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Do you manage your doll information?

Jun 26, 2018

    1. Hello Doll Lovers ^-^

      I was just asking myself how many dolls I've already purchased, sold or owned. After a while I'm starting to loose track of the age of my dolls because some are 2nd hand or head/body seperate purchased, swaped between characters, bonus heads, ... *_*

      So I took a few file cards and noticed follwing information for each character I own (and have owned in the past):
      • When did I purchased the doll?
      • From who did I purchase?
      • When did I sold the doll?
      • To whom did I sold it?
      • Exactly mold infomation?
      • Maybe price?
      And that's just me with only 3 dolls on the shelf right now and 4 sold dolls from the past. I'm sure there are people with many more dolls and much more chaos than me ^-^

      I don't wan't to sniff in your dolls privacy, so please keep detailed information for yourselves :3
      What I want to know is: Do you record or manage this information, too? How do you write all this down?

      Would be nice to get some inspiration in doll-management :thumbup
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    2. :aeyepop:Nope... I only record my doll list. Sculpture name and years, and I do remember some of their birthday.
      :XD::XD:Thanks for sharing your list! That’s helpful! I’ll probably use it later~
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    3. I don't physically record it, but I typically pay for my dolls via PayPal, so I save those emails for reference later. I've not done that with my first few dolls, but I've been doing it awhile at this point. :3

      As for mold info, I keep that with my character info in my sketchbook. I don't have a huge collection yet so I don't have a pressing need to record all their info, but I'm sure it'd be pretty important for those with more than a handful of dolls haha.
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    4. I basically only take photos and save on a memory card for insurance purposes. Dolls come and go so much here, just easier to delete photos.
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    5. I write arrival dates on my profile here, but I don't really keep track otherwise. I sort of remember all the dolls/parts I've bought and sold too, and I certainly remember who I bought second hand and who I didn't.
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    6. In order to organize my dolls I created a list of all the dolls I have acquired as I was buying them. In addition, I have taken screen caps of the transaction. Some of them have prices, others have invoices, few have little information, but I don't keep such a detailed look as to actively record the name of the seller whom I bought the doll from.

      I do know that I could keep a better detailed record, but for now I am happy with the records that I have. :)
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    7. I have a spreadsheet set up in google to keep track of most of that. I also have pdf files made of email exchanges for layaways, etc. All of the CoA's are kept in the same place on my desk shelf so they're easy to find if I decide to sell a doll.

      My dates of doll arrivals are in google calendar. I have each set to repeat each year so I get notifications of the anniversaries. :)
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    8. I love your file card idea! I honestly was just thinking about this myself the other day and how it's hard to remember which specific years my guys are from because they're older dolls. I've since lost the the screenshots/paypal statements since it's been so long so keeping a physical record appeals to me. ^^ I think I'm going to go out and get some file cards today after work, lol.

      Usually I don't keep that kind of doll information unless it's like other's have stated above; either screenshots of my transactions or paypal receipts. The only kind of doll "information" I do keep organised in a journal is their particular 'character' stats, like some quick info such as name/age/species/job/etc, but also some general ideas about the character's personality, likes/dislikes, and brief stories or introductions.
    9. I just have their arrival dates saved in a Word doc so I can pick one as a birthday (most of the are hybrids so they have two dates). The rest is in my email, Paypal, and DOA. Maybe I should make a paper record, just in case.
    10. No, I just have a list of my dolls and the rest are in my emails. I really should try to keep more organised though so it's easier to keep track of, you have tempted me!
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    11. I recently made a more comprehensive list just in a Word document: their names, sculpts, dates, provenance, and price. I had email receipts and things for everyone, but wanted to have the info all in one easy place. I've started trying to keep track of accessories too but that's harder. :sweat
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    12. No, no, I have not kept track of anything. Just the doll’s coa, box, and recently invoice. I should set up a card file though.
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    13. I've been in the hobby for over ten years, and for most of that time, I didn't keep track in any form. Now, with secondhand buyers needing more information/proof of legitimacy, I've started organizing things much better. Sometimes I still have no way to tracking things I bought ages ago, or dolls where I'm the fourth owner (or more), but I try to print out my proof of purchase or the order record from the company and file it away, just in case I ever need to have that. Even if the company has the record on their site, sometimes they update the site or only keep the info for a certain amount of time. It's good to have a hard copy of it.

      I also keep a list of what dolls I own, what I paid, what year they were made, resin color, and any other specifics (body type, for example). I started doing this in case anything happened to me, my husband and sister would know what I own and how to list it to sell, but it's good to have anyway to keep track of your collection value and remind you if you easily forget things, like unusual sculpt names, or color if the company has a wide variety of similar options (ex. Island Doll normal skin and island skin are very very close in color especially with age; slightly yellowed Snow White could match new Opal).

      I have character sheets to fill out for each one, as I RP my dolls and want to stay consistent. It also helps me develop the characters. I usually pick a house floorplan as well, for better descriptions and story flow. So much easier to imagine the setting with a layout in front of me!

      I don't really keep track of the clothes and accessories. I am pretty good at remembering where things came from if I bought them new, and I almost always sell the extras at a major loss anyway.
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    14. I only have one doll, and I never even considered this. Mostly because I'm a terribly disorganized person. But since people have mentioned having it for resale information and insurance purposes... I should get on that!
    15. I hadn't written anything down, but I was keeping track of things through my pms and emails for the most part. But since DoA started the doll profiles it's given me the opportunity to really buckle down and get the information. So I'm in the middle of putting together a notebook/file of the dolls I have. Unfortunately most of my dolls are second hand and I don't have coa's for all of them so I don't know the year they were made and I don't exactly remember if I'm the second or fifteenth owner. But that's alright by me. I'm just happy to have the crew I have now. And I'm much more organized than I used to be. :)
    16. I try to record the arrival date of every doll, but I'm less picky with things like Sold dates and whatnot. I have a whole Excel spreadsheet that I'm trying to complete for my collection with things like arrival dates, measurements, face-up artists, etc. buuuuut, that's a lot of work, and I haven't really sat down and put in the effort to get it all done. Eventually I'd like to have it filled out since I think it would make shopping for them so much easier and could help out with possible hybrids, but it's not a huge priority right now.
    17. I keep print off of the original order/paypal transaction with the dolls COAs but I have a list of all my doll with their sculpts, date of purchase, date of arrival and birth date (if known) so I can keep track of how old they are easier on my computer.
    18. I print off the sales pages where I buy them and sometimes the feedback post too. I also upload a digital copy to my Dropbox so I can access it anywhere on any device. I do the same anytime I sell. So far it's been the easiest, most low-effort method I have.
    19. I wasn't so good about keeping records either, but I finally put together a wiki with VooDooPad (it's free!!! it's easy!! it's entirely off-line!! BUT it's only for Macs!! sorry!), and this way, I can make my own closed wiki-- like have the Doll Company page, and then on that, links to the molds I bought, and then on those pages, I can past company photos, and then upload my own photos. I can also link any eyes/wigs/shoes/etc to each doll they're planned for, and even have a page of Doll Wishlist or whatever.

      (Voodoopad's also fantastic for story planning, if you're going to do Nanowrimo!)
    20. I keep all their CoAs on a file along with a post-it on each plastic sleeve with the doll's name and arrival date. Then on Word I have a file with name, company, sculpt, size, resin color, where/who I bought it from, who did the faceup/blushing and when it arrived. Sometimes I debate adding order dates as well, but I'm not entirely sure about that. Maybe someday when I'm feeling motivated I'll go through my emails to find that info and add it.