Do you prefer to buy dolls from the same maker, or a lot of different makers?

May 21, 2019

    1. I've had man dolls from many different companies over the years but I found that I like Volks more than anything else so all my dolls are from Volks now
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    2. I personally like to have dolls from a bunch of different companies; that way my collection will have a lot of diversity! I'm currently leaning a bit towards getting several Resinsoul dolls, though, due to their many resin colour options and fantasy parts ^^ their dragon and centaur dolls are too cute not to get!
    3. I have been attracted to dolls from the same handful of companies so far. I have looked a lot into different companies, but still have a strong preference toward my favorites
    4. I find myself wanting to try dolls from a few different companies but that might change once I’ve tried a variety of them.
    5. Oh, I like variety so much! So I have dolls from various companies, bust sometimes, a couple from the same company, too. héhé
    6. I just look for sculpts I really love. Once one catches my eye I check what body they are on and what their poseability is like and if they come in a skin color suitable for the character I have in mind. If it's up to standards I'll probably decide to purchase the doll. In that regards companies don't matter much to me.

      However if I've purchased a doll from a certain company and notice the doll is poor quality or the customer service is poor quality then the chances are very small that I'll still purchase from that company even if there's a doll I really really like.

      Over time I've come to really appreciate companies that are invested in their customers. I have my favorite companies by now that I know are wonderful to deal with and take utmost care to deliver a beautiful product. I also have some companies on my blacklist due to the opposite. I've often considered selling a certain doll because the company was just a pain to deal with but then I figure it's not the dolls fault and keep them anyway.

      So while I prefer to have a diverse collection I also love to buy from my favorite companies just to support them because they're awesome.