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Do you make clothes for your doll?

Sep 17, 2010

    1. Some times I do.
      Do you?
    2. I do. I can't afford the clothes on the sites. (though I really want some eventually) and I want my boy to have many different outfits to choose from. So far I've only made 3 pairs of pants and one really bad shirt. I want to make him a trench coat one day ^_^
    3. Well, sort of.

      I made a nice pair of pants that are too narrow for my doll to even try squeezing into. This weekend, I'm going to try doing them over, and I took measurements to be certain.

      Pants are pretty easy for a beginner, I think. I still have to do a human-sized shirt, but I'm still getting more skill with doing sewing for my dolls. Doll clothes take up less fabrics, so if I screw up, there's less risking it.
    4. All the time. I rarely buy any clothing for them, all the store-bought clothes I have arrived with the doll from the previous owner. I love creating these little outfits! :) I've been sewing and knitting most of my life, though!
    5. My first instict when I got my doll (and when I bought my second) was to simply make them their clothes. I have very specific tastes and enjoy making my own designs--which I hope I'll one day learn to make patterns for!--amd I consider making miniature versions of exactly what I want good practice. Besides, I already know that companies won't have exactly what I'm looking for... not for cheap, anyhow. :)
    6. I'm in the process of knitting a scarf, and want to learn to make clothes, though I brought some second hand clothes for my boy, and second hand clothes for Kaitlin, I hope to make them both some fancy clothes soon.
    7. This is so me!:) I knew going into this hobby that a big part of the draw (after the initial creation of characters and doing their faceups) would be costuming. It was all about it being the perfect creative outlet for me. And lets face it, once you've maxed out on your resin, then it has to become all about creative endeavors to keep them fresh and alive for you. I created 7 distinct and quirky characters...which meant they all needed unique and funky costumes. I can best express my "vision" for them by creating it myself, and fortunately I've developed the sewing skills to do it (this just takes practice...you learn by doing, so take heart all you beginners out there!);) I find I enjoy it so much, I also like to join costuming "swaps" here on DoA to stretch my boundaries even further.
    8. When I first got my doll, I went crazy buying all sorts of clothes.
      But now I mostly make it myself, because I want very specific things.
    9. Yes..I can...but do I is another story...but I'm trying...
    10. I like hand-sewing from time to time and I find doll clothes to be especially fun to work on. I've made 7 pretty basic pieces so far, but I have yet to attempt pants or anything with long sleeves. I hate patterns, so I just spend time looking at my own clothes and figuring out how they're made.
    11. I just started the hobby but yes I do make my dolls clothes. I love sewing since I'm a cosplayer. I thought it would be fun to make allt he cosplays and outfits for my dolls too!
    12. Most of the time. But if there's something I'm unsure of my own skill in sewing and there's someone else who can do a much better job than I, I'll commission or buy from another seamstress. Especially if the article of clothing is something I haven't tried making myself and they've already established the craft well such as a wa-loli outfit.
    13. For me the biggest reason I bought the doll was to sew the clothes. I have been making cloth dolls, and costumes for them and for friends and myself for years. The only clothes I plan to buy him are shoes. But we shall see how this goes. lol
    14. I try to. I am okay with sewing, especially once I've really mastered a pattern pretty well. But, I usually have trouble finding good fabric for doll clothes. I have so much fabric that just doesn't look good once it's been made into an item.

      It's also hard to find time to make clothes, especially because I am totally AR about the pattern, and details. :/
    15. I wish I could but I am the world's worst seamstress! So I either buy them premade or I commission what I like from the talented seamstresses here on the DoA marketplace.
    16. My whole reason for getting into dolls was to sew for them. It is a very relaxing, creative outlet for me. I can't draw or paint well, but I love creating with fabric and fiber. I especially enjoy sewing for SD and MSD sizes. It takes patience to find fabrics in the right scale to look good on dolls, but it can be done.
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    17. I second that. I'm big into cosplay, so these dolls give me a chance to practice making something before I human size it.
    18. Of course I do! I love to sew! Sewing is very therapeutic. Of course it's very difficult to do such a tiny clothes but I've been able to do even MSD trousers with working pockets and waistband and stuff. And I'm pretty much in love making corset tops for my Super Gem woman. I really love making something for such a curvy body. Of course there's still some clothes I'll have to buy because I can't do them. Good-looking dress shirts for example.
    19. No, but I want to. I'm going to try making skinny jeans and a V neck shirt for my boy soon.
    20. I can barely sew a straight line, haha. But my mom is a great seamstress, unfortunately she procrastinates, a lot, it could be months before she gets to work on something I want her to do. >_>