Do you make your doll couples cuddle?

Mar 8, 2019

    1. Maybe I shouldn't post so many times so quickly, but I thought of something and I just had to know.

      If you have two characters that are in a relationship, when they're just sitting on the shelf or wherever you have them when you aren't playing with them, do you make them cuddle or hold hands? (I hope the answer is yes. It's so cute to think about) :hug:
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    2. I don't really have any couples, but some of them seem to be friendlier towards others, I try to set the siblings (same doll family) and their friends next to each other, but other then setting them together, I don't really pose them until I pick them up for picture taking.
    3. I only have one couple among my dolls at the moment, and they always sit next to each other. Sometimes they hold hands, but usually I just try to pose them like they're looking at each other, engaged in a conversation or something like that. Sitting next to them are two dolls who aren't in a relationship, but due to their height differences one's arm is currently draped over the other's shoulder, and it's rather amusing. :XD:
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    4. When I take my doll to where his spouse is, I make them cuddle. But none of my dolls are couples on their own. They're paired with characters/dolla of my own partner.
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    5. I usually have them posed together... and at the moment Ophelia is, indeed, perched on Dakkar's lap and Kestrel (Who has those notoriously unstable Iple-girl ankles) is only standing by virtue of being braced against Cardinal... But they aren't all cuddle-bugging it up.
    6. Glances at my profile picture...... lol no of course not.......
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    7. All. The. Time. :lol: Sure, I could just have them sitting on the benches/etc, but I like having a little more personality in their posing, and it's appealing to have them cuddled up instead of just looking like, well, dolls.
    8. I don't have the female half of my couple yet but I have to admit, I think about making them cuddle all. The. Time. I think snuggles make the cutest poses!
    9. Yes! I only have one couple but she is always sitting in his lap (my shelf is not big enough to have them standing) and they are looking at each other and holding hands or hugging.
      It refills my inner love bar when I see them like that.
    10. For whatever reason, none of my dolls have never been coupled up, but they do get friendly and affectionate sometimes. I'll often pose some of them trying to share a chair, holding hands, leaning on each other, things like that.
    11. Of the couples I have, five pairs out of the nine are currently sitting next to their partners, one pair has one sitting in front of the other who is standing, and three pairs are split up across the room. The five pairs who are next to each other all seem to be having some sort of interaction or another. My Dollshe Pabo is giving flowers to my Saint. My Islanddoll Odin has his hand on his partner's leg, etc. With the one pair where one is sitting and the other is standing, sometimes they both sit, and when they do, the slightly lighter one sits on the lap of the bigger one (70 and 75cm). The bigger guy is heavy enough and strung tightly enough that I'm not worried about the lighter one falling, and they're super cute that way.
    12. I don't have any "couples" per se, but two of my girls get pretty cuddly together. I dunno, they're just cute like that n_n
    13. I don't make characters for my dolls (or use my dolls to flesh out characters) and there certainly aren't any coupling going on, but I do tend to have certain dolls sit/stand with each other or hold specific smaller doll. Mostly to save space but they also just look good that way to me (so I guess it's for an aesthetic?)
    14. I only have one doll at the moment, but I am really looking forward to getting her husband so I can pose them together. They are going to be so cute>.< Most of my OCs that I have doll plans for are couples and posing them together is one of the main things im looking forward to.
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    15. I have two incoming dolls that suddenly struck me as the perfect couple. I’m definitely going to pose them together once they both arrive. I hope I have that luck with future dolls because posing them together in cute lovey dovey ways sounds like sooo much fun!
    16. You bet I do this! I have two couples (though my Qinzhe and Meng He would deny they're together) and I always have them seated next to each other and posing together. Usually they're leaning on each other, holding hands, and/or have their arms around each other's shoulders, but for a while I did have my Angell-Studio Ty resting his head in the lap of my Mystic Kids QingChen. Maybe I should have them do that again, it was cute. <3
    17. I have a diorama in my room and they are sat down in there as a little setup, and yeah, couples often times end up cuddling ^^
    18. My two main dolls are a couple. :) I have TONS of affectionate shots ranging from the two of them innocently hanging out together to x-rated photoshoots with rope bondage. And yes, even if I'm not playing with them, I tend to leave them in comfortable poses that make it clear they're a couple.
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    19. Only if they want to.