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Do you put underwear before clothes on your doll?

Jan 7, 2010

    1. hihihi...i feel embarrass my self asking that...really:sweat...but...i must ask it...

      Ok, i'm confused lately...ummm...ok, these are my 'problems':
      1. I didn't put underwear but after i put jeans on my doll, her butt seems a little bit 'rubbed' and her leg got a slight blue stain (i rubbed it with water but apparently, it wasn't a good idea as well...) :...(:...(:...( . I put stockings but stockings only for legs. I've been thinking of panty-stocking, too...haven't purchased one though...

      2. When, I put a skirt on my doll...I feel weird myself...it was like, she should has underwear...how if she sit and I take a photo and 'helllooowww there' ? :sweat:sweat:sweat

      Do we need to put underwear before clothes on our doll for maintenance reason or for esthetic reason or for whatever reason?
      (underwear can be panty only or panty with bra...I'm not sure about bra, though but after thinking again the point 1 above, i'm thinking to put it too...also underwear can include underwear-shirt...)...

      I hope, the thread is already in a correct section :sweat...I don't feel it's a debatable topic, though...

      thank's for sharing :)
    2. Underwear can help prevent stains from doll clothing, but the best way to avoide them is to wash all the clothes you buy for your doll before putting them on it. Washing removed the excess dye from the fabric, which stops it leeching out and staining the resin. ;)

      Personally, only about half my dolls wear underwear. No real reason, I just haven't yet bought undies for the whole gang yet. :lol:
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    3. There's a whole thread somewhere called "Underwear - do they really need it?"

      The only one of mine who wears underwear is the one with the short skirts who likes to flash people. I may make some undies for the other girl when she's wearing skirts as well. All my boys are commando, though. I really don't like the lumpy lines you can get, and many of their pants are too tight to fit underwear under anyway.

      If I wanted to prevent staining I'd use a bodysuit or something, underwear doesn't cover enough to be that useful to me.
    4. Many companies sell a "body stocking" that covers the main parts of the doll to prevent staining. Volks has one for the DD since they stain so easily. Avesha always wears panties under skirts, almost always has socks and sometimes a bra.
    5. hehe my guys ware underware, because their leatherpants don't have zippers..
      And my girl doesn't bacause it doesn't fit under her tight dress, so it depends..
      but it's not to prevent staining because just as AmyAngel says, it doesn't cover enough.
    6. The only underwear any of mine wears is the frilly knickers with ducks on that my Tan Shiwoo likes to wear as outerwear! LOL
    7. Clarice currently has bloomers on, does that count?! I think they are needed under a puffy style dress/skirt, but if I was going to put her in trousers or tights I probably wouldn't worry too much about it...
    8. The only time I worry about undies is if one of my girls is wearing a skirt. It's funny now that I think about it because they are full length skirts and there is no danger of a "wardrobe malfunction", but I feel better knowing her resin groove is covered. :sweat
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    9. This will probably be merged to this topic.

      For the record, my girls always wear underwear. (That's what actual outfits are like, no?) Bras, on the other hand, are optional. The extra fabric gets in the way of tighter tops.
    10. Just in case they're wearing a skirt. If it's not the case, nope, I find it hard to made them pose with jeans and panties.
    11. Double post, sorry. Please, delete.
    12. I like to have my doll wear underwear, because I don't like thinking she isn't wearing any, but I don't like that it gets caught in her hips all the time. @_@ I whenever I move her legs the panties are stuck in the sockets. I feel even stranger adjusting her underwear all the time. e_e It's a lose-lose situation for me.
    13. I really only put underwear or bloomers on my dolls if they're wearing skirts..... my mom made me put an undershirt on Harper because she didn't want her boobs to be out in the open.... or be flashed by a doll :)
    14. I bought underwear for both of my boys but Matt's is sort of too small o_o and Adeon is just .. not the type to really wear anything under his pants û_u' so in the end - useless purchase. I didn't have any problems with staining anyways so far.
    15. Only my dolls with short skirts wear underwear, and they are my dolls that are meant to be little children. I think it looks too bulky under long dresses and pants.
    16. uhm... my boys didn't wear boxershorts XD no one.
      my girl nerili likes without a slip but my girl esra wear short skirts so she HAVE to wear underwear XD
      but I don't like underwear so much...because it jammed in the joints or the clothes fits not so good.
      but when my girls wear a skirt or a dress and we are outside they have slips on ;D
    17. While this is ultimately up to the owner, I strongly recommend putting underwear on your dolls for the exact reason you mentioned. Dolls obviously don't need underwear for the same reason people do, but it does protect their resin! I make sure my dolls all have socks and underwear on before clothing them, especially with dark was jeans and black clothing. I put thigh high socks on all my dolls (even the boys) because it protects their legs!

      Also if you have already experienced staining problems, just in case you dont know this ;), try using Mr. clean magic eraser on the stained parts, it works like a charm (I've need it before) and it doesn't harm your doll! Just don't use it on the face of your doll, because it is string enough to remove the faceup!
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    18. well if you put it on after they look like superman ;)

      Dark jeans are notorious for staining, if you get it off fast you can get the rubs off with a magic eraser. Washing the jeans helps but it still can rub and stain (heck my car's seats have some rubs from my jeans) stockings can help but I'm still not trusting dark jeans on abjd.

      For my dolls its optional, but the kids usually wear them, its a good idea with dolls in short clothes. But a for protecting against stains, yeah a lot of dolls get stains on the rear but thats as far as it protects, I tried dark blue jeans on a doll before and it rubbed everywhere, it was fortunate I had a magic eraser on hand.

      I've had trouble getting underwear to fit under a lot of the ABJD clothes except dresses and baggy pants. Dollheart makes some great boys underwear sets though, my MSD ken has some (which he wears under his baggy pants)
    19. No... they look like Quailman. (Cookie for anyone who knows what I am talking about).

      Undies are a great idea, but I find there is not much room under most clothing for it to fit (hence most of my dolls going commando most of the time).

      As for fear of staining.. I just do a good vinegar/water soak for anything dark and check for smudges every once in a while. Vinegar is your friend. :)
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