Do you prefer to buy dolls from the same maker, or a lot of different makers?

May 21, 2019

    1. I'm just starting out and recently bought my 5th doll. Each one so far is from a different company because I'm trying to see what I like and don't like. I've bought from MYOU Doll, Fairyland, Doll Leaves, Resin Soul, and Dollshe. My Fairyland Minifee is my fav so far, mostly because the magnetic hands and feet make getting her dressed so much easier! I've gotten them all in 1\4 size so they look pretty good together. The head sizes are so different depending on the company, but it doesn't bother me much since I rarely photograph them together.
    2. A little of both here, too. I like a wide variety of styles and have dolls from many artists/companies. I do have quite a few from Kaye Wiggs, Meadow Dolls and Circus Kane, though.
    3. Between my on-topic human-type dolls and my off-topic/questionably-topical "creatures", there are something like 35 different companies represented in my collection these days.

      That said, the vast majority of my dolls over-all are still from two sources... Volks or Cerberus Project (either the old CP/Delfs or more recent Fairyland sculpts).

      So... I guess it's a "bit of both"-situation. I have both a lot of different companies *and* a collection that's heavily focused on sculpts from the two favorites.
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    4. I prefer different companies or at least different sculpts and bodies. I like a good variety and the realism of a range of different types. But I do however have a strong love for Luts and currently have two full dolls, three heads and a body by them.
    5. I buy from different companies I don’t want to buy 2 of the same bodies.
    6. I like buying from different companies and I'm particularly fond of buying from artists! I love the variety in artist dolls; I think they tend to look much more unique than company dolls, which often share a very similar look based on region. That being said, I'll totally fess up that I'm really fond of fairyland and will probably end up with more than one fairyland girl eventually.
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    7. I like a great variety of styles amongst my doll crew, so I always buy from different companies! There are so many great doll companies and individual sculptors, so why stuck with only one company to buy from?
      Although to be frank... If I could afford it, I'll buy every single one of the LLT dolls, because they all look amazing <3
    8. If I had enough money, I would buy all dolls from the makers I like the most. But for now I just can afford some dolls, so I’m more focus on sculpts then makers.
    9. The dolls that I have at home at the moment are all from different companies (I have 8 full resin BJDs + 1 floating head and 1 ABS doll). I mainly just buy which ever dolls I like without paying much attention to the company.
      My main problem with buying from the same company is I don't like to own two dolls on the same body - so unless the company has multiple bodies available, or I know of a hybrid that'll work (although hybriding is stressful for me so I try to avoid it), once I have a doll from that company I tend to not buy from them again.
      That being said I have two more dolls on the way from a company that I already own a doll from and I plan to own a few dolls from DollZone in the future. It's always good to have variety but I do like owning dolls from the same company sometimes when possible, especially if I've had good experiences with that company in the past. I love when I come across a company that I like the majority of their head sculpts from AND they have multiple bodies as an option.
    10. I like having dolls from a variety of different doll makers, though I am a bit obsessive about them all being a similar scale. I have multiple dolls from some companies and only one from others. I don't mind if some of my dolls have the same body, since that means they can share clothes. I prefer to order through a dealer in America when possible, since it makes communication easier.
    11. I have a bunch from Luts because I really like the sculpts and their posing abilities. So I think it really depends on the person. Also the fact that they all exist inside my story so I'd like the sculpts to be a bit more coherent rather than having a more bigger eyed doll and then a super realistic one.
    12. being a newbie, I browsed many doll maker websites. so far, IOS is my favorite, coz the boys there match the best to my aesthetics and what I want them to be. I think i will keep tracking their news and keep buying from them.
      before buying any BJD, I thought ringdoll will be my favorite coz their pictures are so beautiful. after getting one, i was so disappointed.
    13. My Go-To company is Impldoll. The majority of my crew consists of their 70 cm Idol guys. As I always have very firm requirements, as far as it is possible I also use their headsculpts. Only if they do not offer what I want, I hybrid them without mercy. That way, I have a head from Dollzone, the other one is from Mirodoll. But mostly and wherever possible, Impldoll FGB Idol with a character head. Even the two ladies I have are on Impldoll Star bodies, as I find them incredibly elegant and graceful. And well, also excellent posers.

      I love Impldoll so much because they offer such an excellent customer service. They do custom colours, and you can always ask if you want something different.
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    14. I only start my collection now, so I want some dolls from fairyland. I like the minifee body most of all msd. But in future I want to explore other companies, for example I like migidoll and switch sculpts.
    15. *looks at my hybridized motley crew* Lots of different makers, apparently. Although older Dollstown bodies, and older Volks heads are the most common in my collection, I own parts from 13 different companies. But since my dolls are old-skool, they all look similar in style. No hyper-realistic dolls next to Bugeye McBubblehead. My dolls are ALL Bugeye McBubbleheads :D.
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    16. I go by what the sculpt looks like, so have several heads from a couple of companies where I particularly like the aesthetics of their sculpts (RML and Ninodoll), and others (from a variety of compaies) that have caught my attention. I have more RML heads than any other company, but Ninodoll would run them a close second if I hadn't already got so many BJD's before I discovered the delights of the smiley Ninodoll sculpts.

      I have a lot of Volks bodies and quite a few from DollsTown because I like both, but not many heads from either of those companies.

      And I have a number of Fairyland tinies because they do-the-double by ticking my boxes for both face sculpt and body that I like.

    17. When I first started collecting, I fell hard for the Iplehouse aesthetic, and for a couple of years, only bought dolls from them. For some reason I can no longer fathom, I figured that they would always meet my dolly needs. The longer I stayed in the hobby, though, the more opportunity I had to see sculpts from other companies, and I began to branch out...a LOT. It's not that I love Iple any less (in fact, that early resin holds a permanent sentimental place in my heart), it's just that I came to realize that is a world of beauty and variety out there, and one company just can't match it all, doll for doll.
    18. I try to keep things varied whilst attempting not to allow my collection to expand too much.

      Fortunately I've found that I favour the style of Doll Chateau so I have quite of few of their (discontinued) sculpts along with a good mix of artist dolls and other company hybrids.

      At present I've got dolls from Doll Chateau, Dollzone, Dollmore, Argonautica Doll, Nefer Kane, Misterminou, Tamikan Space, Mewiefish, Twigling and Impldoll (well I'm waiting on the impldoll part) at home.

      I prefer fantasy resin types and odd sculpts so I'm very picky about what comes home!
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    19. All doll are hybrids, I have brought all my heads and bodies from all different companies and makers. If I had a good experience with a certain company I am more likely to order from them again or recommend them to others.
    20. I can't help it, I just really love Volks dolls. :sweat Their style, their bodies, their resin... I just really like them. I do have two dolls from other companies, but I'd absolutely call them an exception rather than the norm. At this point it's as much that dolls from elsewhere just don't fit in with the rest of the crew as anything else, and there are still so many Volks dolls I'd be ecstatic to own that I basically don't bother looking elsewhere.