Do You Punish Yourself by Withholding Doll Time?

Nov 17, 2020

    1. Hi friends!
      I just noticed today that I "punish" myself for not doing my chores or work by not letting myself have doll time. Or rather, I force myself to do the chores before I can get out my dolls. Part of it is definitely some compulsive tendencies; the surface I'm going to put the dolls on has to be clean and dust free. It's a problem though. Since I'm disabled housework is really difficult for me so I can end up going for days at a time before I feel I "deserve" to play with my dolls but I just can't bring myself to get them out of their display case if I haven't done the stuff I need to. Does anyone else do this to themselves?
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    2. Somewhat, but I don't think of it as punishing myself so much as priorities. Of course, playing with the dolls is more fun than errands and chores, but those things have to be done, so they come first. The dolls can wait. I set a very strict schedule for myself when it comes to chores and errands (grocery on Monday morning, clean bathrooms on Tuesday, vacuum and sweep on Friday, etc), so I make myself squeeze in doll time between the scheduled housework, errands and my job.
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    3. I do similarly - doll stuff can’t be done until XYZ is done, but I don’t feel as though it’s a punishment and more as an incentive, though there’s definitely times where I get a little lax and feel guilty if I’m doing something that isn’t cleaning (part conditioning, part just... being lazy, as humans are won’t to do :XD:)

      Housework is also physically difficult for me so i worked out a long while ago a system that works for me to balance necessary adult/life/school stuff and hobbies and not feel ‘guilty’ like I’m still a kid who got away with not doing something important. now it’s just nice to be like “okay, work is over, i have x amount of time, i can vacuum this area/clean up this project/change the cat litter/whatever and then sew this before dinner”. then it’s nice to relax with the fun doll stuff (in that example, the sewing) knowing i did something boring but necessary :XD:

      i think it just comes down to whether you feel like that mindset is actually “punishing” yourself, or just prioritizing life stuff before you can do fun stuff. i’m not sure if i’m explaining it well, but it can definitely get unhealthy to mentally punish yourself over things like this :(
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    4. No. I don't "punish" myself like that because I'm not doing something wrong. I do have to prioritize my time. To help me do that, I have my doll "hang out" or "supervise" me while I'm doing the chores I have to get done for the day.
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    5. 100%. I started online school this year, and for some reason, there was an error for the first two weeks of classes where I couldn’t get to my calculus class materials at all. I’m now *still* about 2 units behind bc the pacing is a unit a week... and I feel crazy guilty doing anything but thinking about how much I have to catch up while I still have other class work to deal with.
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