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Do you remove your doll's faceup/blushing before selling?

Jul 19, 2017

    1. This is something I'm kind of questioning myself as far as selling goes. I would leave a company faceup alone if I can before selling, but if it's my own work I usually clean the doll thoroughly going as far as unstringing to make sure there's no remaining paint/blush/ what have you. Suffice to say I have a doll who is too tiny for my regular tools so I couldn't give her the deep clean I usually do before selling.

      So my question is if most of you try to clean up old paint jobs or just sell as is? Does it put you off buying a doll if you have to clean it up yourself, if you intend to do something else? Or if the paint job catches your eye does that make the doll more desirable?
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    2. I'm probably about half and half. If the faceup is damaged or very poorly done, I wipe it. If it's very specific to my character, I wipe it. If it's fairly generic or I think I did an exceptional job on it, I'll often leave it. On the rare occasion that I have a head by a well known artist or company, I leave it.

      I do my own faceups usually and they need to fit my OCs, so I almost always wipe a faceup on a secondhand doll. Of my 19 (?) on topic dolls, only one has a faceup that isn't by me. I will not pay more for an existing faceup, but if the price is right, I'll usually buy anyway. The only time I completely avoid it is if it appears very amateur and I'm not sure if it was properly sealed first or safe materials used. I don't want to risk buying a damaged/stained doll.
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    3. I can honestly say I've passed on dolls with amateurish face-ups. I think that - unless it's an artist or company default - you should wipe it. I generally prefer a face-up, but I'd take a blank doll over one with a face-up that I could replicate. If it's a decent face-up, though, it can definitely catch my eye.
    4. I generally list the doll with the faceup (unless it's really terrible, and I don't hike up the price at all unless the painting is by the company or a well-known artist), and then offer to remove it if the buyer wants me to (usually for a small fee, like $5-10 or something). If they like the faceup, great! They get it free. If they don't like it, they can either pay a teeny bit to have it removed ('cause that's not all that easy most of the time, especially since I'm picky about cleanliness), or do it themselves for free. That way there are plenty of options for everyone involved. :3nodding:
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    5. Depends on the state of the faceup and what the customer's preference is. If it's a really nice faceup, like a company or one done by a professional, I'll leave it on and send the doll with that. If I did the faceup myself, I leave it up to the customer. If they want me to wipe it - fine! I'm not a professional, I understand that my work isn't fantastic looking :P I'll do it for free, because I usually account for small bits of cleaning in the price.
    6. I wiped the only head I had painted that I've sold. I knew there were some small manufacturing defects under the eye paint. I felt it was best to know fully what I was selling, and be able to tell the buyer. If it had been a nice factory faceup, I would have left it alone and never known about the defects.
    7. I always customize my dolls, no matter what, so anything I buy secondhand will be wiped. For this reason I would never buy a doll body that's blushed, because it's too much work to clean off an entire body. If the blush is mostly in tact, I understand why the seller would keep it on. But if the blush is badly damaged or really dirty, I am pretty annoyed when the seller hasn't just wiped it already... who's going to want it? I feel like if you're not going to remove body blush that's in terrible shape, the least you can do is knock down the price a bit to make up for the time the new owner has to spend cleaning it off.

      For dolls I am selling, I usually leave the faceups on, with the offer to wipe it for free if desired. If the faceup is very unique to my character, or in bad condition, I would wipe it and sell the doll blank.
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    8. I got a minifee with a factory faceup in a trade for a few off topic dolls a while back that I barely touched before selling so I left her faceup alone, but anything else that has been customized by me would definitely be wiped first. I always paint my dolls myself and only ever buy blank ones. I love when secondhand sellers wipe their dolls first because it saves me a good hours worth of chemical headaches and finger cramps :sweat Even if a faceup on a seondhand head was beautiful, it probably wouldn't be exactly what I wanted for the character and I assume that most people feel this way too.
    9. It depends on the circumstances. I can be deeply personal, so for me, face-up can equate to character. I have sold dolls that represent characters that didn't quite work out, and I've left the face-ups on. But if I were to say re-shell a very important character, I would most likely wipe the face-up before putting it on the market.
    10. I'll sell the doll as-is and leave it up to the buyer if they want to wipe or not. I never add fees for the current faceup, though.

      Faceups are so subjective... I've passed on dolls I wanted to buy because the seller was asking mark-ups for custom painting that simply wasn't my style. I won't pay premium for something I'm going to wipe off, and I won't ask my buyers to do that either.
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    11. I leave on the face-up if they don't ask anything specific. I the past I only wiped one face-up before posting them online and that was before it was at-home and terrible haha.

      But from a buyer's perspective, I would want a blank face because I am character before doll and if the face-up has brough up the price and the seller won't wipe for free then I would skip. But, that's just my reasoning.
    12. As a buyer - I tend to look for dolls with faceups already. I don't do faceups. Most of my dolls have factory faceups and my MSD boy has had two - one by his old owner and one I commissioned. And I loved both and both suited him. I think unless I was fully intending on mailing the doll out for a new one right away I'd rather look for a doll I like the sculpt of and a faceup I like. I've seen some gorgeous dolls on the marketplace. But I've also seen faces I'm just not too fond of and have gladly skimmed past. Exceptions would be ones with cool mods I'd like to keep. (Like a doll modded to have four arms, or a robotic limb)
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    13. It depends on the wishes of the seller. I'm not afraid to sell of a doll with a oak face up. I did a few times and the new owner made then other characters. Kept the face up but changed the eyes wig and style of dressing it.
    14. Generally I prefer to buy dolls blank because I like to customize them myself. I have sold one doll with a faceup and body blush, though. I don't have a craft room set up right now so I couldn't remove it beforehand, but the buyer seemed very happy with the fully customized doll.
    15. Im too lazy to wipe a doll myself lol. Once I decide to sell something I can't be bothered with the whole doing much to it.
      But that said, I do prefer to buy dolls blank because I do my own faceups and would rather not have to wipe the doll so yeah... But I have bought a few with faceups, which I wasn't charged extra for and yep, they're gettin wiped off lol.

      I did keep one doll's faceup but that's because his faceup is WHY I bought him so I think it's a tough one. On one hand, many people like a blank slate but on the other, an interesting faceup can really sell a sculpt someone might otherwise overlook.

      I think the easiest compromise is simply to say "Can wipe faceup on request" and not charge for the faceup, unless it's a really expensive or special one. I know I personally object to paying extra for something i'll probably wipe but it feels a shame to wipe all that work, especially on commissioned pieces.
      But I won't pay extra for a faceup I think I could either do myself or that isn't my taste, because i'd just wipe it so it's a waste of cash.
      I'll walk away from any listing that charges extra for the faceup unless is was something that blew me away and I wanted to keep.

      but how do you guage what some people will love and others hate?
      it's so hard.

      So I tend to think just leave the faceup on. It's easier and it's not like wiping them is THAT hard.
    16. I always clean up the body. I offer to wipe the faceup, but no one has ever taken me up on the offer. ;)
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    17. I sold 3 dolls, 2 with face up (I named the person who painted and all, so the buyer could do it again if they want to) and 1 with no face up. The buyers asked me to.

      My three characters had a really neutral face-up, and the personality was more in their clothes. One of then had a big dragon tattoo, and I removed it before selling it because it was too personal of my character. So I guess it depends on the buyers wish and the meaning I give to it. ^^
    18. I think you should ask if they buyer wants to keep it. I know that if I buy a second hand doll I will definitley want it to have a faceup because I'm to scared to do my own and it's a nice faceup it saves time and money which would have to be spent on sending the doll off to another artist.
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    19. I usually like to sell my dolls blank if I did the face up. If it has a factory face up, I leave it and let the buyer wipe it if they want. I have tried selling dolls with face ups I've done, but I've found they sell better blank. I'll wipe a face up if asked for one I've done, but not a company one. Honestly I hate wiping face ups! I'm allergic to isopropyl alcohol, so I use brush cleaner. So much work.
    20. I find dolls tend to sell better with faces already on them, so I usually leave them when I decide to sell (though I don't mark up for them and it's no big deal if a buyer wipes them). There are a lot of people out there who don't do faceups and will pick up a mold that has a nice customization on it because it saves them some time and effort doing it themselves.

      On the flip side of that, I'm usually looking to customize any doll I buy myself, so while I wouldn't hesitate to buy a doll that already has a faceup and replace it with my own, I wouldn't pay extra for it. (Old body blushing would make me think twice though. That stuff takes forever to get off.)
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