Do you prefer to buy dolls from the same maker, or a lot of different makers?

May 21, 2019

    1. My first BJD was an Iplehouse man, and initially I thought my next doll would be from Iplehouse again. Instead, I fell for a couple of male dolls from two other companies - Ringdoll and Luts. So as it turns out, I have three large male dolls, all from different companies, and a fourth tiny dragon from AileenDoll. I really like that all three men differ from each other.

      Hoping to get my first female BJD next, and Iplehouse's women are my favourites so far. I'm always open to seeing something I like from other companies, though!
    2. I prefer different companies coz I like to go after sculpts that I fall for. My first 3 dolls were only Volks though, but I was a total newbie back then and didn't know other companies, now I realized what I've been missing. The only downside to that is that dolls from different companies might not look proportional together, for example my Volks dolls heads are huge compared to my other dolls heads of the same size scale and they look awkward next to each other
    3. I don't let that bother me on the grounds that real people don't look out of proportion together and we come in all sorts of shapes and sizes (my husband has an enormous head, for example, and we have an adult friend who can only wear child-sized hats)

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    4. Half of the dolls I own are from one company (Dream Valley) The other half are from a good variety of companies.

      I just found a company I really liked and am kind of going with it.
    5. at first i tended to buy from a lot of different companies but i feel after some time and after more experience you just end up choosing favorites and gravitating towards them more. Like i ove looking a new companies but i always get a little more excited when dika or ringdoll release something new. for now since your new i say have at it try out as many companies as your heart can handle and as time goes on you'll gravitate towards some more then others,the more different companies you try out the broader the choices and experience you'll get with different sculpts and features
    6. Variety is the spice of life! I have 34 different companies represented in my collection with another on the way.

      I enjoy making hybrids and I mainly buy secondhand so my decisions are primarily based on availability. This also keeps my hobby within budget, as I am not a fussy collector and love a large number of dolls.

      That said, I have the biggest soft spot for CustomHouse still. They are the best-represented company in my collection. :D
    7. i feel its kind of nice to have a verity of dolls from different makers. i have started looking to dolls made by indevidual artist for there chance of adding something to my collection thats really different looking. i still enjoy my company dolls and their sculpts and looking into the different ways compays are making their dolls and body parts
    8. I like a huge variety of dolls and companies. But I also will buy more than one doll from certain companies.

      So... both, all, every! I have a lot of favorite companies, let's put it that way... :sweat
    9. I'm also the same type as april. I buy from different companies but if there's one company I really like I check frequently and have more than one head!! XD
    10. I have dolls from about 14 or 15 companies. But I also have multiple dolls from the same company.
      Sometimes dolls of different companies go together better than dolls from the same company.
    11. I like various kind of dolls, it is fantastic to see lots of different dolls from different maker, each one have their own style. It is very interesting.
    12. I didn't strictly plan it this way on purpose, but I guess I like variety in my collection, because every doll I have is from a different company. Even the parts of my hybrids are from different ones, for the most part-- two of them have Miro bodies and I do have Iple hands on two as well, but all the heads are from different companies. I've had good experiences with every company I've ordered from, and enjoy all of their dolls...not repeat-buying from anyone is more about wanting to experience as many different artists' dolls as possible within the scope of a somewhat limited collection, since I don't have space or money to endlessly add to my group.
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    13. It's really funny because, when I entered the hobby, I sort of made a few guidelines to limitate the sculpts I liked and wanted to buy. One of those guidelines was to not buy more than one doll from the same company and of course I broke it xD

      Nowadays, the general feeling is that there are some dollmakers that make sculpts I like more, and I will likely check more for updates even if I'm not going to buy, just for the aesthetic pleasure.
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    14. All the dolls that I have, or used to have and sold, are from one company (Switch) because I love every single one of their sculpts and I feel like they really fit the aesthetic I enjoy! I've admired dolls from other companies a lot but never enough to buy, except one 46cm doll I'm waiting for from Xagadoll, which I hope I end up loving as much as my Switch boys!

      Whether you want to stick to one company or enjoy having a lot of variety in your dolls, it's fun to browse different sculpts from different companies! You never know when you're going to find a sculpt you really love:3nodding:
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    15. I prefer to buy from a lot of makers, this is to widen my knowledge about the hobby and to be a bit well versed with hybrids and poseability as well. Although, at the same time I also have a favorite company, which is Ringdoll. I've bought a lot of dolls from them because their aesthetic fits mine. Other company's style does catch my attention too, especially when there's something peculiar or distinctive about their dolls.. so I won't definitely limit myself to one company.
    16. I sorta prefer from the same company/maker because of the sizing/similar sculpt style/materials.
    17. I have dolls from different companies. I don't get every single one from a different company, they're just not all from the same company. If I like how it looks then it just being from a company I haven't bought from before really won't stop me from saving up for it.
    18. I love the variety. If I can pick a doll from a company I don't have for one of my characters I will certainly go for it over a similar sculpt from a company I own. The different sizes, the colors, the bodies, the faces... I just love them all!
    19. For me it's more of if I like it, and I have the funds for it, I'll get it. My first doll was a $20 head and a body I got from a friend so they definitely weren't from the same company. I have 2 floating heads that I can't get the same body as the head (PukiPuki Cupid head since all Puki's are currently sold out and a Doll Love Cecelia head that I want a completely different body for). Yes there are a lot of variety of dolls, but it is okay to experiment with others and if you like all the same company that's okay too! It's what YOU want and that is the only thing that matters
    20. I was lucky enough to buy my grail doll as my first BJD so I never felt like I wanted to improve on that. I am always torn however, because I think several of my grail dolls together look beautiful but I also like variety and trying other artists. To me proportion is important, and having my dolls look good together. So I always try to find artists that work with the same aesthetic or proportions. So far I have dolls from 3 different artists/companies and I'm looking into another one even. But I honestly feel like my job here is stopping to buy for a while.
      Another thing I like doing is if I like several artists I try to find common points between them and get the best doll out of the mix, for me. This is not an easy exercise but it works when you definitely have favourites =)