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Do you seem most attracted to dolls that look like someone you know?

Nov 10, 2011

    1. (If this is already a topic please feel free to move or delete it, I did a few searches and can only find topics on dolls that resemble you or things about yourself.)

      I personally seem to be most attracted to dolls that look like people i know and care about. At the same time dolls that look like people i don't like i am very much not attracted to. I can brows pages and pages of dolls but the ones that draw me the most are ones i feel like i can relate to because they look like my friends or family.

      Has anyone else noticed this at all?
    2. No doll I've ever seen looks like me (thank goodness!), my family, or anyone I've ever known. So I would be totally out of luck if that's how I chose dolls! lol!
    3. I think you just made me realize why I'm getting "I" and Kyle from Iplehouse a bit. xD
      I love their sculpts, always have, but looking at them closely "I" looks a bit like me depending on my picture, and the fact I'm getting her in light brown skin probably adds to that more, and Kyle and my boyfriend have the similar facial structures.


      I could just be crazy though.
    4. It's something i started to realize when i posted photos of my dolls, as i worked on there face ups and stuff on facebook. The auto tag face recognizer kept wanting to tag good friends of mine in the photos. The more dolls i look at that i like the more i can see someone i know in each one.
    5. Yes! Every now and then I see a doll that looks like my sister, and I immediately gravitate to it. Always gives me a smile. I'd never buy one, though... it would be borderline creepy! D:
    6. Not generally attracted to ones who look like people I know. However, there is one girl doll by Iple house that is a dead ringer for me at 21. I want to get her.
    7. yes i am very attracted to a doll that looks like my boyfriend, and the current doll that i have now just happens to look like my best friend
    8. No, I'd rather have it not resemble any real life person. In fact, I find it a turn off if it looks like someone I know or recognize. ^^
    9. No, I wouldn't like that, not on purpose. I try to avoid this as good as possible so none of my dolls look like someone I know, I already have problems when somebody thinks my dolls look like certain celebrities (for example, my husband keeps calling my Soom Sabik "Jamie Lee Curtis")
    10. If they aren't dolls who are supposed to look like VIPs, I never got myself to think that some dolls looked like people I know. I think that's because of their style. So I couldn't feel more or less attached to them for such a reason.
    11. Not people, but other dolls. Like, if I see a doll that looks really beautiful, I might see a different sculpt that sort of looks like the first one, and want it due to the fact that it reminds me of that first doll. I've never bought a doll for that reason, though.
    12. I didn't notice i was doing it till after i had already bought a few and had the photo tagging happen a couple times. I thought it was interesting. I want a yo-sd DZ girl that looks like my sister when she was a little kid. Shes super cute but because she seems familiar i feel like i relate more to the doll. Its not like i feel like shes my sister but the familiarity causes me to be drawn to her and want to buy her.
    13. I don't think my dolls look like anyone I know personally.

      But maybe I would never notice. If my skills at human facial recognition were any worse, I'd have prosopagnosia. I tend to not remember people's faces beyond one feature (and will fall of the "But I am wearing glasses!" disguise if it's those big gaudy sunglasses and my point of reference involves the eyes).
    14. Yes I mod my dolls to look like people I know or admire. For me it establishes a more personal connection to them!
    15. Yes, but not someone in real world, should be someone in a game or comic character...and maybe look like someone in real world just with similar feelings or similar outlook
    16. No... I actually avoid dolls that look like people I know because then I'll think of that person and I don't want to have human flaws associated with the perfection of a doll. Well, not necessarily flaws, but just characteristics in general. Its just a bit odd for me to think of a person I encounter regularly and the doll together.

      Although, there is one doll that looks like me a bit, but she is about $400 out of my price range. Maybe later. :(
    17. No. It's more that kids I know *look* like the dolls. You could re-create the entire toddler room at work using FL tinies; it's a bit unnerving. :p
    18. It's almost the reverse for me. I can't really get a doll that too closely resembles someone I know. I've passed on some truly beautiful sculpts because of this.

      Amusingly, one of my dolls is a dead ringer for someone quite close to me online -- but I didn't know him until I'd already put in the order for the doll. In between ordering and arrival, a picture came through, and when the doll arrived, I jawdropped pretty hard. ;)
    19. I'm another one who finds it a turn-off if the doll looks like someone I know or too much like a specific celebrity. My escapist hobbies are for the purpose of getting away from the world I know :sweat.
    20. I'm a huge fan of this doll that resembles a celebrity.

      So yeah, you could say that dolls that look like people I know attract me ^^"