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Do you prefer Child or Adult Dolls? Why?

Feb 9, 2007

    1. Just curious on this point. I couldn't find this exact subject in the Search, but I think it's allergic to me (the search engine I mean) anyhow, lol!

      I find that I really prefer child dolls lately, or dolls representing very young (ie slender) adolescents...

      As much as I ooh and aahh and admire some of the mature-looking dolls, I find I can't live with them.

      Maybe I'm just too too young (or just immature) at heart? I find lady dolls are intimidating to me because they are too close to the fashion doll thing, and the men dolls... well I have enough men in my life and all the problems to go with, thanks D-:>!

      What are your thoughts either way? ^_^

      Mods please zap with a high-powered laser beam if this is not a good topic or is in the wrong place >_<
    2. I prefer the child dolls, they're more fun to dress and make clothes for. I also like the adult dolls but don't really enjoy making clothes for them as much as the younger looking dolls. I have 2 granddaughters and we have fun designing outfits that they would both like to wear.
    3. I guess I prefer more childlike dolls, but I'm not a fan of the tollderish ones. My favorite dolls all range in appearance from like 11 to 16 with the few adult dolls being either fantasy or anthro dolls. My taste for childlike aesthetics expands way beyond dollies and into most of my interests, too xP
      The two dolls I have fully planned out are both in their early teens appearance-wise, but one is technically an adult via slow aging, although she only acts a few years older than she looks (she's crazy immature though xD) and the other is an adult by her race's standards, and acts it. So maybe it's just the look of childlike dolls that appeals to me xP
    4. I prefer older dolls because some of the young ones are a bit creepy to me. I also prefer more realistic looking dolls and I've just seen more realistic older dolls than young ones. And it also seems less typical to see these huge older looking dolls, so I feel like they're more impressive.
    5. I like adult dolls because they're just much cooler to photograph, and look more realistic. With younger dolls, I feel like I'm playing with dolls, but with older dolls I feel older...I guess?
    6. It's the frills! I love putting frills on really young kids (5-8). I like pieceing together something a little more realistic for adolescents too.
    7. I think I can't decide it XD! It really depends on the character you have. I prefer realistic dolls, so that's what I have in mind when I choose a body (for an adolescent or an adult).
    8. I prefer adolescent to mature dolls... the younger ones make me worried I'll lose them cause they are so small! I loose little things easily! I think though I like how the facial expressions on the older dolls look.
    9. I prefer adolescent and adult bodies since they're more realistic most of the time. But I don't mind the younger ones as well, they are cute and fun to carry around.
    10. I love the teen dolls! I don't know why, I can't put my finger on it... I just prefer the clothing style you can get away with on teen dolls more I suppose? They can wear wild outfits and get away with it I suppose better than a mature sculpt. :)
    11. I prefer teenagers or adults because their bodies are matured so they are (in my opinion), easier to dress. If I want to dress my dolls in fashion from a particular era, I will obviously focus on the adult fashion and not the kiddies (because from an era, toddlers all dress like girls regardless of their gender:|).
    12. Love the young girls with round full body…smaller breast with nice round legs and chubby feet!
    13. I prefer Teenage doll just because. I thought I had a reason for liking it but as I begin to type it, I have no good reason after all. :sweat
    14. I have dolls in multiple sizes, but my lower limit on size is 25cm. Any smaller and I'll find cute, but have no desire to own. Most of mine are at least 60cm and up. I just find bigger dolls more appealing because of the weight.
    15. I really like the MSD with adult features (like my DZ Genly). He looks cute due to hit size, but the details and the features are really neat to look at with the adult body type and face.
    16. I definitely prefer adult dolls. My dolls often represent my characters, and I rarely have young or child characters because I'm pretty ruthless when it comes to my characters. I'd feel bad for putting a child (even an imaginary one) through some of those things.
    17. Wow this is exactly how I feel! ^^ I'm so very smitten with older dolls' curves,. they are such a joy to dress.
    18. I like all ages and in all sizes. It would be so much better if I only liked one or the other.
    19. I think my "likes" go in stages. For years I have preferred the mature looking dolls but now I find myself
      warming more to the childlike dolls. Missing my youth I guess.
    20. My dolls tend to be older teens to adults, though I have one child. That said, what a person might consider child-like vs mature differs -- for instance, my minis are not of the slim variety, but to me they aren't kids, and to me my Volks SD girls aren't particularly childlike though they are considered to be so by some people. A lot of the sculpts that get touted as being more 'mature' tend to also be more realistic, and I overall tend to favor the more stylized sculpts. I use faceup style, clothing to denote age more than sculpt -- unless you're talking about an extreme. For instance, my Cutie Delf is obviously very much a young child.