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Do you tell people how many and which dolls you own?

Dec 27, 2010

    1. I find that some people are really curious as to how many dolls you own and which dolls they are. I sometimes photograph my dolls, or I have even taken dolls to meetups and shown them off but I don't really tell anyone about all my dolls.

      Do you consider this to be something you want to share or not?
    2. Haha, I'm fine with sharing it. After all, I've only got two kids and I love them to bits.
      :3 I kind of start sounding like a proud parent when I refer to them though. :X
    3. Yes and no.

      I tend to be vague about the number when asked directly how many there are in the collection. (My typical answer to the "How many?" question has always been "Too many!"... Even when all I owned were Harumatsu and Tien Jen. :lol:)

      I had a signature image with most of my crew once upon a time, but pulled it after being accused of "showing-off" a few too many times. I went a few years without having any of them listed on my profile page either, for exactly the same reason.

      These days I still avoid signature graphics, but I do keep a list of my collection on my profile. I've sold off quite a few of my dolls over the last couple of years and my horde isn't quite as numerous as it used to be, but I'm sure the same people who accused me of "showing off" back in the day would probably still wag their fingers at me over daring to list the tribe I still have... I finally just decided they were a bunch of uptight ninnies, and that I didn't give a flying fig if they thought I was awful for having the number of dolls I do.

      I'm still going to stick to saying I have Too Many, though. That remains a useful truth.
    4. I only tell when people ask. I have no problem sharing informations about my dolls. ^ ^
    5. if they ask i'll usually tell the truth: 2 dolls. that being said, i don't usually get asked about it, and frankly, most people aren't as interested in the quantity than WHAT dolls you own. at least, that's how i am. so for photos, i generally list their sculpts, but actual customisation etc (faceups, clothing even) i won't list. unless it's asked. it's more because i don't want to bored people out by telling them what exactly my doll's sculpt is, what he's wearing, where his eyes are from etc etc, unless they're really interested.

      a rule of thumb for me: don't ask, don't tell.
    6. It hasn't come up, really. I don't tell very many people at all I'm involved in the hobby at all. If they aren't also in the hobby, I don't see why I'd explain my collection to them.

      I hate the thought that someone would be hassled by other doll folks for having "too many", though . . .
    7. Aww, that's terrible! Why can't people with big collections be just as proud of their dolls as people with small collections?

      Personally I really appreciate it when people list their dolls in their signature, because when they post a picture of a doll I like I can check to see who it might be. That's why I keep mine in my signature too.
    8. I keep my list in my profile current, but it is long enough I don't list it in the sig due to the same concerns that people would consider it bragging/showing off/-insert your favorite idiotic negative nonsense that has absolutely no basis in reality here-. Considering that I usually have incoming at any given time -- which I do list in the sig -- I figure that is enough for a per-post basis. Even here on the forums, people make far more pointedly absurd assumptions than I am even vaguely comfortable with. It's a shame, but it's persistent enough that I don't feel the need to tilt at that particular windmill.
    9. I don't often ennumerate my dolls, unless someone asks directly - I'll generally go with the answer of "About half a dozen", or "Four big ones, two small ones". I do, however, have a bit of a habit of listing the company and model any time I mention a doll's name out of context (Picked up from another hobby where it's normal to describe your setup in minute detail). For example, I might talk about Victor (AoD Gu, WS) or Soseki (SD13 SchA, NS), as opposed to just saying Peaches or Mooli or the like. I'd like to put mine in my signature (I've not got that many in the grand scheme of things!) but I can't quite get them to look "right".
    10. It really depends on who is asking and why. I'm naturally an honest person, so I answer honestly when people ask me. But if their intentions aren't... well, good, then I wouldn't answer. I don't like conflict, I don't like arguments, and I refuse to take someone's bait just to start drama. In real life or on the internet.
    11. I've also seen the "You're showing off." remarks, so I just list my doll collection in my profile and make no remarks about them in my signature. The answer I give to the question "How many dolls do you have?" depends on who's asking. I'll remain vague if someone not into doll asks the question and I have the impression that the concept of having dolls as an adult is already hard to understand for that person. I wouldn't expect them to understand that an adult can have more dolls than most children have dolls. :sweat
      To fellow collectors that I don't know too well, I'll just say "A lot" or "Too many". Again because I don't want to show off. If I know that person has more dolls than me or almost the same amount, I'll be honest.

      The thing is that I don't really count and recount my dolls often and how should I count them? Should I count dolls that I have for sale, but haven't sold yet? Should I count dolls that I have ordered, but still need to be shipped? Should I count dolls that are shipped, but haven't arrived yet? Should I count floating heads as full dolls the moment I pay for a body or when the doll is physically completed? Can I count tinies as half a doll?
      How many dolls do I actually own? XD
    12. This is pretty much my response too.

      Another issue I find is that around friends who aren't as well off as me, talking about how many dolls I have or plans about getting more is sortof hurtful to them. I feel comfortable talking about one doll and my plans for that doll or plans to sell any of my dolls - but in general the whole doll thing just doesn't come up very often if at all.
    13. When people outside the hobby ask, I don't really khm... answer:sweat.
      if somebody who also owns bjds asked, I would go ahead and count, but I don't know anybody irl, who does.:|
    14. Nope unless people ask during meets....then I'll just answer truthfully that I only own a full doll and a head XD
      I do list my doll(s) in my signature though...so they can tell in one look how many doll(s) and who I owned XD
    15. My collection has grown over the years from one or two to a lot more. I've added to it each year. I know it's hard for people who are struggling to afford one doll to see people with masses. I've been collecting these dolls for a long time. I don't tend to list my dolls in my signature anymore, I do put them in my profile, but probably need to update it a lot more often. I haven't come across people making snide comments but I'd probably ignore them if they did. I find it is handy though that I've got a few different companies so can compare resin colours etc but don't often list my collection. I'm perfectly happy to discuss the various dolls I own or have owned and the good/bad features, but generally don't find people ask details about collections as a whole rather than specific dolls. The only time size and specifics of collections come up is usually in the context of how many is too many and do you feel guilty about spending so much money on dolls.
    16. If people ask me how many dolls I own, I just reply with the number and any additional details they wish to hear. But I recently found out that my own family doesn't really know how many dolls I have and were surprised to see a tiny on the shelf - which has been there for at least half a year now, clothes, wig and eyes unchanged 0_o" And it's even more odd considering that I always show my newest addition so that people don't get scared / surprised when coming into the room.
    17. Well, I tend to take my dolls with me to cons, so because of that I actually do have to keep track of the number I pack. Among our local meet-up group, I do have the greatest amount for a single person, but we have a group of three sisters who collect, and their dolls are getting close to outnumbering mine if they haven't already.

      I don't mind the idea of not having the most, after all, it isn't an owning contest or anything. I enjoy being able to have a decent amount of "models" around to make clothes for on my creative days, and they allow for me to do group cosplay for conventions, which I've always wanted to do.

      However, back a bit more on topic, whenever I get asked at a convention about how many dolls I have, I'm usually rather honest because I assist with the BJD panels, and therefore essentially represent knowledge of BJDs to the average onlooker. However, I often point out that many of the companies offer layaway options, which makes it rather easy to accumulate dolls over time, and that usually removes most tension over price.
    18. Woah... I havent thought that telling people how many dolls I have is an issue. I will tell if i am asked, which is rare (almost no-existent) cos I do not know many BJD collectors. I will try not to tell my social circle how many dolls I have cos they will just think im nutty. :)
    19. If someone asks me, I'll tell them but it usually requires me to tally them in my head. I don't actively think about my collection in terms of the number of them, though for a while I was down to 6 and it was easier for me to remember them all quickly.

      If it's not a doll person, I prob won't even mention the dolls at all since it is one of those hobbies where it is pointless to blabber on about it to those not interested, much like how I tune out scrapbooking talk at my sister's.
    20. I list the dolls I'm saving for or waiting on in my signature. And I keep my DoA profile current. So you really don't have to ask to find out what I own. Our local BJD group is fairly small, which means we all pretty much know what everybody else owns. I don't think anybody's been accused of showing off or bragging.

      That's really too bad. A larger collection means more diversity, even if you only collect dolls from a handful of companies. More diversity means more resin for me to oogle, compare and compliment.