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Do you STILL have a hard time with family/friends and BJD's?

Sep 4, 2010

    1. Hai everyone!

      When I first got my BJD, my dad was really against it. But he got used to her after a while, and is okay with her now. But, I just recently put my first MSD size on layaway, annd my dad went through the whole "It's a waste of money - Don't trust Korean company's - Rather buy something else - " talk . .

      So I was wondering. Do your friends and family still think it's odd of you to buy dolls, even after you bought your first one, two, or three? And if yes, do you think they'll ever accept your hobby?

      And sorry if there's already a thread like this. The search box hates me -_-
    2. First off, let me explain that I'm 48 years old. My Mom thinks it's an absolute hoot that I'll play with dolls now, when I wouldn't touch them when I was a kid. My Dad, however (if he knew about them), would be the one having a fit. I'm sure his reasons would be the same as your Dad's "Waste of money....foreign company....etc. etc.". My younger sister thinks it's kind of odd that I want dolls at my age, but she's too nice to say anything about it. I don't think she'll ever really accept it, though.
    3. Yeah, I wouldn't ever play with them when I was little either.
      My friends think it's a waste of money, but they think I deserve it. Some of them make fun of me in a teasing way, but others just don't care. <3
    4. For a while I didn't really have to worry about things like that and was loving it. My mom loves posing them and asking about their personalities, which i love since we don't afree on a lot anymore.

      More recently, though, we've had some other relatives move in who aren't used to my dolls, their sentiments to me and the difference between these and the barbies my little cousin mangles.

      The majority of the time, my dolls are in my room and out of sight, but if i so much as mwntion them it's always "those chucky dolls." Every time. The idea that grown people are so tactless is just appalling to me.
    5. I really don't involve my parents and friends in this hobby. Saves alot of trouble.
      My mom thinks they're ugly and such, but once I explained to her what these dolls do for me, she seemed more understanding. I don't tell her when I get new stuff and such tho. I don't have to, I live on my own :B
      My friends were all like "woaaaaaah" in the beginning, and they wanted one of their own, but I never heard from them about it after that first encounter.
      I have one friend tho, that whenever she comes in my room she critisizes my dolls. "I don't like that one" "she's crosseyed"
      thinking it actually makes a difference if she says that =_= Their eyes are all correct, and it's not like I'll go change a doll's appearance because she doesn't like it. That's the only thing I put up with, and I do that by either ignoring her, or having my boyfriend comfirm their eyes aren't crossed ;)
    6. My family thinks their interesting but they still think it's too much ...

      But my father loves them and always asks how they are ^^

      It seems he's the most understanding of my family

      But my friends find them too ghost - like ... But they like playing with them since they're super mobile
    7. I've never had a hard time from my family about my dolls. I've always collected dolls, so they just get shrugged off as an addition to my clutter *lol* and since I buy them with my own money my family just leaves me to my own devices.
    8. Oh my family totally thinks it's a waste of money, but I don't think anyone who actually wants/has/loves dolls really cares in the end that people are against it.
    9. Yes, I do. My parents always tell me to get rid of my dolls each time they see me playing with them. Urgh, annoying. For my friends, they don't really care much. :/
    10. My family is very supportive of this hobby. My mom even owns a doll. I was really surprised when my boyfriend referred to my dolls by name in a conversation a few months ago. I got lucky in the family sense XD

      I have a few doll friends, but people from high school and before generally are like, "You bought what? They're cool, kinda creepy." Then, after a few passes of conversation, "You paid HOW much??" I don't know that they'll ever accept the hobby, just because of how much money one puts into it, haha XD Not that I mind. It's my hobby, what I enjoy.
    11. My mum and dad were a bit freaked out at first, tbh, but I paid for them with my own money, so they don't really have a say.

      Also, they kinda like them now. Dad's happy that they got me into photography (which he thinks is a worthwhile hobby - he's an amatuer photographer) and mum likes them from an aesthetic point of view. (She can appreciate that a lot of work and design has gone into them.

      And as they say: At least it's not crack.
    12. My family is not involved in my doll buying in anyway (I live on my own). However, they've never had any kind of an issue with them. Several of my friends own abjds themselves, so you're not going to here them complaining.
    13. To be honest, not really. I don't tell my dad how much they cost (he'd flip) but he loves what I can do with them, and thinks I'm really artistic <-- brownie points! My mum kind of likes them, but they freak her out when they move on their own- she knows how much they cost though, and she trusts me completely with my finances (even though I'm an irrational college kid). <--- brownie points again! My friends don't know how much they really cost, and I refuse to really talk about them with them other than to say thank you when they admire, and threaten them with eternal horrors via dolls when they say my gang is creepy. I would really really like to make some doll friends, because I can't really enjoy the full extent of talking about mine to anyone I know, but other than that, I don't actually have an problems... so to speak.
    14. my family doesnt seem to have a problem with mine(which is just a head)
      actually, my dad keeps tellign me to be carfull with mine o-o
      i was useing tissue paper to clean some chalk pastel off and he told me i should do that and whent on to explain what its made with and how it might skratch the head. . .xD

      my mom doesnt really like the thought i me spending so much money though, she doesnt mind me having one,
      but i told her i planed on getting a seocnd one and she got a little annoyed,
      but i havent told her that i actually am planing on getting 6 plus some mini's(haha, i dont even have one full doll yet and i plan to have that many xD)
      though she does like bjds(not to the extent the everyone on here does. like she doesnt want to own one herself, she just likes how they look xD) shes even gone to a meet with me xD

      as for my sister, she doesnt mind, shes saving for her own right now xD
      though she hasnt researched them like i have.
      although, she might if she could get an account on here, but we have teh same IP adress so it wont let her join xD

      as for friends, they all seem to like my head xD
      i brought it to a drop in thing at my library to show them xD

      So all in all, i only really have a problem with my mom, but thats only because she doesnt like the thought of me spending so much money on them, but i dont think she minds me getting 2 of them so much anymore. . .i wonder what she'd think if i told her that i wanted 7+ xD
    15. I've owned dolls for a few years now, and the opinions of my family have mellowed. When I first bought a doll, my parents worried about the cost, the frivolity, the addition of another high-priced hobby, the psychological implications of an adult buying "toys," and so forth. I don't live at home and am not supported by my parents, but they still worried. My step-mother and step-father were equally and similarly concerned. My siblings really don't care--we're never at odds with each other, but we don't often share hobbies, either. My friends were either uninterested or extremely interested.

      Now, my family has become complacent about the whole thing. They've accepted that it's another interest of mine and that I will make my own decisions regardless of their input. My parents have bought doll-related items as presents for me; they never rigidly objected, but as time as gone on they became less opposed. My friends are still either uninterested or extremely interested; some actually revealed that they also own dolls.

      I think they don't fuss over it as much anymore because I proved most of their fears wrong. Despite having another expensive hobby, I'm not in financial trouble and have not gotten into the habit of irresponsible spending. I don't talk endlessly about my dolls or bring them everywhere with me, so they don't think that I've lost my mind--which they originally feared. n_~ I think that it takes time for people to adjust, but thankfully my family and friends don't give me a hard time anymore.
    16. The biggest complaint I hear from my family is that they are to expensive, but since they found out how they were made and what you can do with them they don't say this to often.
      Dad is somewhat oblivious to price though...He thinks that they are all 300 bucks, no matter which one. I don't know how often I've corrected him... ._.
      Other than that though my family are fine with the dolls!
    17. My mom appreciates it more that she's seen Jun, all faceupped. I'm suire when my others arrive she'll realize how much detail goes into em. Not thgat it really matters - they don t belonge to my friends or family so I don't give a crap what they think lol
    18. My father dislikes my doll hobby but he doesn't bother me about it because he knows I'll never listen. My mother doesn't care for them either, but she knows how important my dolls are to me. She's always interested when I sew a new outfit or paint a new faceup, and actually, she's a bit more protective of my dolls than I am; she suggested that, whenever I move out to go to a new university sometime soon, I leave most of my dolls with her so they'd be safe (Hm, I wonder if she's secretly interested in my dolls and just wants them for herself :XD:).

      Some of my friends think it's a waste of money, but they still respect it--they know that if they dare say it outright that I'll remind them all of the "nonsense" spending they do. lol
    19. My mother recently discovered how much these dolls cost . . . and the fact that I have five of them :( . . . and she burst into tears. I got the "this could have been a down payment on a car or something you really needed" lecture. But I work grueling hours at my job, and I truly consider the BJDs I have as luxury items that also fall in the "art" or even "investment" category -- I got mine insured, actually. I have friends who pay $700 - $1,200 for a stupid pair of shoes - shoes that will eventually wear out or go out of style. It's strange to think that if I would have bought really expensive shoes, it would have been seen as a normal, acceptable and even admirable splurge.

      I'm in my 30s though. And I'll admit that I do hide them - well, maybe I'll keep one or two out - when people come over - especially when I date. So when she broke out the "What in the world are people going to think when they see these things??" line, I had to agree with her somewhat. After witnessing her extreme freak-out session, I'm trying to get over the weird shame - you would think it was a porn collection or something. :(
    20. My mom and dad are more concerned that I'm out of a job right now and shouldn't be spending money on BJD's, but that doesn't stop me. *laughs* They aren't impressed with him, and my brother calls him fugly. The one I have the worst trouble with is someone who's supposedly my best friend. She flat out HATES him. She won't hug me if I'm holding him, when she comes over she demands that I put him away so she doesn't have to look at him. She treats him horribly and I'm not happy about it. It's like when I'm wearing my Adam Lambert shirts, she treats me and my Amadeaus like the plague. When I ask her why she hates him, she uses the 'waste of money' excuse, but what I have yet to point out is the TUBS and TUBS of fabric she's collected and will never use is a waste of money.