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Do you name your group of dolls?

Sep 7, 2009

    1. I've seen some spiffy names like "Neverland" or "Clockwork Birds" being used for the group of ball jointed dolls.

      I'm wondering if this is something the average doll owner does and if I should have a name for my own family? Hm...
    2. I think it depends on what an "average" doll owner is like in your view. :sweat There are all sorts of people here who do things different ways.

      There are those that do photostories, those who don't, there are those with characters and backgrounds for their dolls, there are those without such things, there are dolls with their own names, there are dolls that still go by their model name, there are those who call their dolls their children, there are those who don't.

      Is that something you personally want to do? If so, go for it. If you're not interested/don't care, don't bother! ;)
    3. I haven't, so much. Though the collection of elves and other sylvan beings live on 'the elf shelf', which has become something of a unique moniker for them en masse.
    4. I simply call my resin family The Lodgers. ^_^ It's a concept that suits their story as well as it suits their relationship to me, so to speak.

      Have to say I think it's interesting as well as rather cute when people name their dollie families like that.
    5. The collective name for my girls is 'Piccadilly Circus' (the concept came long before I'd heard of the Iplehouse limiteds). I'm working on a biography site for them which has an explanation of the name - http://piccadillydear.blogspot.com.

      When I'm referring to them in conversation I usually just refer to them as 'the girls'.
    6. I guess I refer to mine as "the Illyria Collection," as when I was younger I fell in love with Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, and expanded Illyria to be a made up world for my dolls.
    7. I generally just refer to my dolls as 'my boys' since I only have boys at the moment, and they aren't all from the same story.
      The group from the same story I refer to as the 'Runaways', even though their story is "Dead Paradise".
      The other one ... He's just MO. Not really a group xD;
    8. My dolls don't really have a group story, but when I am referring to the group of them I call them The Resins. Sometimes they get called 'the kids', but I'm not one of those people who considers myself my dolls' 'mom' so that one never really feels right.

      It all just depends on the person. If you have a group story for them you're probably more likely to have a group name.
    9. I think of my dolls as a group of players who act out my little stories, but I haven't thought of a collective name for them.
    10. My dolls as a whole group don't have a name, but I do have two crews - the sort-of steampunky ones are the crew of the Resolute, and the pirates are the crew of the Bella Cecily. There are also the staff of the Sweetwater Saloon, that both crews frequent on occasion, and a couple others are friends and associates, or people they've discovered on their adventures. I do kind of use "my crew" as a general term, but technically there are 4 groups that are all in one loose but intertwined story, if that makes sense.
    11. I just call them "The Kids" =v=

      It's quite true for me, since i do treat them and care for them like my own kids xDD
    12. I do. Mine are, collectively, "The Crass Menagerie". (Just...don't ask. :sweat) I think it's fitting for my little group of misfits and supernatural beings. Usually, though, they jsut get called "the crew" in conversation. The more formal name for the lot of them is mostly for me because I think I'm clever. Or something. XP
    13. A friend referred to my lot as The Ferndown Crew (cos that's where I live) so that's what I started calling them too!
    14. Well, since my dolls are in two very distinctly different "groups", one is just... "the cast of 1000 words", which is kinda awkward, and then there are "The Inhabitants of Ward 6", which is actually a shelf nick named "Ward 6" and are supposed to be my cute little crazies.
    15. My group is called Strawberry Milk Tea or SMT after my website.
    16. I refer to my general doll world as Neverland, but Troop Tiny is the name I use to refer to my group of wee ones collectively. There are also Brigades within the Troop...the Elfdoll Brigade is currently the largest, but the Yo and BC Brigades are giving them a run for their money ;)
    17. I don't because my dolls are not a cohesive group, I guess... they sit together, but I don't think they know each other exist. They all inhabit separate realities.

    18. Mine are called "the boys" or "your boys" dependin on who's speaking. I refer to the house as The Smithy, since two of them are blacksmiths.
    19. I don't have a special name for them as a group or team but when I refer to them collectively I do call them 'the kids'
    20. I think I'll be calling my group Hot Mess, it seems like it would be the appoperatie term for them.