it down to staring at pretty pictures from afar. I don't think everyone needs to own everything they love/like.
    19. i hate limited dolls because there are ones that i want and there get sold out
    20. I wish everyone could have the dolls they love, but it usually just isn't possible except for those few people who have really deep pockets. I prefer dolls that aren't limited because I like to customize my dolls, but have bought them because there was no other way to get them. Life isn't fair and neither is doll collecting or any other hobby. I try not to think much about the dolls I want that I can't buy and enjoy the ones I have.