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Do you like the smell of resin?

May 12, 2010

  1. Yes, I like it

  2. No, I don't like it

  3. I'm indifferent about it

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    1. Following different discussions here on the forum I've come to the conclusion that most people here seem to love the smell of new resin. Some of them would even call themselves addicted to that smell. By large I'd say that in the fandom this smell seems to be considered to be something positive and desirable.

      On the other hand there are also a few people who don't like it. A couple of them seem to suffer really badly from new dolls and their smell. I've heard stories ranging from sore throats over breathing difficulties up to serious allergies and asthma attacks.

      So how about you? Do you like the smell of resin? Do you hate it? Have you ever bought a new doll just to feel that smell once again? Or have you ever sold a brand new doll, because you couldn't handle the smell on that particular one? Can you discern your dolls by their smell? ;)
    2. I'm not averse to the smell of new resin for medical reasons...but at the same time I don't seek it out. I will usually catch a strong whiff of a new doll upon opening their box and pull back. It's too chemical for me to want to breath it. Hehe. The other day I unpacked some unused resin pieces from a drawer and without thinking I sniffed them, but immediately regretted it! I guess to put it simply, I don't find it to be a pretty smell.

      Since smells form such strong links with our memories, I can understand people who associate that "new resin smell" with the joy of a new doll. It's much like a new car smell.
    3. I LOVE it. Only because I associate it with the smell of new dolls. I don't intentionally inhale though because it definitely smells like something toxic and chemical based. I have the same reaction with Sharpee pens and bleach after working in tissue culture in biotech for several years. Yum! The smell of progress!
    4. I've never really thought about it. I guess I'm neutral.
    5. I'll admit it... In spite of that "new resin" smell being very chemical, I do like it. I associate it strongly with something I find pleasing (my dolls-), so it becomes pleasant to me, even if it really isn't very nice from an objective point of view.
    6. I don't know if all resin smells the same, but I love the smell of a brand new Fairyland doll. I've actually (half-seriously) grown to suspect that Fairyland puts cocaine in their resin. Once that 'new doll' smell wears off, you (well, I) immediately want to get a new one. :D
    7. That smell, like the "new car" smell are dioxins off-gassing from the resin and they are carcinegenic. If I were you, I wouldn't breathe too deeply because you're likely to get lung cancer or something worse from over exposure. :V I keep my new dolls in a well ventalated place for a couple of days just as an extra precaution for my own health.
    8. Well, my doll dont smell like resin when I open the box, just when I open her head to change eyes. She still having this smell in her head but I dont like that XD~ BUT, I really dont know WHY, I like the smell of her wig, lol.
      Anyway, I dont like of her resin smell because reminds me a place that my mom work (a fabric where sell almost all made by marble) and I dont like that place. (the lobby was very dark ç_ç)
    9. I don't like the "new resin" smell at all. Far too chemical. Which is another advantage to secondhand dolls- they don't assault your nasal passages!
    10. I just loooove the scent xD Remebers me of the moment when a new doll arrives :p which are happy moments :p
      I have this box with spare parts and whenever I open it, the scent escapes ^^ yummeh xD
      It might not be too healthy, but nothing is when exaggerating ;) It's not that I hang over that box every day xD
    11. I can't stand the new resin smell they usally come right out of box and next to incense burner so that they don't smell.
    12. I love the smell of resin. My dolls are stored in a glass cabinet and whenever I open the door to get one out... *bam!* That recognizable scent smacks me in the face. :XD:
    13. I do like the smell of resin.. but on the other side I also like the smell of gasoline.. ;) so maybe I'm just a little weird.. ;)
    14. I think most people like the smell of gasoline, niniatiale ^.~ I know, I do.
      Same with resin .. not because I particularly associate it with my dolls, it just smells good. I don't inhale it on purpose but when I have Zowie sitting next to me for example, I find that kind of nice, yes.
      And I actually can tell my dolls apart by the way they smell :XD:
    15. YIKES! Though to be honest all the chemicals (not to mention pure cancer tissue culture) I've come in contact with through my biotech career are probably worse than the resin. Still, I think I'll stop inhaling when I bring my resin girls out of their boxes from now on.
    16. i only have dolls from volks and AS, i really love the smell of Volks's doll , AS one don't like it but not dislike either
    17. Lol me too!
    18. oh god I love the smells of resin. Just like the smell of sharpies and nail polish lol.
    19. I hate the smell of resin.....it stinks!
    20. I love the smell of resin in the morning lol
      I donno since my sense of smell is weakened I am indifferent to it