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Do You Need Variety?

Jan 6, 2010

    1. I currently own two male dolls, and have one on the way, and am eyeing another as well :sweat, and recently I have noticed that I only have preference to black wigs (I think they look the best on my boys). However, at the same time, I wonder if giving all your dolls the same color wigs would look strange or too monotone. I originally planned on them all looking different and original in terms of wigs, but somehow, I just keep going back to black.

      So what is your opinion about your doll "family" and the wigs you choose for them? Would you mind if they all had the same color wigs, or do you feel the need for variety? Did your dolls "tell" you what they wanted for their personal style and looks that went against your original plans for them?
    2. I don't think it would look too monotone. So you have a thing for black wigs *shrug*

      I don't think it's weird, I purposly made a wine colored wig for Ez because I liked the though of her hair matching with Riley's even though they're not related. It just happens that you like black hair.

      As for telling me, the one's I'll be getting are for OC's of mine and there are only so many natural color so a few of them have the same hair color. :)
    3. In my most recent group shot my guys do tend to fall into either the 'grey wig' camp or the 'black wig' camp (with a few brunettes and the occasional redhead thrown in there, but they're vastly outnumbered by the greys and the blacks) and I don't really mind that at all: all my grey-haired guys have the same colour eyes and faceups using fairly similar colours, but at the same time I'd say they're all quite different in looks other than that and they're easy to tell apart despite their complexions... and the same for the black-hairs too. I think the only rule has to be to go with what you like and what draws you to a doll's looks the most: if you like black hair, then stick with black hair! Given the variety of eyes, outfits, accessories... and even facial sculpts available, your boys will find it easy to have an individual look -- hair colour isn't everything, after all! :)
    4. Personally I'd like variety because I feel hair style/colour and eye colour represents my BJDs well. I have absolutely nothing against those with most of their BJDs with the same colour wig though. :) I found myself veering towards having a lot of blonde dolls at one point if I remember correctly which was slightly weird, but that was quickly fixed! xD
    5. In my opinion, it should deppend on the doll's character. So what if all your characters have black hair? If that suits them then it suits them. If you can't seem to get out of the habit, maybe you could make a new character that's completely different to the others and would suit a different style all together.
    6. me too i have the same problem i love black wigs on my boys
    7. I sorta have OCD about my dolls. Their names musn't start with the same letter, they musn't have the same eye color/wig color, etc. OR I'd have to name all of them with the same letter, same eye color, same wig color. It's all or nothing, for me. However, it just turns out that I chose variety this time.
    8. Nope. Not at all.

      The vast majority of my crew (I'd say 75%, easily-) have black hair. The rest are almost all "natural" colors (silver, auburn, brown or blond) or white... Very, very few have anything out of the ordinary color- or style-wise. I like them that way. To me, it makes them seem a little more realistic.

      Then again, I have been told a few times that my dolls all look alike... I don't think they do, myself, but take that as you will. :lol:
    9. I don't think it's strange.
      You should go with what you think looks good on them.
      I've had dolls that I intended to have a certain color eyes and wig for but when they arrive it really doesn't suit their faceup or skintone or whatever.
      It can be frustrating.
    10. I absolutely love and need variety, I'm not sure if it comes from having the attention span of a goldfish or not :3 I am constantly changing the wigs, eyes clothes and face-ups of my dolls. I think I have a problem heehee
    11. Well, I tend to prefer dark haired - black or brunette dolls. I've given up fighting my preferences. I'm going to get tibetan lambswool pelts in Black, Mahogany and Blonde (for my daughters) and make wigs for my girls out of that. I'm past caring if they all look alike. I'm getting all different sizes of customhouse girls so I figure they'll look as if they're all part of the one family. It's also a cheaper way to do it as 1 pelt is the price of 2-3 wigs so I can costume them all a lot cheaper.
    12. I don't think it's too monotone, I mean go to Japan and almost everyone has black hair. The dolls all have different features. ^_^ I think whatever satisfies you in the hobby is fine, and if you decide you don't like it in the future, you can always change their looks.
    13. i live for variety...in all aspects of my dolls...i like certain companies the best, but i like having different dolls, different colors and styles and they all look different. i go as far as not allowing anymore blonds, no more brunettes except for the two i have planned, no on is allowed to have blue eyes except Alex and his relatives (which actually gives me 6 dolls with the same eyes XD) no more green eyes cause i had too many at one time (down to two now. im keeping it that way)...im obsessed with making them all different.

      but really, if you like all your dolls with black hair, i dont see a problem with that at all. what ever makes you happy with your dolls is exactly what you should do.
    14. I noticed that all of my dolls' clothes were black and/or white, and it bothered me so I made a conscious effort for the next outfit to be a bright color . . . but now I'm back to black and white again. :sweat I swear it's not my fault; they just make more black and white clothes than other colors!

      As for wigs I think it could be cool if they were all different styles but the same color. It'd draw more attention to the subtle differences between them. And after all, almost all Asians have black hair, so if you actually lived where your dolls were made that would just be normal!
    15. The dolls tell me. Sometimes, not politely. ;)
    16. Three of my four girls have pink hair, but in varying shades and styles. :fangirl: Out of the wigs I tried on them, those just seemed to be the ones that suited them the best. :)
    17. Im all about variety! Unless my dolls are specifically related I try to make sure that they all have different eyes/wigs. Im not sure why I started doing that, I noticed that when I started planning characters they all had white hair and alot of blue eyes so Ive been trying to mix it up ever since. Its starting to get more difficult the bigger the collection grows, so Im having to get creative lol
    18. A mix of variety and harmony, is what I like. I have the one doll, my girl Dawn, but I'm a planner and I've got my future doll family figured out.

      On the one hand, I'm obsessed that all my dolls are similar in style, so I'm getting them all from the same company. The three minis are the same age, so I even chose the face sculpts within the same company to match look similar in age (some faces looked a lot younger or more mature) . Resin tone has to stay consistent too.

      On the other hand, I designed the characters of these dolls specifically to allow for the widest range and variety possible. Of the five dolls I want, I want boys, girls, and a unisex; mini-sized and tiny-sized; normal resin and white resin; a couple, siblings, rivals, and friends; color-themed and monochrome-themed; etc.. Notable exceptions include large-size doll (they're not for me) and tan-resin (yellowing is OK, but not green, and tan is kinda' rare) .

      The tiny-twins I want will have identical face sculpts, hair, eyes, and resin tone. They'll also have the same color scheme (black and white) and matching outfits. But they have subtle variety; one is a girl and the other a boy, one will wear a lot more black and the other more white, and their faceups will have very different expressions.

      The mini-trio I want is the other end of the pool, very diverse. The girl has warm and light colors (wig, eyes, faceup, clothes), the boy has cool and dark colors. Like, she'd have long wavy white hair and he'd have short straight dark hair. She'd have red eyes, he'd have blue eyes, etc.. Their characters are reincarnated spirits with tons of past lives, solely for the purpose of giving a perfect in-character excuse for wearing every style and historical time-period. The unisex has multiple personalities and enjoys cosplay, making it the most diverse doll (capable of changing hair, eyes, colors, gender, styles, even personalities) .

      Dawn - mini, red eyes, long wavy white hair, normal skin, female, warm colors, light colors
      Dusk - mini, blue eyes, short straight black hair, normal skin, male, cool colors, dark colors
      Twink - mini, changing eyes (colored pupils), changing hair, normal skin, unisex, various styles

      YinYin - tiny, pupilless gray eyes, shoulder-length black hair, white skin, female, black themed with white
      YangYang - tiny, pupilless gray eyes, shoulder-length black hair, white skin, male, white themed with black

      Huh. Now that I look, three out of five have black hair. I actually want to add color highlights (or extensions or something, whatever works) in Dawn and Dusk's hair, but the base colors are still black and white. I don't know if that means they have a lack of variety or not. I kind of planned Twinkle to have all the crazy diversity of wigs (I can give it all the crazy colors like neon pink and crazy styles like dreadlocks without fear!) .

      So, there's a mix of a lot of variety and a lot of similarity. I like options.

      <3 ali
    19. I absolutely love variety, I have one redhead, one blondie (he'll be blond forever- that's just his character) one golden/reddish blond girl, and a couple heads that are going to be brunettes when I sort it out XD

      I really really like having my dolls look different and unique, each one needs to be right for each character, and if possible somewhat different from each other, although I don't specifically insist on it. If I end up with a couple blondies it's no big deal. I just like to make sure they look unique in other ways then. (i.e., some tan and some not!) and also, different eye colours in different shades. I don't mind having two green eyed dolls for example, but they'd need to have very differently green eyes- thus, all my dolls eyes will come from different companies and be a mix of glass and acrylic ^__^
    20. I say do what you like.

      I personally, however, prefer variety. I have three who have all-black wigs, and that was mildly annoying for me until I decided it suited them, those were the wigs I have, their eye color and sculpts were very different, and I'd just have to deal. I try not to repeat if I can help it, but I'm getting low on options at this point without going to the wildly unnatural colors for eyes (I did go there with my elf boy, though, and occasionally with the fairy girl). I want them all to look different, but there will be some similarities in style, it just happens.