Do you plan to bequeath your dolls when you pass?

Feb 8, 2020

    1. I in no way mean to be morbid or a bummer. I've seen this question go around in other doll-collecting communities. I was curious to ask the community here after being inspired by another thread questioning the provenance of some dolls on an auction site. Weather it's in a formal will or a casual request to your loved ones, have you taken into consideration what you would like to happen to your dolls when you pass?

      I've asked myself the same question recently, as my health hasn't been so great (I hope it improves, don't panic). I'm sure my friends would find some comfort in having a part of my collection if/when I do pass. I know my bf is quite attached to a couple of my dolls because he says they are so much of what he sees in me. I would want him to have them. My mother says mean things to me about my dolls, so I wouldn't want her to have any of them.
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    2. Not everything I'm any to say will be doll related, but even healthy and young people need to consider what they want done after they die. It's important to write a will. Even if it's not official, make a word doc or something with your wishes. Talk to friends and family about what you want done. Tell someone whether you want to be buried or cremated. Assign a trusted person to be your power of attorney (this is especially important if you don't get along with your family). We can never know what tomorrow holds, and if we want something in particular to be done we have tell people about. I'd recommend writing down your wishes concerning both your funeral and what happens to all your stuff and put it with your other important paperwork, like life insurance and will. That way someone will find it. Make a word doc that lists all your dolls, a picture of each one, their sculpt name, company, date of acquisition, relevant info, and approximate worth. You could save this in an obvious place on your computer or print it and place it with other important documents. Also either place all coa's with your papers or state where to find them. You could also list where you'd like them to be sold and how to pack and ship them. Doing this for all your valuable collectables will save your loved ones a lot of hassle, and hopefully prevent your dolls for being sold at $5 a pop at a yard sale.

      I've talked to my family about what I want done, and I know their plans as well. I still need to get around to formally writing a will, but my family knows the important things. I've joked about being buried with all my hello kitty plushes, but I have a feeling most of them would wind up at good will. I guess I'd want my things sold (at a decent price) to someone who will care for them and love them like I do. If I can no longer enjoy them, it would be nice for someone else to. I'm still taking my hello kitty collection to the grave though. They'll have to be literally pried from my cold, dead hands.
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    3. Years ago I talked to my mum about it, and she said she'd just sell it. My family is affected by hoarding tendencies (all to a different degree, aunt's house would be pretty decent for a european version of Hoarders:Buried Alive). What this means is that they see little to no value in other people's things, but a lot of value in their own clutter. So, yes, I was petty sad that my mum would just sell the doll knowing how much clutter she keeps at home that needs to be just thrown out.
      Nowadays I live with my partner, who knows how much worl I put into my dolls. We do talk about our items and passing. He told me, he'd keep not all but a couple of my dolls in memoriam and the clothes I make. I know I would keep some of his clothes and notebooks with pictures and teenage notes xD That being said, I hope we'll have to decide only when we're both old ;)
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    4. Yes, I made a doc detailing what each doll is, where I got them, what they're roughly worth. I'd leave them to my partner and he can do what he likes with them.
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    5. If I can anticipate my passing, I will probably sell the dolls beforehand so that my family doesn't have trouble getting all the correct values, gaining access on some sales platform etc. None of the people I personally know are really into dolls, and I know money will be of better use at least for my man who has then the mortgage to pay. If I pass unexpectedly e.g. in an accident, then it is really indifferent what happens to my dolls, but I hope they or the money that comes from them bring comfort to my family.

      None of my family know the exact prices etc on every doll, and I don't have doll friends to donate them to, so I guess they'd end up being sold ridiculously cheap/expensive on Ebay and with wrong extra parts/clothes on each doll. Luckily my man knows the basics (a couple sculpt names and companies, plus he knows the difference between legit and fake and he knows which ones cost over a grand, just to mind his clumsy feet when I am playing with my dolls on the floor lol). I have considered making sort of a list where I write down doll names, manufacture years, and what comes with them. They are by far my most valuable items, so I'd be happy if selling them would be easy if that is what my family wants to do.

      I do understand if they want to keep my dolls for the fact that they are painted by me, have wigs hand made by me and I even made them some outfits. But I really hope that if they are in need, they would sell them and use the money for themselves instead. But I understand it is hard. I think I couldn't sell my man's piano if he passed away either, despite the fact that I don't even know how to play.
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    6. I have a document on my computer that has pics, sculpt names, and values of my dolls. A few of them have info on who to pass them along to as I'd like some of them to be gifted to friends in the event of my passing. Plus all clothing, wigs, eyes, and accessories would go to a local friend since she'd know how to deal with all of that. My bf and father know about my document and know how to find it if necessary. I'm pretty young but I have a lot of health problems so I'd like to be prepared. At this point I have enough in dolls to pay to be cremated at least.
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    7. My daughter has been my collecting buddy since I the day I became interested in the hobby. In fact, the first doll that I bought was a Soom Little Genie (now a defunct line) as a gift for her when she was a little girl. She knows what my dolls are worth, and more importantly, even though our collecting tastes are not always the same, she treasures them. One day they will be hers to enjoy...or to sell if she finds herself in a bad financial situation. Either way, I'm happy knowing there is someone that I love - who also understands their beauty and value - that I can leave them to.
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    8. If I pass early I'd give my collection to my best friend who got into dolls with me when we were children. Adult life got in the way and she hasn't managed to pick up a BJD of her own and I know she would cherish them.
      If the inevitable happens later in life I would either still leave some of them to her but also pass them on to any future children I might have or any niece or nephew I might have who is interested in dolls. I should probably put together a little list of my dolls and their original values in case something happens so whoever ends up with them knows what they have.
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    9. I got two nephews and two nieces, all four of them like my dolls, so I guess that at least some of my dolls will go to them. My oldest niece even knows which one exactly she wants. XD I've been planning to write a list which doll is which and how much approximately they're worth so they'll know for how much to sell those they don't want.
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    10. I’d like them to go to a doll museum where they can be be properly maintained and preserved but I’d like them to be displayed somewhere were non doll people would see them like a children’s hospital or a library with different vignettes every couple of months. The first part of this is a lot more doable but the second part is what I really want.
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    11. I know they'll probably get sold, but I'm just going to make prep so they're sold well in a knowledgeable manner and support the living beings that form my friendship hivemind. Y'know?

      Granted, I have two dolls which I have yet to even see from the under 300$ category of dealers and dolls, so it's a lot less of a worrying choice.

      Though I also like @unoa_im_afreak 's idea of a preserved display. I feel like BJDs aren't quite historical collectors items, but even just a 'dolls cafe' with a few on display would be such a cool idea, and I'd donate to that on my deathbed.
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    12. I've been thinking about this actually, (and was even thinking about making a thread like this myself :D) and as of right now, I'm leaning towards having them buried with me. At least few of the most important ones, if not all. Also few childhood stuffed animals, as well. But I'm still not entirely sure. (I also just like the 'aesthetic' idea of that :D Big fan of the cursed victorian gothic vibes it gives xP)

      Another option I've been thinking about is selling them myself when I'm older/if my health declines and death seems like an upcoming thing. Of course, you never know what's going to happen tomorrow, but I don't want to spend too much time worrying over that. And if I did die suddenly very young, say tomorrow, I think my girlfriend and my mom might want my dolls. They know how important my dolls are to me.
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    13. My husband and I want to troll future archaeologist with our grave goods. So I'll most likely have at least one doll buried with me.
      As for the rest. If Bjd are still collected I may leave them to be donated to a conventions charity auction. Maybe they can make someone else happy and help a good cause
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    14. I don't have a will, but i made word document whit the info of every doll whit their value, i didn't considerate to put pictures in it, but that is a good idea.
      My sisters like my dolls so i think they will take care of them (one has her own doll already), also my mom if she wants any.
      I think i need to make an extra document for their clothes too.
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    15. My husband and my kids know what I want them to do with my dolls. Keep certain ones themselves and the others given to friends. But just so it's clear will put onto paper and put in my death folder.
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    16. I bequeath only when the person want the dolls. One of my nieces indicated she likes SD13 Isao Nanjou. I have vintage dolls
      passed on by my mother and my own childhood dolls, these will naturally be passed on to family members in Singapore who likes antiques. Some relatives in Singapore are very traditional, they treasure old Japanese and Chinese artifacts including dolls.

      I sold my entire modern and vintage vinyl dolls collection not made in Japan or China.

      I am concerned about what to do with the modern resin dolls. The resin group will likely not be resold in my lifetime, those in my possession at time of death will be incinerated or if possible returned to the manufacturer. It’s not easy to return to the manufacturer because this requires a will. Family members might fight to own them for purpose of resale. It’s always like this. People fight and quarrel at funerals. My family members have no passion for dolls, especially modern dolls. Already my only brother is demanding that I sell off my entire resin collection now, immediately.

      SD13 F38 Christian also known as Himura will be sold by me in my lifetime. The money donated to charity. The doll itself told me he wants me to put him up adoption if I am diagnosed with terminal illness. I cannot keep the money, donate all to charity. I pay for shipping international express, this will be my last gift to him. I must pack him with my own hands and send him to his new home. He must be sold full set with SD13 body, original wig, FCS greeting outfit, slippers and moreover, he wants to keep his Rurouni Kenshin outfit, red wig, sword and slippers. These instructions cannot be clearer. Based on his instructions, he won’t be returned to Volks. I have to pack him with own hands and send him to his new home.

      The problem now is, I don’t know how to put him up for charity auction. I don’t want the thrift store to handle his auction like what’s happening in the other discussion thread.
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    17. It's not a fun thing to think about, but I have health conditions that mean I might only make it to 50 or so. I need to draft a formal will at some point soon, just in case. Every day is a blessing!

      I keep a document with information on which doll is which, what their overall condition is, and how much they're worth. I update it periodically. I have given my husband instructions that my daughter gets first pick, then I'd like each of my sisters to have the opportunity to choose one of my dolls if they wish. Any dolls left unwanted/unclaimed should be sold (with a list of appropriate marketplaces provided) and the money given to my daughter for her to use on her own hobbies. Right now she's in love with my dolls but who knows if that will last. I am pretty sure she will at least want Rune, though, since she says he's her boyfriend. :lol:
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    18. I don't know if any of my family or friends would want to keep any of my dolls, so I haven't bequeathed any part of my collection to anyone. They're free to divide them up or dispose of them as they see fit, though my mom and son would get "first dibs."

      I should probably have a conversation with them, if for no other reason than they would probably stuff them all in garbage bags and drop them off at Goodwill without trying to sell them first. Setting up some sort of spreadsheet with sculpt info, prices, and realistic info about the resale market would be a good idea, both so they know how to sell them and so they won't expect to receive a small fortune. I really think I would sell the collection myself if I knew I was dying to save them the trouble.

      Reading over this, it sounds so flippant and that's not my intent. We're just not a sentimental bunch, and we don't hold on to mementos. I'm an aberration, as a collector of things, and I really believe my dear dolls and beloved books will end up in a donation bin somewhere. I can't even be bothered by it, because I wouldn't want my family to be burdened by things they don't want to own.
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    19. That is freaking morbidly hilarious! One can only imagine the future dissertations written - absurd theories as to why those specific items were buried with you...probably most revolving around pagan ritual. :XD:
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    20. I have a plan for my dolls, though its not written out anywhere. Five of my dolls go to my friend who is not in the hobby, but was the cowriter of the story the doll's character's are from. She knows this and happily accepted the duty of being willed the dolls upon my death. Another doll is to be left to a friend in the hobby who has frequently voiced how much he adores the doll. My mother, if she is still alive, can choose one from the remaining dolls if she wants. And the rest go to another friend in the hobby.
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