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Do you prefer 60cm or 70cm boys ?

Jul 14, 2008

    1. Hi.

      What size of boy do you prefer 60cm or 70cm ?

      Who do you have ?

      Whot do you want to get ?
    2. I have boy dolls from 57cm all the way up to 80cm.

      I don't prefer one size over the other, they are meant to suit my characters and I got the dolls in specific sizes to match how I've imagined them.

      They're all listed in my sig and my profile if you want o know which ones I have. I only have two girls and one of them is just a head right now, the rest are boys. :)
    3. Hey Lisa. It depends on the head. I have both and I prefer the big guys, but it is really hard to find clothes for them. I wish I had more options for clothing for big guys.
    4. I only have a 63 cm and I know I wouldn't want anything smaller.
      Overall though, I think the more dollie the more love.
    5. I have two 70cm and two 60cm, and - it's a toss-up. XD But my two 60cm boys are a bit lighter and easier to cart around, easier to shop for, and a slightly better size for cuddling - so when possible, I think I'd prefer a 60cm version of a sculpt to a 70cm, unless the height difference was called for by the character design.

      Nothing really wrong with 70cm, though - I love both my giants a lot. <3 They're just heavy!
    6. Right now...I prefer 70cm boys ^^
    7. Dunno - I think they're both very big haha! I own the DS Hound head and he is a 70 cm boy. But now I'm getting second thoughts and might be buying a new doll on 60 cm instead..

      Think both sizes are amazing. Like them bigger than the "small" boys ;)
    8. There's 70cms!?!?!? @ o Ah shaz!

      Ah well... suppose 60cm is big enough for me. XD I wanted to just get one extremely tall one though and build around that. ^ ^;; (Jack's supposed to be extremely tall)
    9. Aren't MA like 80cm or am I loopy?
    10. Soom's Mecha Angel boys are the tallest dolls made and they are indeed 80cm. There are quite a few boy dolls in the 70cm range, there's a thread about which ones around here someplace. :)
    11. I have from 58cm Delf to 70cm Hound.

      I love them all. SD17 bodies are :aheartbea
    12. I have one DOC- 43cm
      one DM-adam- 63cm

      and a Soom Spinel head... I am now looking for a body for my Spinel... prob. a 63cm~65cm
    13. I prefer 60cm boys. I started off with a MSD and upon seeing a SD for the first time, I was overwelmed. I was even more overwelmed by a friend's Dollshe Saint. Maybe that's be cause I'm only 150 cm myself. Her saint was like...at my crotch. It was a monster compared to me.
    14. I really love the 70cm boys, but there are several 60cms I am lusting after as well. There aren't as many choices in the larger dolls, though more and more all of the time, and it is harder to buy clothes and shoes for them which is kind of sad. But there is something about a big doll that is just so much fun.

      I have a DZ Yuu and i just adore him, love that smirk, and he fits the character I was going for. My hubby has a DOD DOI Luke v2, and he is also a handsome boy, wouldn't fit any of my characters though. I am hoping that for christmas i will get an Angell Studio Senior Lucifer (62cms I believe), he perfectly fits another character I have in mind, not from the same story line as my DZ Yuu. I do need to get my boy's partner too though. I have a head on the way that i hope will work but don't know which body I will use for her. I want a girl that is at least 60cms since he is 70.
    15. I hope this is the right place to put this and that it isn't a repeat. Please correct me if not. I'm trying to make a final decision on what doll I want to buy. This will be my first one and I want to fall in love with him as soon as I have him. But I've gotten stuck on deciding which size I want. There are dolls of both sizes I like the look of. So, just a couple of general questions. I might ask more as I get more confused.

      Which size is easier to find accessories for? Clothing, wigs, eyes, shoes, etc.

      Is one size generally more poseable than the other? Or is that something that's going to be specific to each doll type?

      And on a more specific note, does anyone here own a Dollzone Yuu, Chen or Floy? Those are the three that interest me most right now with Floy being the one I really think I want. But I wanted any opinions others had on these dolls.
    16. It would probably be easier to find clothes for 60cms.
      The others depend on what company you order from :/
      My delfs (60cm) can share wigs, shoes, and eyes with my DOI (70cm)

      Posability would depend on the doll/company
    17. So it wouldn't be too much of a fit difference if I bought the 60cm Floy with an outfit made for a 70cm? Very awesome. Thank you.
    18. I think it depends a lot on the sculpt, and how scaled up they are; you'll probably have to do some tailoring to get the 70cm outfit to fit correctly, but it shouldn't be *too* bad.
    19. (my bold)
      In terms of wigs and eyes, most of the 70cm dolls seem to fall within the same range as the 60cm dolls. Tbh, I'm surprised to hear that any doll can share shoes with a Delf, since as far as I've noticed, they have unusually small feet (my Delf girl can pretty much wear shoes meant for minis), so YMMV, but it sounds like at least DoI boys have easy-to-buy-for feet.

      However, for clothing, things may be a bit more difficult. While you will almost certainly be able to find clothing that will fit your doll from the other size range's racks, as it were, you will have to be prepared to deal with some things not fitting, as it's a bit of a gamble. We do have a measurements sticky in the sewing section where you can compare your doll's measurements to those of dolls from the company whose clothes you're thinking of buying, though, which will help.

      Overall, I think 60cm dolls are easier to buy for, but there are a lot more 70cm dolls on the market now even than when I joined last year, so I don't think you're shooting yourself in the foot, even if you do decide to buy only clothes designed for 70cms.

      The advice most people on DoA will give you around any question about which doll to buy is this: buy the one you love! If you really love a doll, it won't matter as much if he's not a giant or if he's hard to shop for or whatever. But if you go for a doll you're not interested in just because he's taller or will be easier to buy for, there's a good chance you'll end up buying the one you loved down the line anyway. ;)