Do you prefer to buy direct from the doll maker or from a distributor?

Nov 17, 2020

    1. I am thinking about purchasing a Loong Soul doll, and I am wondering if you prefer to buy directly from the doll maker or from a distributor - like Midnight BJD or Dolk Station? Is there any advantage to purchasing directly from the doll maker vs a distributor or vice versa? The prices appear to be the same.
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    2. Dealer.

      When I want to buy a doll from a chinese company, I go through newcloversinging to avoid shipping fees (she offers free shipping).

      When I want to buy a doll from a korean company, I go through a dealer to halve shipping fees. Basically, a doll shipped from korea cost me like 100 usd. From anywhere else just 50 usd (Italy and Korea don't have a trade agreement or something like that, do only EMS premium is available).
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    3. Dealer! As up here, for chinese companies I use Newcloversinging, I get free shipping and no stress in dealing with the companies.
      I heard that some specific companies are a nightmare to buy from being a normal customer, so I want to avoid that as much as possible and just buy from my fav dealer that does everything for me. I just need to pay and wait, if I have questions or needs I can ask em and expect a reply in a business day, and that's it.
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    4. Dealer! I got free shipping on my two Doll Leaves boys through Alice's and BJDivas have really long layaways that I used for my Dollshe.
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    5. Dealer!! I bought 2 dolls through a company (both discontinued items that they happened to have 1 left of in stock) and it was SUCH a pain in the ass, lots of back and forth and super long waits between emails, and my emails weren’t a priority so it took forever. Dealers make everything super quick and easy and are way easier to get in contact with.
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    6. Depends on the company. I've had positive experience ordering straight from the company with Soom, Souldoll, IoS, Volks, and Fairyland. Dollmore's support even noticed I ordered two items at very close to the same time and reached out to me to ask if I wanted combined shipping!

      Other companies are really hard to order from. I've had bad/frustrating experiences ordering directly from Angell Studio, and if I ever want to order another doll from them, I will be doing it through a dealer. Sad because the only dealer for them I know of is dolkus, and their order screen leaves much to be desired (I will find out if I entered my address correctly when/if the eyes I ordered arrive) but it's still better than navigating Angell Studio's customer support myself.
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    7. Depends on the company and which dealers carry what I want. I buy through Alice’s Collections for most Chinese companies, though I like dealing directly with ResinSoul and Impldoll just because they’re so friendly and helpful.
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    8. I ordered my Loong Soul doll through a dealer (Alice Collection) because the paypal fee is only 3.9% through her. Also, communication with Alice is very good. She replies within a day (I am in US, if it matters). I almost bought directly from Loong Soul, but the 4.4% paypal fee put me off :( Additionally, for Alice's Collection specifically, she gives free shipping (depending on your minumum order but I am quite sure that a doll order qualify for it). Not sure about other dealers though and for other maker.

      Edit: Forgot to say, for some makers, even if the dealers are authorized, the dealer(s) may not carry the specific doll you want and vice versa. In my case, the doll I wanted was fullset Doctor You Zhi. Loong Soul no longer offered it but, Alice's Collection offered it on her website at that time. Thus, I bought him through a dealer and not directly from Loong Soul.
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    9. Depends on the company that makes the doll. I buy a lot of Fairyland, for example, and all of my purchases except for my very first one have been through Denver Doll Emporium. (And the first was only direct because I was a total BJD newb and didn’t know that DDE actually existed.) I really love the layaways they offer for Fairyland.

      but other doll manufacturers, my experience has been not as good from dealers, I guess because they get fewer orders for these companies, and they wait longer to submit a big batch of them, which in turn greatly delays when you’ll actually receive them compared to ordering direct from the company themselves. This has been my experience with Luts, Souldoll, Charmdoll, and Doll Leaves through different dealers. With these I think I’ve learned my lesson that I should buy direct, instead.

      And then of course there are a lot of small BJD makers that aren’t available through any dealer, so of course I buy those direct. :sweat
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    10. Sometimes doll makers have special gifts that you get only when purchasing directly from them. Other than that I prefer to buy from doll dealers like alice's collections because then I can buy a doll and acessories etc at once or stuff from multiple countries and shipping is usually more affordable or even free.
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    11. I think it depends on the dealer. Sometimes the dealer will have the doll available from stock. Last time from my order, my dealer provides the faceup service, it really saves a lot of time and postage fee. :love