Do you prefer to buy dolls from the same maker, or a lot of different makers?

May 21, 2019

    1. I have 9 dolls (including those ordered) from 6 different companies, ranging in size from 65 cm to 11 cm. None of the ones from the same company are the same size >.< I like to see how different companies deal with engineering and structural issues, so I keep adding from different companies.

      I figure someday I'll pick one or two companies whose posing I like the best and buy more from them.... wait! I'm supposed to be done with buying new dolls!
    2. In theory I'm open to buying from lots of different companies, though in practice almost all of my dolls are from one of two companies >_<
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    3. Different. I have a Volks(super cute childish innocent look) and a Soom( harpy baby). To me a lot of companies sculpts are a little too similar and once I have one thats all I need.

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    4. It depends. If I like the maker's style I will always buy his or her dolls.
      I like Aidoll and Rosenlied :) so I have brought a lot from them.
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    5. Kinda both for me :) I simply buy what I like. Many companies and artists have their own distinct style that permeates many or all of the dolls they make, so if I like one doll from a certain maker, I'm often drawn to others they make as well. For example, I have several Volks dolls because I love their classic, "porcelain doll-like" aesthetic of many of their dolls. But I also have dolls from very different artists and brands, including Merry Doll Round and Unoa.
    6. Newbie here. Just browsing this site. I am amazed at the amount of BJD makers and artists. Personally I adopt dolls that speak to me. I don't have a specific type or theme. I have many different artist dolls, human and Elf like. Some Kaye Wiggs, Connie Lowe, Meadowdolls, Isalnddoll and just bought an Impling from the Mushroom Peddler.
    7. I have repeatedly tried dolls from other companies for my characters, but I've ended up selling most of them because they didn't fit into the group the way I'd hoped. So I've ended up with mostly Iplehouse, SOOM, and Migidoll sculpts...
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    8. I have a complete mix of companies right now, but I definitely know what kind of aesthetics I like in my dolls and select my dolls based off that. I will probably get more dolls from some of the same companies since I really like the aesthetic of their sculpts but I definitely recommend trying different companies out to see what you like.
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    9. I don't really care about what company my dolls come from, counting mine and my SO's collection of around 20 dolls it looks to be at least 9 different companies/artistcasts. My section of the collection that is smaller is more going to be 3, 2 companies and an artist cast. The reason we'll end up with multiple dolls from one maker is that we're fond of their style, like anyone else! We don't buy to have them fit together really, it's just what we like.
    10. I have a certain aesthetic but I like having dolls from different brands.
    11. Depends on the character I have in mind for my dolls. So I really don't have a favorite dealer I like going to.

      I really don't have a company per say that I go to anymore. I use to get all my heads from DIM when they had their minimee services, it's a shame that the company doesn't exist anymore. For their heads I have to hybridize my characters with different bodies, which I don't mind.
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    12. I'm looking at getting my dolls mostly the same company, not only because I absolutely love the sculpts of said company, freaking Iplehouse has stolen my wallet T.T, but that way I know that they all go together well. It's the same reason I plan to do all my dolls' face ups; I want them to look like they belong together because they're all in the same story. The ones I have from other stories can be and are from different companies and artists though.

      I got a doll from a different company to be part of the crew for a story I already had two dolls for and even though they're the same size, both 70cm, the difference between them is so noticeable it bothered me too much. Iplehouse dolls are huge in comparison to other dolls but when I got them I didn't realize that and the two I have are just so perfect for their characters it's the odd man out.

      So far I haven't had any bad experience with the other companies I've ordered from. Apart from ringdoll, mainly only because I'm now on month seven of waiting on a pair of hands from them that I don't even want/need anymore. So, for me, sticking to one company is purely because I like the aesthetic of said company and like a certain uniformity in the crews for my stories.
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    13. I discovered Elfdoll first, and bought two of their dolls, then Iplehouse, which I still totally adore though they do not pose very well, and I have several of those. I really like Piposland, their Cheshire cats I find simply irressistable. I like really realistic adult dolls for the most part, and no one does that sort of doll better than Iplehouse so I rarely even look at other companies anymore.
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    14. I want the dolls to be different from each other. Therefore, it is logical not to dwell on one maker.

      However, for me, much more important is whether I like the sculpt or not. And if I like the doll of the same creator, whose work I already have, it will not stop me.
    15. I admire a lot of different makers but I definitely have my go-tos. I don’t mind my dolls not being aesthetically cohesive but I do like being familiar with a company on a retail end. If I have a good experience buying from a company I’m more inclined to buy from them again than try a new company. I really have to love a doll to be willing to take a chance on a new company.
    16. Depends! If a company has more than one sculpt I like, then of course I'd go back to buy more. If they don't, then it was just a one-hit wonder for me with them for the time being. They may come out with other dolls I will like in the future.

      I do try to match aesthetics though too.
    17. my favorite firms are Spiritdoll (2 guys) for their stunningly beautiful noses and Domuya (3 girls) for their pretty appearance
      I like dolls of one company because they are part of the same family and looks harmoniously together
    18. I definitely see the appeal of buying different dolls from different companies. More variety and if your shelling already established OCs, different companies might work better for different characters.

      But I personally like the thought of having a collection made up of one company. I think that way they blend and match together better.
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    19. I personally love having all my dolls from one company. I find it's sometimes hard to find ones that fit the same sort of look and they feel too out of place for me, but I love seeing it with other peoples dolls.
      I'm very cookie cutter with my own dolls :lol:
    20. If I really like a company I want a lots of their dolls, but I don't still want to restrict myself. However, currently I focusing on few companies, just because I like their scuplts and they all fit nicely together. This also probably because I want more animal dolls and there are not that many companies that do animal dolls anyway (at least compared to human/human-like dolls).