Do you prefer company-made or artist-made dolls?

Jan 14, 2019

    1. For now, I think I’m going to be sticking more to the company side as I appreciate that things are a bit more standardized and most have easier to follow websites and payment processes etc. still, maybe in time I’ll branch out as both sides produce great dolls.
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    2. I don't have a preference overall. Now, I suppose I pretty much only own "company" dolls, but this is not for lack of appreciation for the dolls we think of as "artist" dolls, but because I really can't afford the artist dolls I'm seeing the last few years in the sizes of dolls I'd actually enjoy (50cm+). A happy medium for me with wanting to feel like I am able to support creativity and new artist creations is to buy from artists who sell only heads for a price I'm comfortable with and I can then hybrid with inexpensive bodies. One of my first dolls was put together with a head made by Nabarro, and I also have two Little Rebel heads that I love very much. If I had significantly more money and was starting over now I would definitely want to indulge in all kinds of more expensive "artist" BJDs I've been admiring just because I do like just how much variety you get when comparing the work of different smaller operations. The great thing about the BJD hobby really is though that no matter what new (legit) dolls you are ordering you are supporting artists regardless.
    3. Company, because in my experience the posing is always better even if it's still bad. The parts are smooth and well-adjusted. The details are far more carefully sculpted. And yeah, obviously this applies to the 'cheaper' artis dolls. I guess dolls like Loseva's have none of these issues... But I don't see myself paying this much money for a doll anyway. Anyway, anytime I'll always choose a company doll over an artist one. I've had a few and I never really liked them.
    4. It depends on the doll but the ones I end up keeping that are my favorites are artist made. I don't know if it is because I just haven't gotten a company doll that I love or what but my artist dolls pose better than any company doll I have gotten and look less "doll-like" to me. I don't know how to explain it but a lot of company dolls feel too perfect or something if that makes sense? The faceups on them seem to be same-ish and not a lot of character. I like a little asymmetry, I think I explained this bad, I cannot find the right words to explain what I mean at all :doh
    5. Kinda weird, but I like company made dolls. I think it’s hard for me to envision how artist made dolls could look differently I guess. Also I would be worried about ever removing the make up as it’s a one of a kind
    6. I prefer company dolls for the standardized purchasing method, shipping time, resin quality etc. But I also like dolls from independent artists who know how to make their brand feel like a big company (like the artist of Miyadoll, who originally worked for Soom before breaking off and starting her own company). I probably wouldn’t purchase from an independent artist who doesn’t have a website and uses an informal purchasing method (like messages via Instagram).
    7. Company is def a lot better for standard sizing and measurements but I love a lot of indie artists because their sculpts are often so unique. I think a big this too is that companies typically have general collection dolls in stock vs small artists who can only do very limited runs or only release a doll one time then disappear.
    8. I gravitate more towards the artist dolls.
    9. I...don't know what can be considered a company in this hobby. XD Technically speaking, a one-man operation can be considered a company (Dollshe). Even Volks probably don't employ that much people for BJD, as far as I know, they are a branch of a bigger company, but by themselves, they are a rather small team (compared to the image we have of companies). Besides, I tend to buy what I like, regardless of how many people were involved in the production stage.

      That said, I don't like to fight in a clickwar for super-short preorders, which is something that most so-called "artists" do, but some small companies do that too.

      I like secure and orderly payment method: I would be more reassured to make a purchase when there is a normal-looking website and Paypal payment option for me to purchase. Most so-called "companies" do that, but "artists" can also make a website (or enlist someone to do it for them).

      And I have neither the will nor the wallet to pay incredible sums for a BJD as I am of the mind that I would never be able to enjoy something that is so expensive if I always think about the price tag. My mental threshold is 650 USD for a blank and 800 for a fullset excluding taxes and shipping. There are a lot of both "artists" and "companies" dolls that exceed that threshold, so it's not like it makes a lot of difference for me either.
    10. All of my dolls have been bought second hand but I prefer Company dolls because I feel guilty when I want to customize my artist doll, who is very unique.
    11. I like both, though I tend to mean more towards artist-made dolls. There’s just something about them I find really appealing. There are so many new and wonderful artists now, it’s hard to decide on a favourite
    12. I like both, as it really comes down to the individual sculpt. However, my collection suggests that I am leaning towards individual artist dolls at the moment.
    13. Artist made all the way, I usually find company made dolls to be quiet boring…
    14. It’s all about character for me, and companies seem to better match my general overall aesthetic. But I do have a couple of artist dolls in my collection that just frankly blew me away and made me want to buy them on the spot! But overall, I mostly admire all the lovely artist dolls from afar…the same way I do the more realistic sculpts out there. They fascinate me, but just don’t fit the aesthetics of most of my characters.
    15. Company dolls, simply because the pre-order times for artist dolls are limited, and I may not have the money at the time. I like to have enough time to think about the purchase and make decisions I usually need to think about a doll for a long time before I spend the money. . Besides, most of the time when I see artist dolls, they are already sold out.
    16. Both, I collect both. I enjoy the dolls I have whether they are rarer ( lower quantities produced) or made by a bigger doll company.