Do you still have your first doll?

Oct 25, 2019

    1. The first doll you ever get feels so important. I got into the hobby around 2009 and got my first doll from Luts in 2010. Unfortunately, I don't have him anymore. He now belongs to someone else and I'll probably never see him again.

      I hunted down photos of him, but I only have these ones from a family member's facebook page. God, I was so tiny and emo back then. He was a Kid Delf An, named Azrael. I didn't have proper shoes for him until after these photos were taken.

      Where is your first doll?

      [​IMG] [/SPOILER
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    2. I havent been in the hobby very long, so I have only had my first doll bout a year and a half. She is currently on her stand on my nightstand. I just changed her outfit last night.

      Edit: she is a Telesthesia and Dragon DiFei. She is the doll in my avatar.
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    3. I don't have my first doll any more, and am glad for it. He was a very stylized Luts doll and that style is no longer something that I am interested in collecting in the SD scale. My second doll I also don't have - an another very anime-styled doll. My third one I do have - sort of! My Resinsoul Fei I still have the head for, and recently got her a new, much more character-suitable body. Turns out I don't mind the stylization as much on a smaller scale.

      I loved all the dolls when I got them, and wouldn't give away the good times I had when I had them! I learned a lot about the hobby and my own doll interests with them, and hope they're with other hobbyists who can love them as much as I did.
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    4. My first doll is an Angel of Dream Chen, first version before they updated/changed the molds.

      He’s sitting in a glass display case in my sewing room. He’s been with me for almost 12 years! He’s not at all what I’d choose to buy now, but he means so much to me that I can’t sell him. Plus due to his age and condition and being an inexpensive company in the first place, he’s worth almost nothing secondhand, so I see no reason to sell him. Most of my other dolls last 1-4 years around here before I’m ready to sell, but he stays!
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    5. I no longer have the first doll I bought, but I do still own the first doll I WANTED to buy. Long story short: Fell in love with Volks SwD Lucas, thought I would never stand a chance finding him and decided to buy an IH Soo Ri instead. One year later: I sold my Soo Ri, hunted down a SwD Lucas and I haven't regretted it since.

      Cicero is never going to leave.

      Edited to add: Don't know if this is something people care for, but I bought my SooRi early 2006, and got Cis in 2007 :).
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    6. My first doll is a Little Monica Bear, who I named Wren. I've only been in the hobby since 2017.
      I still have him and know I'll never let him go. Having him got me through some rough times so he means too much to me at this point.
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    7. My first BJD I bought off a friend around 7 or 8 years ago (a Doll Family H Zhi Yan), and I still have her and love her very much. She's super special to me as my first BJD OC and my entire crew is basically more or less tailored around her lol. I do have to say though, I never planned for her to be my first doll, and if I did it all again I probably wouldn't have picked her as my first (she's not totally 100% my style, but I've grown so attached to her I don't really care anymore lol), but regardless I love her to bits! I would like to not necessarily reshell her in the future, but buy a larger more mature form of her, I just haven't found the right girl yet...

      Although I will also say I am a huge sentimental fool with a hard time saying goodbye. I have sold off nearly all my Pullips, but could never say goodbye to the first one I ever got because she was the doll that really launched me into the adult doll collecting hobby. And it's basically the same with every type of doll I start collecting. :sweat
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    8. Yes, I have! :D
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    9. My first doll will be 5 next year. He’s on my desk. :whee:
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    10. my first doll was a cloverdoll echo from junkyspot's black friday sale. she's still a cherished part of my collection, I've just replaced her original body with a doll leaves one.
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    11. I don't, but I still have her character!

      My first doll was bought by my mom as a high school graduation present, and mainly chosen because she was the cheapest one I could find (mom didn't like spending money lol). She was an Orientdoll So Ji, a tiny baby like Barbie Kelly-doll sized. Cute little thing. Her name was Emie.

      Emie looks totally different as her character has evolved since then, and she's now a Bambicrony Emily. No idea what happened to the So Ji. I sold her either here on the marketplace or eBay.

      I do currently have a Rosenlied doll her approximate size, but she's off topic due to painted-on eyes and is a doll for my dolls.
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    12. Love all the stories of those of you that still have yours, and how dear they are to you!

      I loved my Azrael, but I was kinda forced to join the army and gave him to a friend to keep safe for me...

      Do you know how this story ends? Because I didn't expect it.

      I actually failed out of basic training, and when I came home, my friend had been using Azrael and had scratched up his face and body something fierce. She also said he would make a really good Sasori from Naruto (due to having red hair and eyes, I guess...) Since I had poured $700 into him, I offered to let her buy him from me for $300. She agreed.

      Two years later, she still didn't have the money, and I ended up collecting from her parents after I found out everything she HAD been spending her money on. She and I are no longer friends, and I'll never see Azrael again. The feeling I had seeing his face and how much she had ruined him is still awful. I feel like I betrayed him.
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    13. Yep, my PW Tristan the Beauty_Beauty and the Beast in Valentine Punk and Nine9 style Iris the Snow Queen are still here! (I bought them at the same time lol)
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    14. Oh no, that's horrible!!! It's such a shame that she turned out to be such a rotten individual. I can't imagine ever treating something worth so much both monetarily and sentimentally so cruelly, especially if said item wasn't fully mine. I'm so sorry that happened to you, and I hope in the future things look much brighter and someday he returns home to you (as well as new BJD's too)!

      But don't feel like you betrayed him, you couldn't have known, especially because you considered them a friend. What happens is all on her and her terrible decisions.
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    15. Thank you. I'm probably never going to talk to her again, and knowing her, she might have already sold him to someone else. This was MANY years ago. Til I get my tiny Dollshe or whoever comes home to me, I just live vicariously through other owners.
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    16. I probably should have worded that differently, seeing as how she treated you I hope you don't ever have to interact with her again, but I meant more of like... I hope one day you find a Kid Delf An again for a great price that is looking for a new home and needs lots of love. <3 But regardless, whoever comes home they will go to a very deserving human and I hope you are very happy and post lots of pictures when it happens!
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    17. My first doll was the only MSD I ever had, a Dollshe fashion Grant Phillippe. I didn't exactly want him that much, I loved the sculpt but somehow I've always known I'm drawn to SD scale. My mom insisted that I have to get the fashion size since for her it was the same stuff but cheaper. I was 17 at the time so I let her decide as it was their PayPal. I sold him to a hobbyist in my country two to three years later, even drove nearly two hundred miles to drop him off personally. I don't know if they still have him, nor do I really care. I had honestly no bond with the doll in the end, and as much as I like the sculpt, I don't think I can ever stand getting him in SD scale, or any of the Dollshe 28M boys on that body for that matter.
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    18. My first is a Miro Doll Thunder. I only got him two years ago and I don't feel I will ever sell him. But maybe I will someday. After getting some of my other dolls, who a definitely a step up on quality I like his design less and less. On the one hand I can see myself re-shelling him with something more fitting to character and then selling the old shell. But I also have a hard time letting go of any procession, especially something I'm emotionally invested in.
      He's certainly staying for now since he's basically become the companion to Orsino; doll number 2 who is without a doubt a forever doll.
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    19. I got my first doll in 2006 and I still have him! :aheartbea My darling Rain, a Luts Shiwoo:


      He's pretty yellow now, but he still has his original faceup and he's still lovely. I guess I'm one of the few people who didn't "grow out" of the style of doll that attracted me to the hobby :lol:
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    20. Luts is so great for a first doll, I feel like. They're nice and sturdy and basic, and not bad on price.
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