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Do you mind getting your dolls wet?

Jun 20, 2009

    1. There is a picture on Deviantart I saw where someone put there doll in the shower and took pictures. It was a beautiful picture but I couldn't help wondering if it did any damage to the doll itself? The clothes will dry and possibly the wig but what about the actuall doll? Will it dry or will the faceup ooze off?

      Opinions? And would you ever get your doll wet?
    2. Everything should dry out fine - a lot of people on here recommend giving dolls a 'bath' to clean them every once in a while.
      Faceups are generally sealed with a water resistant spray on seal, so the faceup shouldn't ooze off. Though, to avoid chipping, I'd be careful when drying it off.
      The main thing that I would be concerned about is actually the dye on the clothing potentially running and staining the doll.
      But if cold water was used for the shoot, it shouldn't be any trouble.
    3. Water isn't going to hurt your doll, but you'll need to make sure that the elastic dries out properly afterward, which will mean unstringing your doll--if the elastic stays wet it can rot.
    4. I'd also be concerned about the eyelashes if the doll has them. They're held on with water soluble white glue and would probably come off when they got wet.
    5. also dry the s-hook properly, or replace. they can rust and rust stains lot's of things incuding resin.
    6. I don't like water getting in them, like on the strong so I don't submerge them. I don't mind water going on them, the resin. I don't mind it on their face but I wouldn't want lots, just a few drops.
    7. I wouldn't mind a drop or two getting on them, but if they got perfectly soaked I would be ... worried. I really do not want to unstring anything. PitA.
    8. I will sometimes give mine a quick wipedown with water/a wet cloth to keep them clean...
      But I wouldn't submerge them in water! I'd be afraid it would be all stuck inside and I've have to take them apart to re-string.

      I'm glad some people don't mind though because I love to see the pictures.
      As long as the doll gets cleaned afterwards! :)
    9. uhhh... sooo.... i guess i wont be playing in the bath with mine anytime soon? rofl
    10. Lmao, rylie26, I guess not.
      As for me, Uh Uh. I seen a really beautiful wet bjd, Frozen Wing's Kitomi...but its just nice to look at.
      Im too afraid to restring my bjd.
    11. I never get my dolls wet, and I don't think I purposefully ever will... The idea of taking my girls apart frightens me to no end... plus, I am scared of damaging the faceup!
    12. I haven't, because I'm not a fan of restringing unless it's necessary, but if they needed restringing or a full cleaning anyway, sure. I wipe them down with damp cloths fairly often, though very very gently on the face.
    13. I recently put Newt in my swimming pool (holding her) and took pictures like she was swimming. Then, I stood her on the edge and had her look across the water. While I was looking at the picture to make sure it hadn't blurred, Newt apparently grew impatient and jumped back into the pool. She then sunk to the bottom [shallow pool] because I missed grabbing her and only succeeded in pulling her headcap off :doh

      So no, I don't mind them getting wet. I'm planning to redo her faceup soon anyways- I think I wouldn't put a newly faceup'd doll in water though.

      Oh- that same night I and my sister took Newt apart and scrubbed her head to toe as well. No worries :sweat
    14. I don't like getting mine wet because I hate the restringing process. ^^;;;
    15. Not soaking but. I use water for fur wigs. damp the edge softly so the fur stays some what down. The face gets a little wet but it dries up.
    16. My MSD avatar girl was soaking wet for the photo series my avatar pic was taken from. She was swimming in a little stream not far from my house. She got completely soaked and sand got in her joints too. Once I got her home I was quick to disassemble and dry her, made sure her joints and everything were clean and sand-free. I only reassembled her when everything was dry including her wig and stringing.

      She's completely fine. ^_^
      I'd actually love to do some seawater shots, some day, but that'll be messier :-P

    17. NO WAY, I'd freak if something happened, and it'd be just my luck it would.
    18. Thanks all of you :) And yeah..me and Petsha won't be swimming anytime soon xD
    19. While I wouldn't want to submerge them because of the elastic & metal hooks, I do wash my dolls every now & then to completely rid them of any dust & possible stains. Soap & water won't hurt resin or even a sealed face-up. With 3 cats & an ancient house that's a dust magnet, I think they need a good cleaning from time to time.
    20. I know what you mean, one of my cats has the thickest fur I have ever seen on a cat, she sheads all the time, and I always end up with kitten size balls of fur in my room :doh