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Do you Sleep with your doll? Is it Weird?

Oct 27, 2016

    1. Is it weird to sleep with your doll at night? Or do any of you even do it?

      Ever since I got my first doll exactly a week ago, he has been sleeping in my bed. Kind of like when I was a little kid, whenever I got a new stuffed animal, I cuddled with it before bed for a few weeks. Except I take a lot more precations with the doll sleeping in my bed.
      I know of some people like their dolls in close view while they go to bed but does anyone else like their doll in their own bed? Or am I just a crazy doll lady already...

      EDIT: I don't cuddle with the doll. He just sleeps in my bed.
      I take a lot of precautions with him. He sleeps on the opposite side of me full sized bed on his own little matress with his own little blanket. I know he doesn't get cold at night but it is so the sun isn't hitting him before I wake up in the morning. (copy-pasted from a past post of mine)
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    2. I toss and turn too my to even consider it. My girl generally sits on my printer, where I won't knock her down with flailing or pillows.

      The only thing's I'd worry about is oil transfer yellowing your doll quicker, and breaking little fingers and such if you move wrong.

      Also, nothing wrong with being a crazy doll lady <3 all my non doll friends know my girl by name because I'm always doing stuff with her lol
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    3. I take a lot of precautions with him. He sleeps on the opposite side of me full sized bed on his own little matress with his own little blanket. I know he doesn't get cold at night but it is so the sun isn't hitting him before I wake up in the morning.

      yeah, It wouldn't be so bad to be tht crazy doll lady. xD
    4. My headboard has shelves, and most of my dolls sit there. I don't cuddle up to them like I would a stuffed animal or anything. (Which I often sleep with.) They're only a few inches behind my head, though. I like having them close. Them and my Predator figures. It rather creeps my husband out, tbh.

      Sure it's weird, but there's not anything wrong with that. :)
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    5. Who's gonna see you? Who's gonna judge you? I have my first doll's head on a soft plushie body so that I can cuddle him in bed. (it's his first body.)

      It looks like you've made a place for your doll on your bed. Do whatever it is that makes you happy when you play with your doll. :)
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    6. I have mine all spooning in a suitcase at the foot of my floor mattress, not one-hundred percent sure if that counts.
    7. I'm all for doll cuddling! I've been sleeping with stuffed animals for years so I don't think it's weird. I definitely want to cuddle with my 48 cm Obitsu girl when I get her. I probably won't actually do it though, because I'd worry too much about breaking her because I sleep on a twin size mattress. If I had my old queen size, it'd be a different story!
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    8. I don't sleep with mine but I also don't think it's weird to do so. I think we all have these little people for our own reasons and if what we do with them brings us some pleasure and joy it's fine. This morning I sent my girl's head to the face-up artist, it was like losing a limb. I felt very strange coming out of the post office. I'm quite attached to the little monkey already and she's only lived with me for a week.
      Sleep well.....and enjoy
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    9. I would sleep with all my babies if I have a bed big enough. I did try to place a bed made for baby dolls beside my pillow, but then it's made me hard to sleep because my bed is too narrow I couldn't turn.

      Anyway They now have a wooden bunk bed to sleep on their own, and I sleep with my Azone Kikipop because she is less vulnerable to harm from me XD

      Just be careful not to hurt them and cause remorse, wanting to sleep with your dolls only means you love them very much, which is good because it implies that they will get good care and at least enough attention, these are all dolls want.
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    10. I usually don't because I'm too afraid I might accidentally damage them (single-sized bed) rolling on them during my sleep or something. However, sometimes I decide to watch TV with one of my dolls in my arm and sometimes, when I'm very tired, I'll just doze off for a while.
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    11. I think it is cute that he has his own little mattress and little blanket! It sounds like you and you doll are happy so keep it up! You already know to be careful so enjoy your arrangement. My husband would probably kick me and the doll out of bed if I wanted to sleep with one! :mwahaha
    12. i do not sleep with my dolls

      because they never sleep o_o
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    13. I don't think I could ever pull this off if I was married.:lol:
      I also wouldn't trust myself to do this if I moved a lot in my sleep. But I usually wake up in the same position I fell asleep in.
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    14. Nah it's not weird at all, but personally I wouldn't because I move around way too much in bed. I would roll right on top of her I'm sure lol I have to keep her in my closet because there's way too much light that comes into my apartment (which is amazing for me, not for dolls lol) I wish I could keep her at least on my nightstand, but I'm too scared of yellowing T_T
    15. Urm no lol.:lol: They stay in the glass display cabinet. Plushies are softer for cuddling up to at bedtime, hee hee.
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    16. I have, but I don't regularly. There's just not room in bed for me, my husband AND the dolls! But he leaves for work at 4:30am, so occasionally, he'll stick one of the dolls in his place in the bed so I'm not lonely. XD I do also usually sleep with one of them if I'm traveling without hi (which is maybe once or twice a year), but they normally stay on the other side of the bed or on the pillow then. The rest of the time, they have their own room dioramas, so they're usually in their own beds or on the doll couch or chair.
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    17. Your dolls are your property and you can do with them as you wish. That being said, I don't keep them in my bed while I sleep because I fear breaking them accidentally, but I do leave some of them in my bed during the day. ;)
    18. Yay, someone who also sleeps with their dollie! I probably wont as much once some time goes by and I am planning on making my dolls their own rooms as well.
    19. My dolls are currently kept on a shelf in the alcove, very close to my side of the bed, just near the headboard. I do not actually sleep with the dolls, but I do sleep beside them, so to speak. I can smell them and touch whenever I feel like, they are just a couple inches away.
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    20. why not~~ i put all my dolls around my bed and sleep togethet:XD:
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