Do you make wigs by yourself?mohair?

Jun 6, 2016

    1. To be honst,I want to make wigs by myself.
      That I think I can make different style I like for my dolls.
      Unfornately,I failled many time.
      Did you make wigs for your dolls?
      Do you feel it is hard to make wigs?
    2. I have made wigs myself, but I usually prefer to buy them. I have not used mohair, but I have used faux fur (pretty easy) and human hair/synthetic hair, both by wefting (really really difficult) and by making a hard wig cap and gluing it all (easier than sewing wefts, not entirely happy with results.) There are lots of tutorials out there, and there are talented artists who make some really amazing wigs in lots of styles, but it will take practice and lots of materials and failed projects before you perfect it.
    3. I make wigs for my dolls and after making so many I find that doing more simple styles is not as trying as it was when I first started. What are you finding that is most difficult? What method are you doing? Glue and hardcap is easiest and certainly nice for different styles. This is one I made a little while ago.

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    4. It sounds great.I will try thematerials you mentioned.Thank you!
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    5. Woow!She looks pretty! I tried to make mohair wigs before.But now I'd like to try some different materials
    6. I make my dolls wigs with yarn and hot glue. It works for the most part.
    7. I've made a few wigs. It's pretty hard with shorter hair. Practice makes perfect I suppose.
    8. I tried but failed, so many times till I give up.
    9. I think it's just a matter of trying stuff until you work out what works for you. I've made a hardcap wig with the fiber glued on and it was terrible, I hated the whole process. Right now I make a lot of wigs using Tibetan Lambskin, where the fiber is still attached to the leather and you just have to cut out a pattern and sew it together. That works really well for me and I enjoy making them. I'm planning on trying wefting fiber to make wigs soon, but I have no idea if that will work for me or not and I won't know until I try.
    10. Made this wig just a few days ago from mohair yarn .I've found crocheting tutorial on You Tube some time ago and made few wigs for cloth dolls I make and decided that it won't be that hard to make smaller one for my dear Lisa :lol:

      [​IMG]IMG_1000 by ineta, on Flickr