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Do you save up or purchase a doll because its cheap?

Oct 23, 2011

    1. Just curious why you decide on a certain doll. Do you purchase a doll because

      A.)it comes with an extra doll/doll parts as part of a manufacturers special or
      B.) do you save up for that specific doll on your wishlist
      C.) do you buy it because its a really good price even though you have dolls on your wishlist

      I have been browsing marketplace and have seen some very tempting offers for dolls I dont have on my wish list but than I remember there are dolls I really want and that I should save for them first!
    2. I'll save up for a doll, but sometimes, if the doll is on my wishlist, I'll get it because its cheaper before the expensive doll. I mean, I'm going to get it eventually anyways, so sometimes I'll just get whatever doll I can quickly afford.
    3. I don't feel comfortable saving for a doll over $300-400. I've decided to buy my dolls in pieces for anything more expensive (a head, then a body). I just can't see myself saving $600 at once, even now.

      I buy dolls that I like, and if the doll I want happens to be inexpensive, even better. I don't go out of my way to buy a doll because of price; I genuinely have to like it before anything happens.
    4. I buy dolls all the time just because they’re cheap. I’ve even bought I doll I didn’t like because she was cheap, and now she’s one of my favorites. I find bounding with a doll much easier if I have no preconceived notions of what they should look like. It’s made my collection very diverse, and introduced me to sculpts and companies I’d never heard of but now love.
    5. Typically I set my sights on a doll from my wish list, either a character I have in mind or a doll I've fallen for, and work toward it, but that doesn't stop a steal with a cute face from pulling me off course. I'd had no intention of getting a doll for a while, especially not a boy, when I suddenly encountered my Alan for sale on ebay. I adore him, but plan to stick to my goal for my next doll.
    6. I'll admit it. I'm very guilty of choice C (though after reading others' responses, I feel better knowing I'm not the only one! XD). Five dolls have to come me that way (six if you count the hybrid who has the head of a doll that was/is actually on my wishlist). I'm not averse to saving up; I saved for almost a year for one doll I'd wanted for even longer. But the majority (even the wishlist-planned ones to some extent, really) I obtained when a saw a good deal, where saving wasn't necessary.

      Luckily, only one of my "impulse buy" dolls has needed to be re-homed (and only because I just couldn't get used to working with her super tiny size). I feel the others are very much meant to be a part of my doll family, and I don't regret jumping to get them at all. It's also not that I bought them just because they were "cheap"; with each of them, first and foremost, it was love at first sight. Their afordable prices were only the push I needed to actually go through with their purchases.

      Now of course, I really don't and never have had any "omg must have!!" dolls on my wishlist. I like having my collection come together kind of at random and work itself out like it has. Plus by now pretty much all of my planned characters are already shelled in some form, so I feel like I have a bit of freedom to keep an eye out for "deals". But if I ever do have a "grail doll" or a long expensive "needlist", I'd do my best to save for those before jumping on any "impulse buys".
    7. I would have to go with a little bit of both. I save up for grail dolls but if a looker with an attractive pricetag strolls across my screen, I will surely jump on it. However i have noticed that the cheaper dolls by far are distiguishable form the higher quality more expensive dolls. I have also found a correlation between the weight of the doll and the quality of resin. So if the price, sculpt, and weight are right for the size, I am surely going to bring the doll home.
    8. A) I have purchased a doll body for the event head. But then I put the two together to get my Camlin - CP NaNuRi 2006. I'm not sure that counts, really, because I wanted to create his character with that doll from the start...

      B) When I decide on a doll I do save up for it. That's how I've done it with all of my dolls.

      C) I have considered dolls on sale - for example the current running Napi Doll sale - but only because the doll 'grabbed' me for a particular reason. I don't just buy a doll because it's on sale. I'd rather save and get a doll I really want over a doll that I like and is on sale. Does that make sense?

      I think, as an ABJD owner, I'm VERY slow to purchase. I've been in the hobby since late '04 and I have purchased no more than 3 dolls in any given year. In fact this year my grand total is 1! So maybe I'm different to the trend?

      I don't think that to purchase something on sale, because it's on sale, is a bad thing either. It's a win win! A doll you want, and at a good price! I say go for it! n.n
    9. Usually a focus on getting a specific doll. Só I save up for it, letter B) then. I think I value more the dolls by, desiring it a little before I get it. But usually I like more than one.
    10. B.) do you save up for that specific doll on your wishlist

      This is what I do. I like knowing exactly what I want, with all the parts, so on and so forth. So, I save until I can buy it. At least, that's a perfect world. I am known to get impatient partway through, and then my credit card takes another blow. Mrgh.

      I can't bring myself to purchase under reasoning for answer A. I don't have the money for it, honestly, and I like to plan my dolls out.

      Through, I am guilty of buying under reason C. That's how I got my MSD, actually. He was cheap and within my grasp at the time. I might do something like it again in the future, but it's not really my favorite method of determining what dolls I want to buy.
    11. I would not buy a doll just beacause it's cheap. I rather save money for a more expencive doll that I really want.

      How ever I might buy doll I want thats cheaper just to get moneys and that way the doll sooner as I have now bought msd doll I like instead of saving for SD I'd like to have too.

      But next is that SD and I cant have new doll soon so it's okey save those money for that SD instead of cheaper since the SD is at the top of my wan list at the moment.

      I hope that came out in a way that is understandable :)
    12. I have a small list of dolls I would eventually like to buy, but there are others I like too. If a doll I love pops up in the marketplace for a great price, I buy it first. In fact, when I get ready to buy a doll on my wishlist, I always look through the marketplace to see if a member might have one for sale before I order from the company. I would never buy a doll just because it's less expensive than some others because I think all resin dolls are too expensive to buy at all unless I absolutely love them.
    13. A.)it comes with an extra doll/doll parts as part of a manufacturers special or
      I have never dne this, and unless it`s a company that has a doll I love , I never will . I have thaught of doing this before , but I talked myself out since I didn`t love any of their dolls
      B.) do you save up for that specific doll on your wishlist
      Usually that`s the case . I just save save save , and when I have a decent amount of money , I start decideing what doll from my wishlist I whant , because even though I do start saving money with a doll in mind , over the months my plans/projects may change .
      But this is what I usually do.

      C.) do you buy it because its a really good price even though you have dolls on your
      I have done some inpulse buying before . I have impulse buyed 6 out of the 9 dolls I currently own , but they all were dolls I knew I liked , besides 2 , wich were in stock at DDE and I had the money , so I decided to buy them . Lucky for me , I love all my curent dolls .
      I have only had one impulse buy wich I had to rehome because I wash`t bonding with him.
    14. A combo of B and C - I'm trying not to buy dolls on impulse anymore and just focus on the ones on my wishlist but if a wishlist doll turns up at a good price, he/ she is COMING HOME. :)
    15. I only purchase or even feel desire for dolls which fit certain specifications. I find some models very cute, but that doesn't mean I want them, just that I appreciate them. The closest I've come to an impuse buy was when I bought a Soom Lami. I saw his horns and tail and knew then and there that he would be my baby incubus for my collection. I still waited a couple days to place an order, and he wasn't cheap! Other than that, all my dolls have been dolls on my wishlist.
    16. I bought a doll for its cheap price alone only once. It was before I even had my first boy in my hands when I impulsively ordered my second. He seemed cute on the company photos, but it was the 200$ price tag, including shipping, and a free gift worth 100$ that got me. I snatched him up and when I opened him he was not what I was expecting. Bonding has been tough, but I do have a soft spot for him and he is a unique part of my doll family. Even though things turned out ok, Ill never buy again just for a cheap price
    17. I don't have the option to save up for a doll. I have a certain amount of money and I can choose to use it on dolls or not (and if I do that too much I'd be in trouble!). I can't really justify buying an expensive doll so I tell myself to wait...
      So, as a result, most of my doll purchases have been opportunity purchases. I see a doll I love the look of, and that has a low price, and then I can justify buying it :) I'd never buy a doll I didn't love just because the price was low.

      My first dolls came with a bonus tiny, and that influenced my purchase, I think. In the end I realized I didn't want the tiny, so I sold him.
    18. I HAVE bought because it was cheap, but I don't anymore. Now I save up for what I really want. I'm really picky about my characters having the right look and in the past, I've tried to make a "cheap" doll into my character just to save money...and been really unhappy with it, sold it at a loss and bought the more expensive one anyway. I've learned that I'm better off getting what I really want than settling or impulse buying. I have no problem buying a "cheap" doll if its one I really love! But no, I won't buy just for that reason.

      As for free dolls/events/etc, if I am already planning to buy a certain doll and find out there is an event, I will try to purchase within that time period to get the free stuff, or it might influence me to rearrange my wishlist to get a better deal. But no, I would not buy a doll I don't love just to get free stuff if there is one without free stuff that I'd like a lot more.
    19. Mostly, I save up for the dolls on my list. And I buy the ones that I want the most at the moment. Sometimes that's the cheep ones on the list, sometimes it's the more expensive ones. And sometimes I'll have a 'windfall' of cash that is JUST enough to get one of the cheaper dolls on my list, so I'll go for it, even if there's a more costly one I want more, because I know I don't have the means to save any more money to add to the dolly funds, and won't for a while. The more expensive dolls usually get pushed to the bottom of the list (Like the EID boy I want, won't be able to afford him for a while, so instead I'll work on cheaper dolls on the list to start)

      But sometimes...I'll be browsing the marketplace and see a doll that's not on my list at all, at a price I just can NOT pass up, when I have the funds for them...and so they'll come home, and either fill in a role on my list that hasn't got a sculpt assigned yet, or just plain get added to it, as a whole new character, because there's no space for a doll that size to fill. I've got 4 girls home now that I really love that were purchased that way. 2 filled roles I hadn't found sculpts for yet. 2 are getting new characters made for them because there were no characters that they could possibly fit in my lists.
    20. I save up. Sometimes it takes me over a year, but to get the doll home you've been pining over for so long... there's nothing quite like it.