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Do you put your dolls in databases

Sep 9, 2007

  1. YES all of them

  2. NO none of them

  3. ony some of them

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    1. When I go look at the databases in the forum, for some dolls I only see one picture or two. I would like to know who puts their dolls it databases and who doesn't and why. Thank you for your answers.
    2. Wouldn't those who put their dolls in databases be the ones who do so, and those that don't, don't?
    3. Yes I do, though I sometimes wait for a week or two until I've got decent pictures of them before doing so, rather than adding them with quick 'straight from the box' shots that are usually blurry with excitement, in my case :sweat
    4. I do because I love seeing all the dolls of the same type and what people do with them.
    5. Yes I put all of them in, except when I have them for a short period of time before selling them

    6. I sure don't, except for the one time someone very sweet asked me to add one of mine since its not a common model. Even then, I only added a picture.

    7. I would say most of mine are in databases. Though I know I have not gotten around to adding the others.
    8. I don't have photos of all of my dolls, and sometimes I only have a bad photo. If I have a good photo and a database exists, I put it in the database. And sometimes when a new shipment arrives of Narindolls, I remind people to add their new dolls to the databases.

      I really appreciate the photo databases. The databases let you see many different looks of the same doll. They also gather owner photos in one place and sometimes add useful information for potential buyers (like skin color, faceup artist, eyes worn, and sometimes faceplate, model, or version). Some BJD's are very hard to search for on DoA because owners use 4 or 5 different ways to specify the doll type in their title (example Blue Fairy, Bluefairy, BF, BHTF). Databases are particularly useful for hard to search for dolls.

      I also created and manage a database of sorts - the Tiny Size Chart in the tinies section. So I do have to add every new tiny and their measurements to that one.

    9. I plan to. I don't see why not. Though I'm going to wait until I at least have a few good pictures of Nicolai and get a better grip on his personality before I start to spam him. (This is the plan. Who knows what'll happen once I get him!)
    10. I agree with you 100% on that Carolyn:3nodding:
      When I'm not in the mood for searching, or I have searched but couldn't find what I was after, I just go browsing the data base forum until I find the appropriate thread. I'm still not interested in adding mine though;)

    11. ^^' I do if I remember, but I don't usually remember unless the database pops up in front of me. I think most of them are in databases, though.
    12. Databases helped me a lot when I was searching for a mystery doll. Therefore, I contribute :)
    13. I add mine to databases with pictures ^^;
      Personally, I just like seeing my kids next to others of the same mold, and kind of do a short compare-and-contrast. Nothing to put down on myself or others, just to take interest in all the different things that can be done and how the same doll can look so different, etc~;
      Also, it's easier to search for a certain doll that you KNOW you've seen, but can't remember the name of/who owns, so I'm always frequenting the databases ^^;
    14. I really appreciate the database threads, both for hard-to-find dolls and the more common ones. Sometimes pictures of what different people do with the same doll shows how versatile the mold is - this is important because I often go looking through the database when I'm wondering if a certain doll would be right for me, and if some looks owners give their dolls doesn't suit my personal tastes, then I may find others that are very close to what I would want to do with the mold myself. That can be a very strong selling point, seeing the doll I want pulling off a variety of looks, some of which may be the ones I'm dreaming of. Plus, it's just fun to see what people do with the same doll, making each one unique.

      This is why I feel the databases are important. Lots of times I can't find something in the galleries, so I find it there, but unfortunately, many times I see beautiful dolls on the galleries that aren't even listed in the databases, when I know there are a lot more out there than what I see in the databases, and I feel like people who miss that one thread of thousands and thousands in the gallery miss out on the sharing of that doll - which may help them determine if a mold is right for them or to see the versatility of a particular doll to help find an appreciation for it that they might not have had before.

      I always list my dolls in the databases - it may take me a while to get pictures of them I'm satisfied with, but I always make sure to do it for the fun of sharing them as well as all of the reasons listed above :)
    15. I'm with Lexalot - it's really helpful to have database threads when you're trying to decide whether a doll is right for you. All mine are in the database, even the poor floating heads (of course, I'll update their pictures when they get bodies!) - argh, I should update the pic in Tetsuya's since he has a new face-up...
    16. I add my dolls to the databases, usually out of pure excitement than anything else. Also, I enjoy and find the databases useful, so it's only fair that I would contribute.
    17. I add my dolls to the databases because it's a great way for others to be able to find and research possible additions to their families. Though, I do wait until a doll is complete before doing so. The heads don't get added until they have a body.
    18. I've added mine. When I do so, I feel like the database makes my doll more of my own... I know that sounds weird but that's how I feel.:sweat
    19. Some of mine are listed in the database threads, others aren't. There's no real pattern or reason to it... It's mostly just a matter of rather or not I feel like doing it, or if I ever remember to. They're more likely to be in the sculpt DB than they are to be in any of the general "topic" listings.

      In any case, I don't think I've ever really browsed the databases looking for something specific. I'm more likely to do a round of Gallery searches.
    20. I haven't, though I plan to. I have no proper period clothing for either of my kids yet, and posting them as they are wouldn't feel right.