Do you sometimes miss your favourite BJD owners?

Mar 2, 2019

    1. Also a 2006 here, oh @PoeticSoul naming all those names brings back sweet memories, I loved Denalwind account too. There are sooooooooo many dolls that will forever be in my heart, and I miss the deep stories people use to tell. The hobby has changed, but that's not a bad thing. I'm feeling a little sad now thinking about no longer in the hobby peeps. I pray they're happy.
    2. Yeah, there's a lot of people who don't post anymore that I miss, and people I haven't seen in years, or the meetup group changed/stopped. Or, well... The worst one is Kellyhime. She had such lovely dolls and was always such a wonderful person to talk to at meetups. That's the saddest one by far. Everyone else hopefully just moved on to different things or stopped being active in the hobby...
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    3. There are handfuls of dolls out there who I'll never be able to forget. There are users who are still active who, just because I'm used to admiring them from afar, I never dare to interact with. And then there are some users who I've admired and somehow gained the audacity to reach out to them and attempt making friends. There is no predictable sense between the 2 categories! Just yes, I miss many people and hope they're doing well.
    4. Oh man, there are definitely a couple of artists that I really miss. I remember being a broke high school student and thinking, "i'll commission them for a faceup one day!!". Took a break from the hobby and came back to find out most of the ones i followed have moved on from the hobby. Sad, but I'm glad to have followed their work while they were still around.
    5. Yess! This was exactly that I was going to say. Their dolls were so magical plus they live in Canada so they had these wonderful outdoor photoshoots!
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    6. I really miss the YouTube community, as that’s where I came back to after a massive break from 2008 to 2014. It was so much fun to watch people just talk about their dolls all day long. I regretfully never got into the recording of my own videos during that time, but I made some friends who I still talk to or follow today! Even so, I miss those who have also left the hobby as there’s really no way to replace them. :(
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    7. I do miss certain people on YouTube that don't upload BJD videos anymore, mainly because they were the first people I started watching that got me interested in this hobby. Some stated why they stopped, but others just drifted away......
    8. It's been both fun and disheartening coming back to the hobby after seven years out and trying to grapple with the changes and just how sparse the community has gotten in the places I remember them being most active (youtube, flickr, deviantart.) Some of the most inspirational people have relocated and changed their names, some have disappeared completely. I think this hobby is such a community based one, that when forums and groups started to slow down, people started to make their exit.
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