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Do You ReDress Often...or Leave Them Alone?

Nov 26, 2009

    1. Ok...I have been curious about this lately.

      I havePW Mintie dressed as Alice and Secretdoll Yomo and Bambricrony Sunday dressed as MadHatters (with Bunny Hats)...with the whole Alice In Wonderland theme in progress in a place in my doll room. So, it's like their characters are already set. I can't see myself redressing them any time soon.

      And, I have other BJDs that I would love to redress ~ and bought matching clothes for them recently (still waiting for arrival) ~ but don't necessarily want them to get stuck in those characters so long that I feel like it limits my creativity.

      So the questions are: How long do YOU usually keep your dolls in a specific character or outfit?
      Do you dress in a character or favorite outfit and leave them alone...next to forever? or..
      Do you change outfits OFTEN, but at the same time retaining the character? (keeping within the 'persona' you have chosen for your doll when selecting new outfits)
      Or does it even matter ~ and you just change characters/clothing randomly to suit your mood?
    2. My dolls are certain characters of my own creation, so their eyes/wigs don't change often, unless they're cosplaying. Yoru (my SD) changes clothes all the time, mostly from his pajamas to random street clothes and back again. He always maintains his persona, though, and has a preference for punk clothing.

      Sage (my Yo) loves to dress up like other people, so once I get patterns going for him he will have FAR more clothes and wigs than any one doll should have...but he will still be himself, as that is in his character. ^_^; So basically, the dollies like playing dress-up.
    3. I change it randomly....
      sometimes my dolls wear the same dresses for weeks.
    4. Tian changes pretty much every time I take him out. He's my shapeshifter, so wig, eyes, clothes... all of it is subject to change. :) Kiyam rarely changes, because he has a set look. Shaial changes sometimes, but his wardrobe isn't very extensive so he can go weeks or months in the same look. Kaith... needs clothes. x_x
    5. It depends. Sometimes I like to change their outfits, sometimes I like to leave them in certain clothes for a while. My SDC Kurt, Rupert, has recently got a whole new outfit, so I've currently swapped his usual full-set outfit for this new one, but I'll regularly change them when I want to see a change.
    6. Draven's been in the same pants for three months. It's not as if I don't want to change his clothes. I simply cant afford it. xD
    7. Oh hell yeah, and i find myself selling stuff constantly, as i fall out of love with their stuff... then i save up for another doll ^^
    8. My dolls tend to change their clothes only when they get new clothes. In other words, the clothes could darned near meld into the resin, for the speed they'd get changed. My doll are Not happy about this trend, let me tell you. *_*

      Some are set-wig dolls, but several will change their wigs, and several others don't care if their heads are bare or not.

      Annin cT
    9. Clothes get changed at least every few days generally, but wigs and eyes never get changed once the character's settled with them. It's weird to keep switching them out to my mind, people don't change their eye colour, why would my characters?
    10. I keep my boy as the same character with clothing chnages. But i did order a new wig so it may change his character a bit...
    11. I never gave my doll a character, so it basically gives me free range to dress her however I want whenever I want. As for how often that is, it depends. She fits in barbie clothes, so I usually buy her multiple sets of clothing at once. I'll try on each outfit at least once, and put her in my favorite, take some pics and leave her until I have time again (busy at college) to redress her and maybe take more pictures.
    12. Some dolls, like Moira and Fee, get changed often because they travel more. Others, not so much.
    13. Great responses!

      I feel like with some of my dolls, I don't quite KNOW them just yet. I kinda got a few back to back...and then sent some off for faceups. So, I feel like I may have to play around with them one at a time for a while to get a sense of 'who' they are.;)
      I do know that Gunther (DIM~Jullis) is a metal guitarist with a penchant for deep and heady poetry and dabbles in oil paints...leaning toward surrealism. So, for sure he's got a certain style that I can't deviate from. I do have a feeling he will change his hair though...you know, to suit his 'mood'.;)

      The others...not so sure yet. Guess that's half the fun ~ the discovery
    14. Kadin's wig and eyes probably won't be changing much. I know for a fact he has green eyes and blonde hair. I probably will be experimenting with wig styles and eye styles since I just got him in August, and I don't exactly know what works yet on him. XD But he will always be green eyed and blonde haired.

      Clothing wise is gonna be a whole different story. Kadin is a fashion model, so he'll probably be changing clothes quite often when I build him a better wardrobe. :) That and I get bored with him being the same outfit all the time. >_>;
    15. I play with my dolls in little spurts, depending on available time. If I am very busy with real life drama, they may sit for months in the same clothes. When I have time to play with them, they may get new clothes and I change them often. I hate for them to have to sit around naked, though, so all of them have at least one basic outfit that they wear most of the time.
    16. This.

      But it also stems from the fact that I need to make clothes for them because it's cheaper that way. *looks at her dolls, who seem to be looking back as if to say "Quit being lazy" *
    17. It depends on the doll, really. Some of my dolls the twins feel like they need a change every couple months, and others stay in the same outfit for six months or more before I think of changing them, if that. Others still have maybe 3 outfits they switch in and out of when the mood strikes. I can never tell which will be which, either.
    18. i rarely change them... OK, my SD dude got one shirt and one pants (and no shoes) so i dont really have the choice for him.
      my little dude got like... 4 shirts? and 2 pants. i never changed his pants cuz one of them look SO gay but i sometimes change his shirt depending on the weather. like ''ooooh,its hot today! lets put on ur short sleeved shirt!'' or ''oh la la, its cold today, lets put on ur long sleeved shirt!'' xD
    19. Well, my dolls are all models on my craft website, so when I'm posting something, I change them into the outfit I'm selling. Afterward I often change their clothes since a) they're been so good and b) they're already nekkid. And I change clothes when I make them something new, or sometimes when I'm just bored... maybe once every few weeks.
    20. Wigs and eyes don't change on most of them, except the tinies or to change Finn's hairstyle from straight to curly. Clothes, however...

      The tinies get changed often. They have lots of clothes! The other dolls DON'T have many clothes, so they don't get changed much. My MNF Shushu will get outfit changes from time to time as she has a few different things, as will my Megi girl - but most of them right now have one outfit and that's basically all they have so they stay in it. If they had more clothes they'd be changed more often.

      The characters don't change at all, no matter what they're wearing.