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Do you mind if your dolls look similar?

Mar 23, 2010

    1. Or do you feel each of your dolls has to look distinctive? Just for the sake of not looking like your other dolls.

      I was just looking for some new eyes for both an incoming doll and a doll at home. I've got it into my head that my new Cosmo has to have gold eyes but then I saw some beige eyes I wanted to try in my Muse and I was really torn! Two similar colours! Arg!
      I've tried every colour in my Muse trying to figure out what she suits and I settled on pale blue or green...but I think that's because I wanted a contrast between her and my Cosmo. I've just realised if I like my dolls to have golden eyes I should give my dolls gold eyes.
      It's not crazy to have some similar traits among my dolls. I think I've been a bit overwhelmed by the customization options of dolls, in that I feel they all have to look individual. I've been fretting about making them represent different styles when really it's not an issue. If I wanted all my dolls to be blond with gold eyes (I dont) it might look a bit odd but they'd all be individual molds and have their own styles of dress.

      Sorry about the wordy post I guess what I'm getting at is do you ever feel obliged to make your dolls different from each other?
    2. mhh...I actually have only one doll...but if i'd have another one...yes. :sweat
      I'd just feel like my first doll would be...copied...but in your case...it's just that the color fits her the best,
      doesn't it?^^ if it's that case, I wouldn't really mind, but I'd originally have a different "image" in mind...
      sorry if it's a little bit hard to understand, my english isn't thaaaat good xD
    3. No, I like whatever works for each individual doll. If "what works" is similar from doll to doll, then so be it... There's nothing bizarre about having two black-haired gold-eyed people in the same house, or three tattooed leather-freaks in the same house, or seven blondes in the same house, or four green-eyed people in the same house, or what have you. Since they've got individual styles, they all look different from each other in the end anyway.
    4. All of my dolls are based off of pre-designed characters from original stories (though some are based on existing characters aka fan dolls), so for me, it's kind of that "character design" approach. When I create a character, I try to make my cast as diverse as possible, so I always try to make each character have different characteristics, styles, and features. Unless my dolls' characters are blood-related in some way, I try to make it so they each have varying hair and eye colors even if they're similar (i.e. one doll has mahogany brown hair, the other has honey brown, and another has sandy brown etc.), though priority is always placed upon personality.
      I find that if I fail to make my dolls have different and unique features, I'll always be trying to find a way to make them visibly different :sweat (again, unless they are related, which several of my dolls are lol)
    5. Even though you may have one, two, or many dolls, they still only have one owner - you. And a lot of people have their own distinct style and preferences, so I think that your doll reflects that. Also, I think this is best if it pleases the owner at the end.

      Personally, I initially wanted to give each of my dolls a distinct and strict dress style at all times, but I look at my boys and see that I dress them in a similar combination of suits and casuals. Yknow what? This may be diverging away from their individual styles, but I like them this way best.
    6. I'll have two veery similar molds with the same eye color, hair color, face-up etc. But then again - these two just happen to be twins (:
      Otherwise I prefer to look for different styles, as I want to try all sorts of things and getting each doll blue eyes, golden hair (or, in my case, red)) just seems a tiniest bit boring. But if I feel that the color suits the doll - then be it, and no matter if I already have another one with the same eye / hair color or style of clothes )
    7. I find myself trying to buy dolls that are totally different from eachother. Then I put a different style to them with wigs and eues and such as well.
    8. It would have to depend upon what works for the individual doll. Sometimes I enjoy having my 1/3 and 1/4 doll have similarities, like same color eyes. It makes them look like sisters to me. And that makes me happy inside.
    9. Sorry about the wordy post I guess what I'm getting at is do you ever feel obliged to make your dolls different from each other?
      Sometimes I get stuck in that way of thinking but I tend to have similarities if I want them at the end of the day. After all, while people look different from each other, there are plenty with blue eyes, with green eyes etc. So having the same eyes or hair colour isn't a huge deal. I'll just style them however I like and try not to worry about such a silly thing when I have so many friends with the same hair colour XD;
    10. Well, it'll be some time before I get them all 'shelled' in doll bodies, but I've found that a great number of my characters have long red hair, which translates to buying a few long red wigs in future...

    11. I don't mind if some of my dolls look similar. The same I would mind, but similar not so much. I have wigs in all sorts of different colours, but most of my dolls end up with black or red wigs, because in the end I guess that's what I like most. The fun part is, once I put a wig of a different colour on a doll, the doll is extra special (in my eyes) and when I'm done playing, I can put the black or red wig back on the doll's head.

      I buy what I like, so many of my dolls have half closed eyes and/or open mouths with teeth showing and if a new doll doesn't have half closed eyes/open mouth with teeth, I may mod it to my liking. This makes the few dolls with open eyes and clothes mouths in my collection a little bit extra special in my eyes and they do need that a bit, as I really like dolls with half closed eyes and open mouths best.

      I like the sculpt of Delf El, so I have a Delf El and a LittleFee El that looks similar to it, but I wouldn't buy 10 Delf Els no matter how much I like the sculpt. Maybe I'll end up with two Delf Els one day, they'll be of different resin colour and then customised in the styles I like best. They'll probably end up looking similar, but not the same and their looks will change over time as that's the nice part of this hobby. Looks can be changed. Almost every part of the doll can be customised. I think I'll have to try hard to make a doll look exactly the same as another doll as there are so many options.
    12. iam the same way as you, i dont want them to look the same for some reason
    13. I kind of used to feel that way, I felt I had to do different things and have dolls that all looked different, but right now all my dolls look very similar to each other. >shrug< I'm not worried about it, I just do what I feel like doing with them and say "Oh well, so I'm predictable!" XD

    14. It doesn't bother me at all to have dolls with similar looks. ^^ In fact, I've got several dolls with blond hair, several with purple eyes, and I've even got two sets of same-sculpt, yet not-related dolls. My two F16s have different looks, and almost look like different dolls, but my two Micheles are both blond with purple eyes, completely unrelated, and they look very different from each other, still! Just sharing something like hair & eye color, or even sculpt can still yield two wildly different looking dolls. It's all in how you style them. :)
    15. Absolutely not. XD

      I've been told on more than one occasion that my collection is a bunch of "boring weeaboo brats who all look alike"... and I'll be the very first to admit that there's a big grain of truth in that. I like sculpts that share a particular style, and many of them are from the same sculptors. For obvious reasons they share a similarity of features. I also strongly prefer natural face-ups, traditional and historically-influenced Asian-style costumes and relatively "normal" hair and eye colors. Character-wise, many of my dolls are members of one large, extended family. They have a shared history, backstory, cultural setting and similar physical characteristics.

      Given all that... It's not surprising that I've ended up with an awful lot of normal-skin, black-haired, blue-eyed, anime-faced dolls dressed in kimono and changshan and given Asian names.

      Other owners obviously consider that a failing. An indication that I lack sufficent "creativity" to really do the dolly hobby justice. I disagree. I know what I like, and I'm not going to apologize for it. Neither should anyone else. If you want a horde of dolls with purple hair, or two with gold eyes, just go for it. You're the one who looks at them every day. You're the one whose opinion matters... So do as you please. They're YOUR dolls, after all.
    16. i tend to unconciously lean towards dolls that look alike but i dont realize it until later. that and eyes...i bought eyes for my dolls and then turn around to realize that they're all the same shade....i think it's just personal preference. ^_^ but i also know people who try to build little dolly families so they purposely find dolls that look alike to make siblings
    17. I only have one doll now - sold the others. But when I did, they had to be very distinct in hair and wig, but similar style sculpts. Their outfits had to be similar style or period. That is why it is nice to only have one doll - she does not change based on other dolls, just what makes her the most beautiful in and of herself. (In my eyes of course.)

      My husband has 11 BJDs, and has gone through lots of bodies to make sure they are all different and they all have very different wig and eye colors as well as very different styles of clothing. They are all different heights too. His all interact with one another but are not related except for the twins (who are different sculpts, same company) so he wanted to them all to be distinct individuals as real people are.

      I think it does not matter, some people want them to be similar for a reason or just taste. Some people want them to be different. I would want them to be stylistically similar in sculpt, size, and clothing but very different in eyes and wig and faceup.

      Another aspect of this is making your doll different from other peoples. I could not bring myself to buy a black wig for my girl, as there are so many out there with them, but turns out I have to resign myself, as her purple eyes look best with black.
    18. Some people don't mind, or even try to make their dolls look similar== as if they were siblings or even twins. It's actually not so easy to make dolls look like identical twins... particularly with non-default faceups. Anyway, I don't worry about it, myself. I have dolls with similar head-sculpts, even, and it's not easy to make them look all that alike (one is open-eyed and another is dreaming).

      I like dolls to look good for themselves, or to look good for me. It doesn't matter if they are similar or not.

      They will be somewhat similar since I'm making the decisions and I'd think I'd dress them with the same sort of likes and dislikes (mine, that is!). But they all end up being themselves. I really don't worry about it!
    19. To some extent I fall with JennyNemesis on this question - I make my choices based on what works for the individual character, which means the individual doll. There are definitely some stylistic trends I prefer, and that's reflected in my doll collection, but by and large I don't get upset if two of my dolls have similar are or eyes or clothing preferences.

      However, I also have a self-imposed rule regarding doll bodies; I only allow myself to own one of each body, no matter how much I like the sculpt. This is because there are more bodies out there than I'm likely to ever own, and I want as wide a variety as possible. While there are a few exceptions to this rule in my collection, all of them have distinct differences from one another, usually in the form of a combination of skintone and heavy mods or special parts. For example, I own two dolls that use the TL2/Ylisande body, but not only are they dramatically different colors (one "vanilla," one a custom-cast dark brown), but I've also done extensive modification to the vanilla-skinned one (she has no legs...and is a snake from the waist down). Likewise, my two boys on Superhero-type EID bodies might be similar, but one is "real skin" while the other is "brown skin," and the brown skin one has the "Strongman" style of arms that were only available with the Noctarcana Circus release of Luo. I'll have two LittleFee boys (one is still before shipping), but one will be normal skin and one white skin, and the white skin one will have DaisyDayes hooves and other mods, so again, there will be distinct differences between the two bodies even if the base sculpt is the same. And those six are the only dolls I own that match up with one another, as well as being the only such I currently have planned - every other doll I own has a body totally distinct from the rest of my crew.

      I do find myself intentionally seeking out variety in the skintones of my doll collection, but again, that's more because there are so MANY options, and I want to have samples of them all, than it is because of any desire to have my dolls look unique from one another.
    20. I don't think that any of my dolls look alike but they have certain similar qualities and looks because they are related, aka: brothers. Even if they were to have the same wig or eye color, they would still be very different and distinguishable because of their personalities.

      It would bother me a lot if I had 2 dolls with the same wigs and eyes though, that's why I don't like Twins. I always try to make them a little different, I have 4 brown haired guys but in different shades and they all are family-related.

      So, I don't mind if they look similar. I do mind if they look the same.