Do you prefer to buy dolls from the same maker, or a lot of different makers?

May 21, 2019

    1. I use to own a lot of different ones (with no Volks), though now i do have some variety, it seems like Volks has surely taken over my collection over time. even my main guy has changed to Volks, which i NEVER saw happening.

      its great to get some variety, as no two people are the same really either in some sense. But nothing wrong with owning all the same company either... makes clothes easier to fit :)
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    2. Hmm I think I’m with the same company maker. I currently have 2 different company dolls and I can’t stand the difference like in body proportions. One of them has the head too small and long body. I prefer both to be the same for some reason!
    3. I like the difference in different makers since it also makes more differences between characters. Even skin tone is different and can add more detail to a character. There are so many amazing sculpts from several makers and I don’t want to be limited to one maker. I still have companies I tend to find myself going back to though.
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    4. I have been eyeing Lillycat Dolls recently, and have bought from them three times, only recently got a Ringdoll, I don’t know how I feel about the large dolls compared to the small ones, but I guess it depends how they make you feel.
    5. I think company has their own styles so if you like one particular style you are more likely to buy from the same company. I buy dolls based on how my OC looks so I will shop different company to find one that matches.
    6. I think I agree with OP, I like variety or so I think "Well I already have one of those".
      Buuuut, I do tend to like some company's styles better than others for sure, some I really like but not enough to choose. Despite at the same time thinking they're beautiful.... I just don't see myself owning them.
    7. At the moment, all I have are one company dolls. I love them to death in terms of size and design. Although, I'm definitely open and even actively looking for dolls of similar size and type (anthro)
    8. You know, I am also pretty new to this, and I must say it has been quite an experience thus far. My first purchase was a dollzone Iris, which I am still waiting for; due to my impatient personality, I decided to buy a resinsoul doll which was in stock at Denver Doll, and after she arrived immediately purchased another sculpt from them in a fantasy color. I then wanted a full set, and was lucky enough to find a Mint Loong Soul second hand, a few states away. In working with these dolls, I am really getting to know more and more about the differences between manufacturers, but feel all of them are unique and each have their good points. For example, I hate the way the Resin Soul’s pose, but love the sculpts and the colors the offer. It has been quite an education.
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    9. I have some favorite doll companys, currently i have 7 volks yosd, 4 aidolls, 3 rosenlied, 2 xagadoll and 2 doll love. But i do love a wide variety of 1/6 doll! Napidoll, lina chouchou, crobidoll, dollsbe, loongsoul, little monica, myou, miyadoll, miadoll, onlydoll, gray plumage, dearmine and fairyland. I love them all! lol
    10. I am also very new to this hobby, and so far all of the dolls I've put on my list are from the same company. However, I've looked around and seen quite a few other dolls from other makers that I like, so I think down the line I will own dolls from different places! The question for me then is going to be, do they all go together and can they share a wardrobe, or do they look too dissimilar and will I have to buy clothing specific to each doll!? It's a lot to consider.
    11. I’m new to the hobby but always loved Crobi so I do plan on buying more from them. At first I didn’t expect to like a lot of other companies sculpts but I’ve found Switch and Ringdoll to have a similar style that I really like.

      I don’t know that I’ll buy another Ringdoll (depends on how bad the wait for Hui is) but more Crobi boys and hopefully Switch eventually.

      I better make some space for all of these SDs...
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    12. I dont mind getting more than one doll from the same company, but I do have the slight worry that the dolls being the exact same height and proportions might bug me, so I've decided that OCs that go in the same story cannot be from the same company/not be the same size. Other than, I think both sticking to what you already know you like and getting some variety is almost equally important.
    13. I think it is good experience to explore variety of doll makers until you find the right style. Also for a variety of doll size if you can afford.
      I loves DOD and Volks when i start this hobby. Then I reach Crobidoll, Switch, which looks younger and animate-like. Afterwards, my mind changes and interested in mature and human-like dolls like Soom and Iplehouse.
      Focus on same size of doll is a challenge. Medium size n small size dolls can very convenient for traveling. Dolls over 60cm is a heavy load on both physical and mental aspect. But large size dolls can show more detail on outfits.
      You will understand what you need during this exploration, by purchasing different dolls or doing more research.
      Finally u can a style u like most.
      I am now focusing on Switch and Iplehouse, and little bit of Volks after observing myself and my hobby for 10years.
    14. That happened to me in two months. I'm all over the place! Just like you, Crobidoll and Switch have been my two main favorites because they're well... pretty? Then I started seeing pictures of IOS dolls everywhere and some of the Ringdoll growns and I was like NO! Now I want a larger doll! Goal for 2020? Pace myself. No more dolls until I finish the Rua head I ordered and try him out because he's an uncle size and going to be huge.
    15. I tend to like all different styles of dolls so I'm pretty likely to buy from lots of different companies.
    16. My first doll was Iplehouse, My actual boy is IOS and Universe Doll hybrid and I just ordered a Doll Chateau girl... I think I just like that how different they are.
    17. Somewhere along the line, I developed an obsession with iplehouse dolls, and the majority of my collection is comprised of iplehouse dolls.
      Still, I also have dolls from different companies that caught my eye. I have a few dolls from impldoll, a couple of fairyland, a handful of Dollshe dolls, two aileen bjd dragons, a PlanetDoll David, and some of the Soom dolls.
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    18. Currently, each of the five dolls I own are from a different company-- Ludo is a Unidoll, Near is a Simply Meant To Be, Rem is a Doll in Mind/Loongsoul hybrid, Liam is an April Story/Mirodoll hybrid, and Light is a Pygmalion head who doesn't have a perfect body picked out yet.

      Looking at my wishlist, I only repeat companies a few times! I was a few from Switch, two from Supia, two from Merrydollround, and then a bunch from other companies-- islanddoll, freedom teller, Loongsoul, black cherry, luts, DC, dollits, Rosen Garden... I guess I like variety?
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    19. So interesting that even if I tried a lot to collect data and experiences from others about different brands, I always end up with welcoming a new child from Volks, in spite of I want to have a new experience myself somethimes.
      Sadly, I really want to have a big-size doll of about 70-80cm but as far as I know Volks only have the size upto 65cm.
      Still thinking about BJDs of Granado and Dollshe, I think I love their bodies...
    20. I quite like getting dolls from various companies, if one suits my OC I’ll get them from anywhere. Though I am biased and still have my preferred companies, namely Dream of Doll, who are my favourite and I would more than happily get more of them second hand. I have a couple RS dolls, and would like a BB Sprite with a RS body one day. I love Doll Leaves too, I didn’t expect to get a third doll of theirs after my twins... my latest dolls are MK, with an incoming AOD body, DFA and Akagi Doll, so totalling... about 9 companies over 15 dolls