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Do you prefer full set or blank ?

Feb 12, 2019

    1. Full sets can be very beautiful, with the faceup, the wig and the clothes. But they are also A LOT more expensive most of the time than the blank versions.
      While the full set is pretty, is it worth it to you ? Or do you just generally maybe prefer a blank for more creativity ?
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    3. I usually buy blank because while the fullsets may be nice, if it doesn’t fit my plans for the doll I don’t need the extras. I’ve only bought two full sets in the 15 years I’ve been collecting because I loved everything about them and could see the clothes/props used for other dolls too.
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    4. Sometimes I fall in love with a doll's fullset outfit just as much as their face; in those cases I'll try to make tbe outfit work with the character! For me the extra cost is justified because the doll is ready to play with right from the box. :D But blank dolls are fun too, especially because i need to practice faceups :sweat
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    5. Blank. It eliminates a step in the customization process.
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    6. I prefer blank, since the plans I have for my dolls don't usually fit with the fullset
    7. I buy most of my dolls second hand or when I do buy dolls straight from the company very rarely are they even available with a full set. I do want a full set for Spirit Doll's Little Mermaid and Aimerai's Scraps but other than that most of the dolls on my wishlist don't really offer fullsets.
    8. Usually blank. I like to put my dolls together myself, a lot of times I really like the dolls sculpture, but I don't care for the fancy clothing, it is just something I would store away.

      If I really like the entire clothing set and wig and how well the doll looks put together, I'll save for that full set, because I really like the completed doll.
    9. Blank. All of my dolls are shells of my OCs, so customization is a must.
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    10. I usually like looking at full sets, but I'd buy the doll naked and the head with a faceup (cause I don't really want to start doing faceups quite yet). Full sets are great, but my planned dolls usually have a totally different outfit and concept in mind.
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    11. Blank. When I look at pics of dolls online to buy, I focus on what the sculpt is like, and also their blank images for clear visuals. I do customization work, so to me, "fullsets" are just kind of glamorous, "display: here is what i can be!" images. XD
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    12. I like Full Sets , Blank and then buying a doll second hand and trying to put the full set together myself piece by piece.

      Its all fun to me! But yes I agree Full sets are pricey.
    13. Blank all the way. Yeah fullsets are nice but never once has a fullest fully captured everything I want/have in mind for the sculpt. No use in paying for all the extra fluff if I can't use it. Stuff like that is hit or miss on if it will sell or not anyway.
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    14. Unpainted? Definitely. No-fullset-items? So far, yes... but If there's a fullset I love, I'll hunt it down secondhand. I do own a fullset, despite never having bought a fullset doll.
    15. I like both equally sometimes I just fall in love with the painting of the Fullset or the outfit! Other times I don’t and I do it myself and order clothes. Either way both are so nice
    16. In general, I prefer blank dolls. However, there have been two exceptions to that rule: the first issue of Iplehouse's Claude (knight), and IOS Dr. Strange (even though he is out of scale). I would love to own both of these fullsets, they are perfect IMO.

      As this is not possible, I will somehow create my own versions - both of the knight, and Dr. Strange will be part of my group of action dolls (with a different sculpt from a different company).
    17. If the styling is exactly what you want, then why not buy it as a full set? It's going to save time and money down the road procuring eyes, wigs, costumes, a face-up, etc. If you love a doll but the full set isn't doing anything for you, buy the standard version (or if one isn't available, buy the fullset and sell off what you don't want).

      I personally buy the majority of my dolls secondhand, so even the full sets don't usually come with everything they did originally. :lol: Seriously though, I'm definitely more of a blank doll person vs. a full set doll person. I enjoy commissioning artists or buying with different artist face-ups.
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    18. I always get full set because I absolutely love Fairyland outfits/faceups. The only one I won't be getting a full set of is Alicia. I love her face but don't care for her outfit or wig. She'll probably be my only 'customized' girl.
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    19. Oh whoa ! I'm actually a little jealous of that~ that must be a really amazing collection you have then ! How many of the fairyland full sets do you have ?
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    20. I'm totally open to a full set if I ever encountered a doll that seemed right for me just as it was. However, I always feel really inspired by the blank faces! It's unlocked potential, and for better or worse, it's what I seem to gravitate towards.
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