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Do you put your doll to sleep?

Jul 28, 2007

  1. yes,of course.

  2. no,they are dolls.

  3. Sometimes,yes.

  4. never came to me...

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    1. I was just wondering...
      When the night comes,do they put pijamas and go to sleep?o.o
    2. *lol* I actually did for a few months when i got my first BJD!

      These days i don't. I still make sure to say Goodnight to my darlings tho before i go to bed^^
    3. I reserved that kind of play for my dollies when I was five or six. Now, I personally don't see a point to it.
    4. Well, not exactly like that....

      He just goes to sleep as he is. And I do it partly out of necessity - my room is quite bright, and the only shady place is a corner of my bed (and under my desk, but Ezra won't live under a desk!). So when I'm using the bed, Ezra is in his own, carefully covered with his blanket from head to toe.

      But I won't say putting him to sleep is no fun at all, I like this nightly ritual (and in fact when I did it first, my room was different and he HAD a shady place, so it was purely for my enjoyement:))
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    5. Same :sweat
      Even if I wanted to, which I would never, it would take too much time =p besides their clothes are so pretty, I don't want to take them off just to put on some plain looking pajamas o_O.
    6. Only for taking them some photos XDDDDDD
    7. Ditto-ed. I've got seven dolls (and that's not a large amount compared to a lot of people here) but it would still add more than an hour to my pre-bed routine and the same amount of time to my morning routine when I get up to change each of them in and out of pyjamas every day... and for what point, really? I appreciate my guys in their pretty clothes rather than in flannels and slippers, and it's not as though it makes any difference to them what they wear.
    8. >_> When I've taken him out and gotten through with what ever I was doing with him have I kinda put him on his bed...
    9. Wow. It seems like I'm the only one here that does that. xD I don't put them in their pajamas.. but I do have their boxes lined up in the corner, and I just lay them in their boxes before I go to bed. :3 Sometimes I lay a towel over them. But no, I don't bother with their clothes.
    10. i acctually think is kinda cute to have that kind of concern around your doll..i guess it means that your conection with it is beyond making a collection...

      But i don´t know what i will do when my Yoru arives..
      ...i would probably get him at least his own space in my room,with his things , and a proper box for keeping him at night or when i´m not with him...

      And i would probably put some "home-clothes" (i don´t know how to call that in english) so his pretty clothes don´t get to much dust (i live with my grand parents in a very old house)

      Not sure about pijamas...
      and not sure if i would have time to change him in pijamas and dress him in the next morning...i do a lot of things besides college @_@

      but as Lotte Rotten i would make sure to at least say Goodnight ^^'
    11. I always put Clo to sleep :) I tuck her in her bed and kiss her goodnight and sometimes I read her story ^^;;
    12. :sweat I normally put Riku on his own pillow on my bed and pose him as if he were sleeping. Mostly to freak my family out, and partially for my own enjoyment.
    13. Yes. I put their pajamas on,I put them in their boxes and then put their blankets on. :D I dont kiss them goodnight or say ''goodnight'' to them though.
      Once my two floating heads get their bodies I wont be able to do it anymore.With five dolls it would just take too much time.Especially if I'm super tired after the day. *_* Then I'll probably just pose them as if they were sleeping.
    14. At this point, with only one doll, yes, I always tuck him into bed. Once I have more than one doll? Well, that remains to be seen, but in all probability they'll spend their down time napping in whatever beds I set up for them. I did this as a kid and I'll keep doing it now. Why should I change?

      Putting him to bed is actually helping me sleep better, he actually goes floppy once it gets late, so I feel I have to put him to bed, and then I feel guilty if I keep the lights on, so I go to sleep.

    15. Same here. Reading through these comments, I was beginning to think I was strange for tucking Heavenlea in her bed, in her jammies, every night! But, I only have her, so it's not too much of a headache to take the time to put her in her bed before I go. In fact, it does help me destress and relax a bit before laying down to sleep.

      Once I get more, who knows? I probably won't have time to do it.
    16. I don't change their clothes, they don't have PJ's, but I put them back on the shelf and kiss them good night.
    17. Vespa is always in my livingroom. She only has a chair, no bed.
      So when I go to my bed, I do all the lights out in the room and wish her goodnight, does that count? ;)
    18. I never do that, my dolls don't even have PJ's or beds, I don't even kiss them good night ._. They just sit on my table where they always are. I mean, they are dolls and dolls don't sleep so I don't have to put them to sleep.
    19. I sometimes do that. It really depends on my mood. :| My boy either sleeps on the half of the bed that I don't sleep on or on a little couch that I got him.
    20. Actually, I do put Loki in her little bed. Maybe it's because she's my first bjd, and my first doll who actually has some personality in her. Sometimes I even change her clothes too, but sometimes I'm too tired for that.