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Do You Make Requests When Receiving Free Company Gifts?

Nov 29, 2009

    1. I got thinking about this after placing an order to Dollmore. I order from them a lot, and they always have the same free gift event: they will give you a pair of free glass or acrylic eyes depending on the amount of money you spend. As a result, I end up with a bunch of eyes that I don't really care for and aren't always the right size for my doll.

      Don't get me wrong, a free gift is a free gift, and Dollmore is very generous to choose to give away anything extra to their customers. But do you think it would seem ungrateful or rude to ask Dollmore (or any other company that does something like this) if they'd be willing to give you a specific eye color or size?
    2. I would personally refrain from doing this, yes, because it feels like an imposition to me. I have a number of items like this that I can't use for the same reason -- but they're the ones I would offer in swaps or trades, or otherwise pass along to someone in need of them. (I'd feel equally awkward ever selling them, but would gladly trade them with someone for a size I could use.)
    3. Actually I ordered from Dollmore and asked if there was anyway to request the free special eyes be a pair of the butterfly eyes. I was very polite and apologized if requests weren't allowed and they sent me the butterfly eyes as the free gift eyes. I didn't even know what I wanted to use them for at the time so I didn't request size. They were more of a possible future doll thing, but ended up my first girl's permanent eyes. Dollmore is very nice though, so I'm sure if you asked them about it it couldn't really hurt.
    4. Unless a company asks for some input or I was requesting a skin color on an event head to match the body I was getting for it, there is no way I would ask for something specific. That seems very ungracious to me.
    5. I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand, it seems kind of rude to request a specific something that is free, but on the other hand, if I were the one giving something out as a gift, I would rather give something that the other person would use.

      In Dollmore's case, I don't think it would be too wrong to ask for a specific size or colour as long as you're really polite about it.
    6. In a way, it does kind of seem like looking a gift horse in the mouth, especially since most companies specifically state "you can't choose size, color, etc." of their free gifts. However, when I ordered my first boy from Junkyspot, I politely asked if it was possible for them to send brown or black eyes with him, and they tossed in a pair in addition to the ones he came with. :D Then again, Junkyspot are very generous with free gifts.
      I contemplated asking Luts to send SD or MSD size shoes with the doll I just ordered (free shoes for the winter event) but I decided against it. I'll just see what I get and if I can use them great, if not, hey I didn't pay for them right? xD
    7. I don't know... I know some companies tell you that you can request things like eye color, but I don't know about Dollmore... I don't think it would hurt to ask ^^
      When I first saw this thread I thought you were talking about the goodies that come with dolls like, from JunkySpot XD Because I know if I could, I would totally request one of those amazing DollZone shirts!!!! LOL
    8. I've yet to receive any free gifts with a doll that wasn't part of an event
      like fairyland does. Like many of the others said I'm torn between wondering
      if it's impolite to request a certain item, wether it's a specific color eye/size
      or doll size for clothes or if it's actually impolite to not ask and get things
      that might just get put aside and never used?
      I think personally I'd much rather give someone an item I know they'll
      appreciate than one that might mean nothing to them. While it's free for
      us it cost them money to give.

      As long as it's asked for kindly and not with any sense of feeling deserved
      or owed I don't think it's wrong to ask.:D
    9. No, I'm easily happy, XD I'm already glad i get something free :)
    10. It never hurts to ask as long as you're very polite...
    11. I guess if you end up with loads of the same item, you could do a sort of thing where you bundle them up and give away to people who don't have many doll items, maybe a new owner, or something like that! ^_^
    12. Yeah, that's exactly my view on the subject. I asked before for particular skin color of event head, or certain color of eyes (when they're given away randomly with a doll). Sometimes I got what I asked, other times I didn't, like ones they didn't have eyes in the color I asked for in stock, for example. But I was always polite about it, saying how I would really appreciate if they could honor my request, but if it's impossible, I'd totally understand. I never got any negative reactions from doll companies.

      Another example, when I started selling doll jeans here on DoA, I had an event too, offering people a free top with every order. And I was actually bugging people to tell me which color would they prefer, because I really wanted them to like it and use it :)
    13. I have been shopping at Dollmore for at least 4 years, and every time there is a larger-size Free Gift i.e. clothing, they have sent me girls' clothes. I have only ever bought boys' clothes from them. And still: A halter top... a teddybear-shaped earring... a fluffy Lolita dress. :XD: Dollmore you crackz me up! But, that is why we have swap-meets and friends to trade with. So, no, I never considered asking for specific gift types. I take what they gift.

      If you feel really strongly about it, I'd say just ask them. The worst they can do is say No. But it depends on your relationship with the seller - with some sellers, I know they'd be a little delicate & insulted, so I wouldn't ask. With Dollmore particularly, I would not be afraid to ask [nicely], because they're always so unfazed by even the strangest questions...! However, personally, I don't have enough of a problem to bother.

      (What I would admire intensely, is if they started offering an option to store in your Profile-- the way some places ask you for a general preference of free random gifts-- where you can specify a preference of "MSD Girl, "SD13 Boy", "18mm eye", etc. just for size & gender. I get the feeling that Dollmore's free gifts are usually sorta house-cleaning, i.e. whatever they've got extras of, and would like to ship out. So while I would not look the gifts in the mouth, per se, it would be neat to communicate basic preferences to them - to make their house-cleaning a little easier. So to speak. ^^ )
    14. I used to get a lot of clothing as free gifts as well from Dollmore, and I always kind of thought of it as a "spring cleaning" for them (getting rid of whatever they might have a lot of), but at the same time, the things they gave often seemed to be relevant, like if I bought a dress they would give me a pair of undies or socks. But maybe thats just their tendency to give away girls clothes as you mentioned :) I thought they stopped giving out larger gifts such as clothes, and are just sticking to eyes now though (I imagine that saves them a lot of money).

      It seems that the general consensus so far is, as long as you're VERY polite and understanding, it couldn't hurt to ask for a particular eye size or color from Dollmore at least. I agree about remaining cautious about making requests to just anyone, there are definitely instances when it would be inappropriate.
    15. If you don't ask, the answer's always no, so if you can be very polite about it and also are willing to be gracious if they said they couldn't give you your preference, why not?

      I personally don't tend to ask though because I just assume "free gift" is also an excuse for them to get rid of stuff that isn't selling so well or that they might have handy and cheap/ free to give away. That explains why I constantly get eyes in bizarro colors like pink and orange that - let's be honest - not too many people are going to be all gung-ho about buying for their doll.
    16. I ask, but politely, when Dollmore gives out free eyes I request certain eyes that I will use, rather than leaving it to fate. I will do things like request skin colours for givt heads/dolls, but over all I tend to leave it to the companies. I recently got a doll from Dollkot and was amazed at the gifts they sent. I did not get a carry bag like a lot of people seem to, but I did get eyes, wig, a dress, some jewellery...in total like 150 worth of things. I was really impressed. Dollmore is very good witht his too, sending free shirts, jewelery and underwear, as well as the eyes you get for ordering over a certain amount. Luts......only ever gave a freebie at event time. I find Luts is a great company to work with, but no special surprises in their boxes. However, I am thrilled that they will send more than one dollin a box, some companies don't so if you order more than one you pay double shipping -__-
    17. Assuming there is a place in the order to ask, there's no reason not to, as long as you stay (as others have already said) polite!

      Honestly, if I were a company advertising a free gift, I'd much rather the gift I send out be usable by the recipient, then end up in a trash can somewhere because the buyer had no use for it. While I don't have any experience yet with ordering doll-related goods that came with free gifts, I had a fantastic experience with a company this year that sells specialty loose-leaf teas. For buying one of their sampler sets, you received an additional random bag of tea. I mentioned in the order that I knew the advertisement said 'random' specifically, but that I wasn't particularly fond of tea that wasn't fruit-based. I thanked them ahead of time for even reading my request in the first place, and sure enough, the order came with not only the free bag of peach tea, but a handful of sampler teabags of grapefruit and raspberry.

      It can't hurt to ask, as long as you don't demand. :)
    18. I'm always entertained by what companies choose as free gifts-- things I wouldn't think of, but fun and often useful. So no, I wouldn't ask for something specific. I like to be surprised. ;)
    19. It depends on the event - and how much money you drop on them at once! Last Xmastime, I took them up on their "free shipping on orders of $300 or more" special, which also included one of those little red grab-bags & a free clothing set gift (that was the black PVC lolita dress XD).

      At the end of the day, I think this is probably the real reason I never bother to ask for special treatment. :whee: I like seeing the wacky shit they come up with!! After years of shopping, I can't tell you how many pairs of clear-blind & pink-blind acrylic eyes I now have-- and in days past, Dollmore's choice of giant Engrish keychains or feather-topped pens have made me wonder what brand of LSD they take every morning-- but sometimes they actually hit it right, and send something that I can actually use. Surprises are fun.

      (And I do love when they send edibles. <3 Just shopping at Dollmore.net is enough to give me a hankerin' for odd-flavored Korean crackers...)
    20. ive only asked once, and it was for an event head not really a free gift...and the company said if asked, they would try to give the head requested, so im not sure it counts.

      as for just regular free gifts, i have never asked...like previously stated, i like the surprise. ive gotten eyes from dollmore i havent seen on their website before, and clothes i wouldnt think of buying myself that have turned out awesome, if i asked, i wouldnt have gotten any of that stuff...

      if you do ask them, be super-nice about it...theyre very friendly and they likes nice people :3