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Do you take your dolls out ?

Mar 12, 2017

    1. Hi everyone ! I hope this thread doesn't exist.
      I wondered if you take your doll(s) outside for photos or just simply when you go out and decide to take them/him/her with you ?

      If this is the case, how do you protect them/him/her ? Are you stressed ? Do you show them/him/her to other people ? Family, friends or unknow (like in the streets, places or public gardens for exemple) ?

      If not, why ? It is out of fear ?

      If you never have put them outside, would you try ? If yes, why ? If not, why too ? x)
    2. I take my girl to the campus gardens with some regularity, and I've also taken her to the arboretum. I put her in her bag with a face protector, and that inside a quite stiff canvas bag so she's easier to carry. It probably isn't the best system, but it's about as safe as I can keep her. I haven't really shown her to people--heck, I didn't make a special point of showing her to my own family. I just act like it's entirely normal to carry around a miniature person! Where I live, the people are unique enough that nobody comments on her any more than they do creatively dyed hair.
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    3. I don't take my dolls out very much anymore.

      I don't have a car, and either walk or bus everywhere, having a doll on me for no reason is sort of a burden. So I have to be going to something doll centered to pack a doll up and schlep it across town. If there is a local doll meet, then I will take maybe one or two with me at a time. If I go to an event that's further away, I'll take one or two dolls in the rental car or on a plane.

      I have a double doll carrier bag, like this one, for when I take two dolls with me. This style does not require extra padding or face cup protection. If I take one doll out, then I use a bag like this one. The doll gets a face cup, and is sandwiched in body pillows. I have one Mini size doll, and if I take him out, he gets a face cup, wrapped in a cloth scarf, and put in my backpack. I usually take their wigs and shoes off for traveling and reassemble them when I get where I'm going. (I also take a piece of magic eraser, and a doll brush)

      I used to sometimes take a doll out for photoshoot time in the city or at the park, but I have gotten really lazy about it. I haven't done a random outdoor photo shoot in maybe two or three years? I have mixed feelings about taking dolls out on my own. I like the creative time, but invariably someone will ask what I'm doing and what's with the doll. I feel like I am on Me Time, and not feeling like being the BJD Ambassador, so I don't want to stop what I'm doing and chat. But I can't help but be friendly to a nice curious person, so I switch modes. I then find it hard to go back to picture taking. I don't know, it's a bit awkward for me.
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    4. I take my dolls into my garden/yard but that's about as far as I go. I'm absolutely paranoid about losing them or damaging them.
      Husband once took one of his dolls to the museum for photos. I almost did one year, but I chickened out last minute and decided I was too scared.

      I'm a wuss.
    5. I would like to take my dolls out more. The past few weeks I've started to take a doll out at a time outside to take a few photos and rush back inside. I'm not embarrassed of owning dolls by any means, but I'd prefer not to deal with people who don't understand or could be judgmental. Hopefully I'll be able to gain more confidence and take my dolls out into more public locations.
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    6. I haven't had any reason to since I'm not big on photography or anything. Even if I went to a meet or had somewhere I could take it I'd be hesitant since it's large and hard to handle safely (and I'm super clumsy).
    7. I will often bring a doll along with me to work, especially if I know I'm going to be stuck in the office all morning. Clients rarely notice and coworkers are used to it. Craft store...park...Ren fest...they all enjoy a chance to get out.
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    8. I have taken dolls to the stores,on the plane, to conventions, to a restaurant and lots of other places.
      I have had fun and great encounters with curious strangers who ask to take pics of them and ask about the material it's made of or how do I even shop for them and also not so great ones with judge mental or rude people who whisper loudly their insults or just stare a lot and point. I love answering any questions I get or hearing about how they've seen them online but never in person. The negative people It doesn't bother me anymore I actually find it funny now and purposely creep Them out by having the doll wave at them or act like I'm whispering to it, one of my friend at Denny's even took the doll out of my book bag she has half out already and sat her in a booster chair and just kept staring at the group of ppl who were saying things about us. I always have fun the only downside is having them while I end up purchasing a lot of things:XD:
    9. Often! I'm at Starbucks now (avoiding studying lmao) and I have my SDCute Kaede with me c:
      I've taken them out to tea, on road trips, on planes... yep.
      Only had positive or inquisitive reactions so far besides some weird stares.
    10. I used to, at least occasionally.

      I'd bring a doll out during day trips to the zoo, or the botanical gardens - especially when I was with a friend who was either involved in the hobby or tolerant of it. But that was when I lived in a large city. Seeing an adult with a large doll was unlikely to be the strangest thing going on in any given area.

      But nowadays I don't really. I'm older now and have a child. I'm usually too preoccupied with my toddler son to worry about having a doll tagging along. Also, I live rurally and I feel like I'd attract a lot of attention and I like to keep to myself.

      I have a few places in mind where I'd like to have a mini photoshoot, but I haven't had the opportunity to plan any yet.
    11. I do, but only for photography!
    12. I do take my dolls out--to doll meets (often restaurants, parks or libraries), to conventions, around my own yard, to work, to visit family. Sometimes I take a doll if I'm planning to buy doll stuff and want them there to check scale or see if certain color fabric looks good on them.

      If I'm just traveling, I take them in a doll carrier I got from Spiritdoll, but if I only have one and I'm in a secluded or doll themed place, I usually carry them in the crook of my arm. I own my dolls for fun and play, not just collecting, so I don't worry too much about them. I do my own faceups, blushing, stringing, sueding, etc, so if I need to fix any small damage, it's really not a big deal. I will take outdoor pix, but I don't leave them in direct sunlight. If it's really sunny, I'll keep them in a bag or a cloth over them as I transport them and only have them out for posing and snapping the pix, then back to the shade.

      I don't go out of my way to show the dolls to other people, except at doll specific places, like meet ups, conventions, or recently, American Girl Bistro tea time! Usually, I just mind my own business, but if anyone asks questions, I will answer them. If the person is friendly, I'm glad to answer whatever they want to know, but if they're rude, then I tend to blow them off and continue about my own thing. My family is aware of my hobby, and they don't mind. My sister is in it as well, and my mom doesn't own a doll, but comes along to events and helps make things for them.
    13. Not often, and only to show a specific person.

      Would I like to more often? Totally. Don't have the courage to, though. Not when I have more than enough reasons to worry for my well-being in public. :(
    14. I don't take my dolls out, when I was in the hobby years ago I take only for photography. Now, I return to the hobby and is very different. My dolls are in the box and only take for play or see it
    15. Only if they're buying dinner.
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    16. I've taken my doll (and Spouse, and Spouse's dolls) to a restaurant, because a friend who works there really wanted to see them. :3
      They were either in stands or cases, and we were careful not to get anything on them, and I washed my hands before handling like I normally do.

      My friend was very interested, and the other random people in the restaurant seemed interested in a positive, curious sort of way, too. One little girl stared and stared, but was not permitted by her parents to go look at the pretty doll.

      We're planning to take them to at least one convention this year, and they'll probably get outside for photos at some point, although I have no definite plans for that yet.
    17. I used to when I had more free time. I'd go outside, go to the park and take photos. I've done photo adventures with friends as well in the past. Nowadays they only go out to meets. I do occasionally take a travel doll with me depending where I am going and unless it's a doll event, it'll always be a tiny! :)
    18. @rebeccag12363 - I know what you mean. For the family, this is the same for me. However, it's difficult for me to show mine to the other (except my friends).

      @idrisfynn - Oh okay, like you I don't put my dolls out a lot. I understand when you say "I feel like I am on Me Time, and not feeling like being the BJD Ambassador, so I don't want to stop what I'm doing and chat.", it's quite annoying or stressful (more stressful in my case).

      @purple_monkfish - Absolutely, I'm afraid about it too !

      @Dawnkate - "but I'd prefer not to deal with people who don't understand or could be judgmental." Yeah, completely... So stressful; I don't like that.

      @nekkous - I see, it's normal, better safe than sorry.

      @deirdrecat - What luck ! It must be nice to be able to have it with me.

      @snarecrazi - Wow ! Your dolls are regulars of the trip ! You are so patient with people, how can you ???

      @TheBodyVolcanic - Ooooh ! I imagine, I'm sure it's too cute to see. :chibi
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    19. I take my dolls out from time to time. I made a very oversized tote that's padded to carry them around in. I have taken my doll/dolls to the store,visiting friends or family. I have also shown them off by doing my own doll show at the nursing home my sister works at. One of my friends have asked me to bring some of my dolls for a show and tell at the Library this summer.