Do you prefer to buy dolls from the same maker, or a lot of different makers?

May 21, 2019

    1. Dollzone - It's like an addiction.

      I have forbidden myself no more Dollzone dolls until I round out my collection a bit more.
    2. I really like the idea of having dolls from different companies. There’s so many good companies out there and it feels like a shame to both them and myself to limit myself to one company just because I really like one.

      That being said, I fell in love with Luts Kid Delfs and I’m trying to decide now if I just let my heart be free and get a bunch more or if I should try a different company for my next purchases. :XD:
    3. Personally, I think it's great to buy from a lot of different doll makers! But there's particular ones that I always end up going back to because they just have the doll builds and aesthetics that I'm a huge fan of. There's only 3 or 4 "regular" companies that I keep up with as far as new dolls go, but I think it's always fun to see a doll maker you haven't heard of before that makes dolls you really like :)
    4. I tend to switch around a bit. I'm drawn towards dolls with elf ears, so I'll usually go with a pretty elf-eared MSD when I see it! I have a bit of a weakness for SOOM little gem fantasy dolls, and have the greatest number of dolls from them (one volo, one roxen, one sueve, and another on the way), but the rest are a decent mix (1x resinsoul, 1x souldoll/minifee hybrid, 2x Mystic Kids, 1x flower and junior/myou hybrid, 2x dollzone, 2x doll leaves, 1x Magic Time, 1x DikaDoll).
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    5. I like having dolls from different artist
    6. Rather than having one favorite company, there are lots of companies with one or two dolls that I love, so there's no reason for me to restrict myself. I do want my dolls to fit together aesthetically, but I don't want them to look too similar. I love Fairyland, for example, but I don't see myself getting a second Minifee unless it was a sister or otherwise connected to the one I have. They all just look too similar to me.
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    7. I like a lot of different makers but I have somehow ended up with heaps of fairyland dolls haha
    8. Different makers! I like a variety of sculpts, styles, height and body types. I still have my favorite makers that I would buy again from them via my dealer.
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    9. Same. Been very happy with Volks and would snatch up any of the other old K-Doll heads if they came up for sale.
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    10. I’ve always purchased whatever has best suited a specific character, so I have a mix of looks certainly. However, I find myself going back to certain companies again and again (mainly Luts and Doll Chateau because they suit my personal aesthetics the best.) But I also have individual examples from different companies too. Like I said, it’s all character driven for me.
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    11. I like to have variety in my dolls, so I spend a long time looking at different doll companies. I usually end up buying from different companies, but I do have a certain style or look that I prefer. ^^ Dollzone has a really nice aesthetic I tend to lean toward.
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    12. I love doll leaves because they have great prices. So far I'm going to have 3 from them (2 of the same sculpt as I wanted an aspen tan doll).
      However I loooove doll chateau, I'm getting 2 DC dolls so far.
      I love quite a handful of companies, so I do want to buy from multiple for variety in sculpts and bodies.
    13. A little of both, to be honest! I find myself going back to a few artists again and again every time they have preorders because I love their styles (Lillycat, Rap1993, and Villitunes are some of those artists), but I do branch out every now and then, too. Sometimes I do think I need to be a bit more decisive in what I buy. :blush But then I also think I won't be able to discover anything new if I don't!
    14. I get the appeal of both. I once was a „only one doll from a company“-person, but now I highly prefer Volks. But I have to get some dolls from other companies since I have a lot of characters with darker skin.
      also, I am pretty much into soom too
    15. I think I will end you as well.
      My first two doll are from Luts, they are both Diez in different versions. And, I plan on waiting for another Diez sculpt come out in future (I will choose different skin tone this time).
      I also pre-ordered a head from Switch, so I will start (addicting to) Switch as well.
      Beside those two companies, I do have some dolls from other companies in wishlist. However, I have to check on them again.
      You know, sometime the different face sculpts just do not look good together in the same photo :(
    16. There's so much diversity between dolls that I prefer to buy different dolls from different companies. However, I can see myself buying multiples from companies I like.
    17. I like buying dolls from different companies. I currently have two dolls and nine on the way. All 11 dolls are from different companies! :XD:
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    18. I find dolls that fit my characters usually, and try to keep a somewhat cohesive collection in terms of aesthetics. Something that admittedly drives me crazy is that certain realistic dolls don't blend in well with my earlier, mostly CP, collection. As such, I do stop myself from purchasing from certain companies regardless of how much I love their dolls.

      On the flip side, I prefer all my dolls to be on different bodies because they are supposed to be of different heights and builds. Lots of hybridization over here...
    19. Oh man, it has been a loooong time. Welp- I only ever had an affinity for DoD dolls. Something about their sculpts just seemed special/aesthetically pleasing to me. It was never about wanting to stick to a brand or intentional preference for the brand. I could browse other brands, but none of them caused me to feel that rush of "I WANT" like DoD did. That being said, I guess anthropomorphic dolls don't apply to this rule 8Da as I do have a Pipos Mango. Perhaps her case was different in that I had her as a character in mind before I saw the doll. With my DoD boys, the characters developed after/while I waited for their dolls. So perhaps character creation does play a part in whether or not someone buys from different companies.
    20. I'm the same as the person above my post: I never really thought about buying only from one company, it just so happened that I primarily buy my dolls from Volks. Their body sculpts and faces are just beautiful and I love their resin quality.
      But I also own one Dollshe Pure body and two Rumpeldoll bjds (Abby+Morfeo) since I fell in love with the heads designed by Rumpeldoll.
      And while the Morfeo sculpt is gorgeous and definitely my favourite after the Volks SD-F-60, I must admit that when I look at dolls online I always feel most drawn to the dolls from Volks. Something about their aesthetics just speaks to me and makes me want to own one of them.