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do you take off your dolls shoes when at home?

Oct 7, 2011

    1. do you take off your dolls shoes when you are home, or do you leave them on?for me i take them off most of the time because when ever my doll wears her shoes she feels heavier, i have a few friends who are doll owners and they take them off

      and my post is NOT about cultural beliefs if it's rude to have the shoes or whatsoever, they are just dolls people, dollsssss

      i am posting this thread because i know a few who actually takes them off, so i was wondering if you guys also take them off
    2. Depends on the doll. Most of mine end up barefoot at home, but I have a few that prefer to keep them on. :)
    3. I really don't see a point in taking them off. It's not as if they need to relax and I have no cultural beliefs that it's rude to have your shoes on (would that even apply to dolls?).
    4. It depends on the clothes they are wearing. If its a long dress meant for indoor, yeah. but if the boots adds extra aesthetic value, I dont remove them usually. I live in a house where taking off shoe is a must but that dont apply to my dolls :)
    5. I leave footwear on my dolls for the most part (if they have footwear!).
      We don't wear shoes inside the house here (it's not about rudeness, but why muck up the floors, not be able to curl up, not be as comfortable, etc?) but dolls are different. If I had an actual doll house for them, it might be different...
    6. No, especially if they have hooves! *_* If they have nicely sculpted feet, they tend to go barefoot, however.
    7. Actually I try to make them wear shoes ^^;; because a) I paid for them so they better wear it and b) they are clean.. I don't/can't wear shoes at home myself because we just don't do that cuz of the carpet and other convenience/sanitary reasons.
    8. Wow I didn't even think about this. I do take my doll's shoes off when at home *because* of cultural beliefs though. Does that count as an answer? xD Even if I didn't do it unconsciously like I do, I would do it for my doll because he'd stay in character that way.
    9. Since they're not even walking on the floor like I have to (Shame, I wanna play 'the floor is lava' now!), I would leave their shoes on. It saves me time putting them on again, and taking them off, repeat and rinse.

      Sorry to continue the cultural thing, but I guess it's one of those deeply ingrained subconcious things - you know you or anyone gets told off for leaving your shoes on, so you make sure your doll doesn't get yelled at too ;) Is it really cultural when it's based on common sense, aka 'don't bring dirt into the clean house'?
    10. i don't take my girl's shoes off, mainly 'cause it never occurs to me to do so. plus she stands nicely if i leave them on, barefoot i have to fight with her to stand up without falling over.
    11. I don't automatically take my dolls' shoes off when at home. Actually, I've never thought to do that. Usually, once they're in an outfit that includes shoes, the shoes stay on until they are changed.

      However, since my dolls also service as sewing models, most of them are nearly always in some state of undress.. :/ ;) (ie: no shoes unless they go to a meetup with me :P)
    12. I'm actually REALLY new to even HAVING shoes for my dolls, and I still haven't got shoes for ALL of them yet..but for the ones who DO have shoes, if they're dressed, they have their shoes on. Mostly because I think the shoes are just too darned CUTE, so I like looking at them on the dolls.
    13. No, I leave the shoes on all the time but then I very rarely take them out, and as they don't walk it's not like they would get the soles of their shoes dirty. I figure I pay a lot of money for their shoes (often more than I pay for my own!!!) so they are going to get plenty of use of them :)
    14. I do leave Sha's shoes off when at home and not for cultural reason either! =D His feet are cute and it is fun for him to have them off at home.X3 I keep him in his outfit though! =)
    15. I usually just keep her shoes on, because if anyone were to walk by my dorm or come in, she would look more complete with the outfit. If the outfit doesn't require shoes or doesn't have shoes, then no shoes. I think my doll stands a lot better with shoes, so when she's just chillin' in my room (ie. standing on my dresser, desk, etc) she usually has shoes. When I'm sewing, I take the shoes off. If the shoes even have the possiblity of being dirty because perhaps she stood outside on the ground/grass, then they're usually off just to avoid having to clean my desk/windowsill/bed etc.
    16. I don't put off my doll's shoes when it's daytime, even if she stays at home, because in her eyes my flat is a huge world. :) When it's a sleep time, she gets dressed in her pygamas, and I put off her shoes and put her in her bed.
    17. Two of my dolls can't wear shoes to begin with - paws and hooves don't need those (:
      The others are mostly sitting on their shelves, and it is sometimes easier to get them into nice poses w/o their shoes on. My large dolls, however, rarely take their footwear off as it just takes too much time (laces and little buttons look cute only as long as you don't try to tie or close them)).

      As to our family - we usually take our shoes off when we come home because we just don't want to bring all that dirt into the house.
    18. I keep the soes on most of the thime.
      So far I only have tinys and the shoes are not really any added weight. Also I rarely take my dolls outside so...
      Also the dolls I currently hava are fullset dolls, so they kinda need the shoes to complete the outfit.

      Coincidentally my pukipuki is sitting next to my computer wearing nothing but her shoes, since I am practicing posing her in them!
    19. My dolls always have their shoes on, unless they're wearing their fantasy parts.
      The shoes are an important part of the outfit and it's not like they're dirty.
    20. Mine always have shoes on -- it actually bothers me if they're sitting around barefoot because it doesn't feel like they are fully dressed.