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Do you prefer closed mouth or opened mouth?

Feb 25, 2018

    1. Hi ;)
      Do you prefer closed mouth over opened mouth dolls or the other way around?
    2. It really depends on the sculpt, but usually closed mouth for me, unless its really subtle. That being said my first doll who is on her way has an ever so slightly open mouth.
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    3. I think some teeth are cute, though I'm not big on the full on open mouth, personally. I've seen custom Dollfie Dreams that challenge this, though. c:
    4. I love a slightly open mouth. I think some dolls can be cute with the exaggerated smile (for instance Miso from Dollits) but I don't think it would work for me. However, if it's a slightly open mouth with a smile, I adore that look.
    5. I've never had an open-mouth doll, but closed mouth just seems like it's easier to face up. I always like the open-mouth dolls in theory but I think they'd be a pain in the butt in practice. Like I'm planning on someday getting a Miracle Doll Zixin but it seems like it'll be so impossible to get detail in that little mouth...

      EDIT: It's like a year later and I have Zixin, I love open mouths, I love teeth mods. Fully closed mouths are almost a little boring to me now lmao
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    6. It really depends on the sculpt. I'm not so crazy about the toothy grins or wide smiles but I think that is also because of what that does to the eyes. On a human, a smile is almost never frozen so the dolls with eternal big smiles go a little uncanny for me. But I do like Unoa Lusis yawn/Akubi faceplates a lot too and I know those really creep some people out! The first photo I saw of one styled was a pretty creepy photoshoot with tentacles and I couldn't help but just be wowed. @citronrouge likes to work with that face and I'm a fan, I'm not sure if they are still active, their blog went private.

      I think with faceplate dolls it's a bit easier to like one with an open mouth if you have the option of several other expression faceplates too. My Lusis default is a slightly open mouth sculpt but she looks cute stealing the Sist closed mouth faceplates as well, they are close enough (to my mind) that they could be one character with many expressions if they were painted the same.
    7. I prefer closed mouthed sculpts since they are somehow easier to clean and paint. I hate using exacto knife to get sealant off from the tiny crevices when I wipe off my doll's face ups. But then I have been checking out IOS blue and I just realized how expressive his face is because his mouth is partially open so it depends I guess.
    8. Would agree it depends on the sculpt, but generally prefer closed mouth or very slightly parted lips. No teeth for me, unless of course it is a couple little vampire fangs showing ;)
    9. I think that it depends on the sculpt too. I like both. :)
    10. I used to only like closed mouthed dolls but these days since I fell INLOVE with the Merrydollround Merry I’ve been loving open mouthed dolls
    11. Closed mouth, or only slightly parted lips. I don’t like sculpts with expressions molded into them, myself, and in worst-case scenarios, I do feel a little anxiety when I see the big, frozen grins.

      I wouldn’t dare pass negative judgement on owners who love their smiling dolls, btw. I’m happy for them, and it’s entirely in my power to not look at what makes me nervous— or hit the back button if I’m surprised.
    12. I’m a huge fan of teeth—especially if they’re removable. It’s super cute when they’re sculpted so tiny! I don’t like wide grins (unless it’s a skull head), but I do like open mouths with teeth.

      I think it makes them look more alive, as though they could speak. And I think many people’s neutral position is with their mouth slightly parted.
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    13. I'm a huge sucker for dolls with open mouths. Took me a while to realize it honesty, but 6/7 of the dolls on my wishlist have open mouths, as does the girl who's on her way now.

      I find them super cute, and also a lot more natural/ alive and gives them so much more emotion with even just a slightly parted mouth. To me sometimes it's weird that a lot of dolls perpetually sit with closed mouths, a slightly parted one seems more realistic to me most of the time I guess.
    14. I prefer closed mouth dolls, but I want a doll with removable teeth again at some point (I used to have a Unoa L-Bi. wish I could have the same sculpt in 1/3) I don't like doll with teeth when it is sculpted in because it is very hard for me to paint the teeth without hitting the lips.
    15. The teeth are adorable, but, I agree, it depends on the scupt.
    16. I’m pretty equally drawn to both, but I have noticed that I tend to prefer sculpts with bigger, more defined lips. Sometimes that leads to open mouths and teeth and I’m totally fine with that because it’s adorable.
    17. I like closed mouth dolls, all my boys are closed mouth. Something freaks me out about open mouths. Even with mannequins I hate open mouths, it almost seems like they were caught in a moment of time while speaking.
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    18. It depends on the sculpt for me. I just did a head count for another thread and was surprised to realize just how many open mouths I had added to my collection. Half of mine are open or have teeth and half don't. Lately, I'm drawn to a beautiful mouth in general, that is unusual in some way. I enjoy looking at all of those quirky mouth sculpt pictures that people post in Doll Profiles. Those smirky boys that look like trouble.
    19. That's firmly in the "depends on the sculpt" category for me. I only have one BJD with a slightly opened mouth, my Iplehouse EID Jessica. I like it. It makes her look more sensual; her character is perfect for her more sensual look.
    20. For most sculpts, I like to have a partial pout. It's really cute without just...gaping mouth wide stare.